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Meatballs and Spaghetti

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I look at it this way out of roughly 3,000 or so American Westerns produced there are, give or take a few, about 100 of them that are really top notch films. Out of the 600 +/- Westerns All' Italiana (Spaghetti Westerns) films produced there are approximately 15-18 that are top notch films, the rest go downhill and fast. So the average is aboutt .03% for both, so it works out to 3 great Westerns per 100 made.


Basically, all of the "*Sabatas*", "*Sartanas*", "*Django's*", series and a few others similar, you got to look at them as similar to the "*Wild Wild West*" oulandish over the top knock-offs and not serious Westerns.



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I don't disagree, cigarjoe ... I think the Westerns that are really, really good are few and far between, based on the number made. I do not like many of the B-Westerns, and neither do I like the singing cowboy series (Autry, Rogers, etc.)

Today, I do not consider many of the Scott Westerns as B material, and the B-Westerns that were good and that I like (*Trooper Hook*, for example) had such a good cast that they really can't be considered true B movies.

I try to pick and choose, like good sci-fi or horror. But a good "oater" is something special, to be sure.

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