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Thanks to Mr. Turner, who made this all possible

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I agree. I think everyone who loves TCM owes Ted Turner a big thank you. Anbody else remember how good AMC used to be & what it has now devolved into?




You say he's no longer involved with the channel, VP19? How so?

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> You say he's no longer involved with the channel, VP19? How so?


When Ted Turner merged his media empire with Time Warner-AOL back in the mid-1990s, his media empire (TNT, TBS, CNN, TCM, Cartoon Network, etc) was part of that merger. As part of that merger, Turner stepped away from managing that empire, as well, but many of the employees who started with the channel are still there.


Turner's media empire is now part of Time-Warner and the former Turner Film Library is part of Warner Brothers Home Video (but belongs to parent company, Time Warner).

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> what has kept TCM from selling out to a big corporation


TCM is owned by a large corporation, Time Warner. The good news in all of this is that Time Warner understands what a jewel they have in TCM and, unlike other big corporations, they choose to protect that jewel rather than trash it.


The staff of TCM is just as dedicated to keeping TCM the channel we all love.

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I agree, thank you, Ted!!! You rock, dude!!! I kinda wish he was still running things, as well as his other channels. He owned the library outright and they could show whatever they wanted to from it, without licensing it. But I will agree that shockingly Time-Warner has kept the faith and kept this channel's identity what it was from the start.



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what a nice thread; to thank the T in TCM. I've always been an admirer of Turner, which is not to say I agree with him 100% on everything, but what an American story his is. I read a bit about his new "adventures" out west with the buffalo ranches. I hope he's well and , also, I hope he has some more surprises in store for all of us. Let's face it, with CNN and (for us devotees) TCM, Turner really revolutionized American televison. (Hey, maybe he reads these threads? THANKS,Ted!)

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The title of this thread says it all! I agree and often share the sentiment.


The idea of a channel devoted entirely to classic films, 24/7 featuring movies uncut with commercials is one that could only have been brought to reality by a very wealthy eccentric who made is fortune in some other venture(s). I say "eccentric" because such a mission statement defies the "rationality of the marketplace" and the chance to maximise profit. The corporate types would wonder how long TCM could avoid the temptation to collect millions in revenues from commercials, or to diversify it's programming to appeal to a broader audience. (viz. "reality shows")


Even more remarkable is the fact that TIME WARNER has so far respected the founder's wishes and vision. TCM is an anamoly and a fluke in our commercially driven broadcast universe. I hope it remains so. I'm starting to think, that a Christmas card or gift of appreciation to the TIME WARNER CEO and his Board of Directors might not be amiss from us! It's by their good graces that this channel goes on in it's present form. God forbid they should change their minds!

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Dear Mark,


Thanks very much! Here is a link on Time CEO Jeffrey Bewkes- the man we should express our appreciation to:




Street address:




Time Warner Inc.

One Time Warner Center

New York, NY 10019-8016



If you think TCM management is doing a good job running the channel (and I think they are) I wouldn't hesitate to express that.


We, the loyal fans of TCM, may not have the megamillions with which to sway the business decisions of top management, but we sure can express our love! In my experience, people at all levels of life, from CEO to bum, all feel and appreciate a warm and sincere "thanks!", as well as the realisation that they are making a positive difference for others!

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