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"A Lady Without Passport" (1950) You Tube Clip WORTHY!


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Some people still think it's "Lady Without A Passport" but WE know better.

Unique due to historical backdrop (actual) of Batista's Cuba in the bad old days.

Hedy never looked so good. Hodiak is solid, Geray, Macready (iconicly sinister), James Craig. Havana bathed in that lovely b&w.


I have deep passion regarding this masterpiece and it has a place on my Top Ten. Lobby cards alone are worth the price of admission, as they used to say.

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Ascot, I always think it's a shame when someone starts a perfectly good thread and it gets no response. I haven't checked out these Noir threads for weeks- I can't really say why, since it's always been one of my favourite forums to go on this site.


Anyway, I don't really have any comments concerning the movie you promote so enthusiastically, in fact, sad to say, I must admit I haven't even heard of it. Yet sometimes the ones I've never heard of before turn out to be the best !


So I looked it up - hey, didn't this guy, Joseph Lewis, direct *Gun Crazy ?* And what a cast ! I wonder why this is not more well-known.



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Yes Joe Lewis directed other noir films like Gun Crazy and My Name Is Julia Ross. A Lady Without Passport is a fairly low budget production for MGM running only 72 minutes.


The book Film Noir (Silver Ward) has this interesting take; Utilizing a number of noir conventions,,,, without any real noir insight,,, that reproduce the look but without the compex ethos of true film noir.


Still Hedy is great to look at and George Macready is aways a good vilian.


Worth checking out for the style alone.

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