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Would the movies "Since you went away" & "The Human Comedy" re-released

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I think if the movies "Since You Went Away" and the

"Human Comedy" were re-released today in the original

black & white they would be smash hits at the box office

given the times we are all in. What do you think?

Any thoughts on this topic? lolite.

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Hi Lolite! These two movies were two of the best to come out of WWII, and there are elements in both that very likely would appeal to today's public. However, one must also remember that WWII was an entirely "different" war, and the mindset of the public was also very different than is it today in comparison to our involvement in Iraq and what occurs on "the homefront" during a major conflict.


Given our history of Wars, and also what Hollywood produces during them, it will be very interesting to see what will be produced about this one one of these days. I pretty much expect what is happening on "the homefront" will sadly not be important enough for Hollywood to rely on to sell tickets, and you know what this leaves for us to look forward to!


At any rate, these are wonderful movies, and I'm sure that many people who have been seeing them on TCM have come to value them as much as you and I do. :)ML

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ML, is unfortunately right on the money here!

There have been many, many, reissues of classic heavyweights & only *"GWTW" continues to really do well-(on 1 of the 3 times i went to see it. 1998 reissue of it. It was even "Sold-0ut!" But, this was an early matinee showing & the majority of folks going back to it-(or maybe their 1st time) were elderly.


Places such as NYC & even LA-(but, for some reason NYC plays classic flix a lot more in it's theaters. & they do well & of course some, now flop upon reissue.

Look at a couple *Woody Allen flix & he's going to old movies. & of course in New York City.


By the way "Human Comedy" (1943)-(won an OSCAR for *William Saroyan's sript) Was L.B. Mayer's own personal favorite motion picture!


Years ago-(around 1984/85) I went to a dollar theatre & saw-(for my first time) "Vertigo" It was a saturday night & stranely packed, but with mostly all teen's? The surprise being, with 1 of the great grande finales ever in it, these kids gave it a "Standing 0!?"

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I don't think much of Since You Went Away but The Human Comedy is one of my absolute favorites of that era. It's just great in so many ways and must be Rooney's very best film. That said, I don't think either could be re-released and do any business at all. Years ago, I used to live in West L.A. and go to a revival theatre called the Nuart. I saw many old films on the big screen the way they were supposed to be shown and that was terrific but I didn't see them exactly turning away the crowds.



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I loved THE HUMAN COMEDY--but one thing that always surprises me when I watch it is why ROBERT MITCHUM, who had a fairly interesting small role as a soldier, is not even given any screen credit at all. He was wonderful in his scenes with Donna Reed and Barry Nelson.


Strange are the ways of billing. I recall now that ELIZABETH TAYLOR got no screen credit at all for her very moving performance in JANE EYRE as Jane's childhood friend, Helen, who dies of pneumonia.


As for SINCE YOU WENT AWAY, still like it but feel that Selznick harmed it by giving too much footage to the Jennifer Jones character. In Shirley Temple's bio she says she couldn't understand why Jennifer was so unhappy when Selznick was padding her role by rewriting the script every day to build up her part and neglecting Shirley.


Neither film would do well in today's market at the box-office. The only "oldie" that can still draw in the crowds is Selznick's saga of the Old South--GWTW.



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