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I'll send ya a post card

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Hey everybody.




Thought it might be fun to jaw about this year's SUTS site, which looks fantastic I think. I love the little 'post card's that cleverly incorporate stars' images on different color backdrops; some of them are really incredibly witty and creative, Monty Clift's card today being an excellent case in point.




Does anybody have any card (either past or yet to come) they found especially impressive or amusing. I've got to vote for Aug. 4 and the pic of Ronald Coleman in his furry hat, pictured at the tiki-themed, grass-roofed Shangri-La Hotel (owned by 'Bob' no less!) Beautiful; I'd like to have it as a screen saver -- it could replace my longstanding shot of Bobby Harron being comforted by the priest as he prepares to ascend to the noose in Intolerance!




The card for Lon Chaney was also marvellous, and the one upcoming on Conrad Veidt's day is something to see as well. Breathtaking color use, and nice use of Waner Krauss lurking in the midway shadows, too!




Anyone else have a favorite card?


Edited by: RobertEmmettHarron on Aug 20, 2011 10:51 AM

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The TCM roadtrip dashboard is awsome! What talent and imagination to put it together - love the little touch with the letters in the stars names rolling over like a slot machine. Today's card for Monty's canoe rentals is the best! I also like Carole Lombard's - Hazel's donuts to die for!


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Thanks for pointing that website out. It's pretty dang awesome. I have to say how much Monty Clift's makes me laugh. It's as funny as an ad for the Bates Motel. :) I love Ronald Coleman in front of the Shangri-La resort. It Happened One Night is my favorite movie, so I love that Claudette's bus stopped at the JERICHO Motor Court. I love them all, though I wish Jean Gabin was advertising the drug joint from La Desordre et La Nuit.


Seriously, though, can I buy the pack of these? WANT!!

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*"I think this month's SUTS animated artwork is the best I've ever seen on the main TCM website. This should win some kind of international internet website award."* - FCD


I agree. I completely agree. This year's SUTS site is one of the best ever created for the annual event.

Last year's SUTS site that was created around the artwork of Michael Schwab _did_ win a design award this past Spring from Communication Arts magazine.

_Communication Arts 2011 Interactive Annual_



Did you know that the Television Academy even awards an EMMY for "Creative Achievement in Interactive Media"? Me neither.


I was disappointed that last year's site for "Moguls And Movie Stars" wasn't nominated in that category.


(So happy it is still active on the TCM site.)

Instead the Academy has nominated sites including Grey's Anatomy, ABC's Oscar site and Conan O'Brien. O'Brien was a great Guest Programmer but his website, while content-rich, is nothing to brag about.



Kyle In Hollywood

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