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Rio Bravo

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Just wanted to throw in a plug for this old western because i'm really not a John Wayne fan. This movie has so many things going for it, that to this day when i watch it i just forget that JW is even there. Mr Brennan as Stumpy is iconic, and with Dean Martin in the picture, you know they are about to break out into a song, and the movie sure doesn't let you down there. After a while, it is like if John Wayne shows up onscreen, ya thats fine, your welcome here too! :)

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I agree with you about Brennen's "old man schtick". I did like Brennen, but he beat that old hoss to death at times. One who I preferred over Brennen as a sidekick was the wonderful Arthur Hunnicutt. He had a "down home" quality that made him a much more interesting actor. Hunnicutt did take the Brennen role in the first remake of "Rio Bravo" in 1966 with Wayne and Mitchum..


I remember Moe Howard of the 3 Stooges once told me that they had Brennen in a role as the train conductor in "The Women Haters" from 1934 and the film was done in rhyme and Brenner was so bad the director wanted to fire him, but Moe and the other 2 {Curley and Larry} took him aside and worked with him till he got it right. ...


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