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WARNING: Next TCM Programming Challenge coming soon!!

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Start thinking of ideas because the next TCM Programming Challenge is coming up in less than a month. For you newcomers, this is a little contest hosted by us in which everyone must create a week of programming for TCM. Although this isn't a TCM contest, just a friendly competition between all the posters here, the TCM programmers still read these schedules. It's the best way to request a movie or SOTM. Plus it's fun. All posters are welcome to participate-- oldies, newbies, and everyone in between! :D


More details about the competition and my particular challenges coming soon..........



(P.S. I think we're on #20, but I'm unsure-- could someone verify that?)

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> {quote:title=LonesomePolecat wrote:}{quote}


> (P.S. I think we're on #20, but I'm unsure-- could someone verify that?)


It should, indeed, be #20.


Looking forward to it, although SansFin and I might have to do a joint one.

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I'm new here but have been watching TCM for many years and am tired of the same schedule of 100 movies being flip-flopped. How about simply a schedule of movies TCM has never shown or has not shown in many years. How many times do we have to watch Cary Grant movies? Someone's not doing their job in programming.

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Just thought it warranted saying (after two posts that have nothing to do with the thread):


This is not a thread about TCM programming.


This is a thread dedicated to the upcoming Programming CHALLENGE. The TCM Programming CHALLENGE is not connected in any way with TCM (nor endorsed by them), the programming staff does check out the entries and does use ideas. This was started about five years ago by Path40a to give participants an idea of what the actually programming staff goes through when putting together a monthly schedule. For the CHALLENGE, participants only have to program a week, not a month.


LonesomePolecat won the previous Challenge and with that came the honor of moderating the next one.


He started this thread to let those who regularly participate in and those who might be interested in participating in participating that the next CHALLENGE is coming up.


So, if posters are interested in participating, this is the place to let LP know.



Mike, you have a couple of threads already started about your dissatisfaction on the programming of the channel. Since you have a hard time finding your previous threads, I'll help you out:








All three threads were started in the last week and a half and all are available to find on the second page of this forum.

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Thanks for the clarification, lzcutter--you explain things better than me.


I hope everyone participates! But before you think of every movie you've never seen on TCM, there is a limit to your premieres.


And thanks, TCM, for keeping us troll free.

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