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The House that Screamed 1969

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Hi, i absolutely love this movie, and though i imagine its usually classified as horror, it is certainly obscure enough to be a cult film. While i would love to actually buy it at some point, i am thinking i ought to view the full 104 minute version of it, as apparently the version offered by tcm is 98 minutes. As surprisingly good as the version i saw still was, it felt like there was a scene or two missing or shortened. Does any one have enough familiarity with this film to describe the differences between the original 104 minute version and the current 98 minute version offered in the tcm catalog?


Thanks in advance, Goblintrain


Edited by: Goblintrain on Aug 26, 2011 7:26 PM

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Lolololol.... ty for your reply. I usually reserve guilty pleasure classification for "pretty white kids with problems" movies, especially if they envolve cheerleaders. Trust me, a cheerleader never was caught in the same room with me, even when i was young enough that i might be seen with one; and in real life she would probably bore me if i had to listen to her for more than 30 seconds. But for guilty pleasure movies, nothing better. I am still intoxicated with a girl that has a big nose and wears glasses! I met her in kindergarten! :)


However, The House that Screamed is not a guilty pleasure movie in my estimation. It is just contains some taboo themes that need to be brought out in the open and discussed. Keep in mind, the girls in this school are being abused. They are victims with no viable choices. I originally watched it because i enjoyed the eye candy of Maribel Martin on "Blood Spattered Bride" and "A Bell From Hell". She is quite a bit younger in this movie, maybe 14 or 15, but delivered what i bet is probably the best slow-motion death scene in cinema history. i expected a 70's style exploitation flick in this one, but was pleasantly surprised that it was just a genuinely good movie.


There was an interesting chat about this movie on IMDB, go to this title and check the discussion. Apparently most of what is missing from the newer releases of the movie were lost due to film damage. So the claim goes. My gut is that it got too sticky litigation wise to include everything originally there because of child exploitation concerns. And i'm completely fine with that, Lord knows our children need all the protection we can offer them. Either way, it is still a great film, well worth watching.



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