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*"Exploitation films" are a generic term used to describe flicks that deal with subjects or depictions the mainstream studios avoided, especially in the old days. At one time, you not only had the motion picture code to contend with, but the reality that states and towns had their own boards of censorship. A "scene" might play in certain parts of the country, only to be ordered yanked by a local board in Tuscaloosa or Boston. The studios needed a mass market; to get that they needed a product that was "blanded down" enough to play in most markets. The majors were also concerned with image, and so did not want to be associated with certain subjects.*


*Hence, at a time when the studios not only created the product, they owned the theater chains to show them, and so getting in the door for an independent meant having to create product that the majors weren't interested in. Thus, they conceeded a market for the graphic and sometimes lurid depictions of drugs and sex themed films to independents who became the underbelly of the business.*


*The business plan for these independents was: to create sex, drug related films themselves, avoid film distributors and local boards, and rent a hall or rent a local theater. If things got too "hot" for their product locally, they would just pull up stakes and move to another town. Many of these people were travelling, hit-the-road men who lived out of hotels and trains.*


*An exploitation film is generally one that focuses on the following subject matter:*





*Nudism or nudity*


*Sex hygiene*




*Although some of the majors felt a little more bold in touching on these themes than others, none dared to go as far as these independents. For the small operators, the infamous Motion Picture Code of 1934 meant nothing, and they proceeded as if it didn't apply. Those who love "pre-code" cinema, should be pleasantly surprised that such filming went on throughout the 30's all the way into later decades, carried on by fiercely independent people who bypassed the whole system!*


*Hundreds of these films were made, from the 1910's all the way into the 60's and beyond. Their heyday was the period before 1970. After that, a major producer could show any subject matter they wanted, provided the appropriate "rating" was attached to it to warn the public.*


*I didn't just come to write about this stuff; I'm here to show and enable you to see for yourself. Some of these films are quite rare and rarely seen outside of a small circle of video collectors and fans. I have scoured youtube for availability of titles. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find films earlier than 1933, although a great many were made before then. After 1933, the availability stream steadily increases to a torrent. I will regularly check the web for additional availability and post it as it comes. I will move into the 1940's a little later. For today I will show you over a dozen films from 1933 to 1941 that should blow your mind and help make this a well travelled thread!*


*I am indebted to a book by Eric Schaefer called: "Bold! Daring! Shocking! True!- A History of Exploitation Films, 1919-1950 Duke University Press 1999 for background and filmography.*


*For watching youtube films, I pull away my computer chair and draw up a comfortable easy chair. Others can burn youtube content to a blank disc and watch it on their TV. Modern TV monitors are also internet connectible, enabling you to watch that way. Getting a larger computer monitor is a big help. Others may opt for a laptop or small screen solution via a "tablet" or portable device. It's up to you. Bottom line, the stuff is there, free on the internet, and so you can't beat the price! Never has it ever been a better time to be a film historian and researcher!*


*Almost all of the films are complete, although some are shorts. Most of them play in one long clip ( a trick that more and more youtube posters are getting wise to). Those one clip films I designate Full movie. If it's in parts, I will mention that along with how many parts. With a few of them, you will have to endure a brief commercial in the beginning. I have found that posters who feature commercials often use a better quality source for their upload. It's a great system of on-demand viewing; pausable, stoppable and viewable at your leisure.*


*As a final point let me say that this thread and it's films are adult themed material; discretion is advised!*


*Now enjoy what could be a rockin' Saturday nite, spent exploring a wild, steamy and seamy 1930's film world!*


*PS: Tonight I might in most cases just put the title and link; in the next few days I may back edit and fill in more information.*

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*Full movie*


*Colorised version:*




*This is the best known exploitation film from this era. The colorised version is strangely enjoyable, as computer colorisation reminds me of early TWO STRIP TECHNICOLOR. Somehow it fits.* *Starring THELMA WHITE as "MAE". In case you ever wondered what happened to her, well take a look at this a few years later when she was a bandleader to an all woman big band swing orchestra. The women rocked, as did THELMA. What a hot mama!*





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> {quote:title=ThelmaTodd wrote:}{quote}*CHILD BRIDE (1941)*




> *http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByU-DkHXsIU&feature=watch-now-button&wide=1*




> *Full movie*


The release date for CHILD BRIDE is often listed incorrectly. Although reissued at least twice (in 1941 and 1944) it was originally produced and released in 1938.

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*I plan to continue the submission of film links here. For discussion, I have set up a thread for that purpose under General Discussions at:*




*I like the clean look of this thread with only film links, and I do plan to add quite a few more. I kindly ask that we retain this area for film links exclusively in order to better help find and reference the video material.*



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> {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}"PLAYMATES", 1944


> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vkHL89xyfgs


> The good stuff starts about 1:17 into this film clip.


> This is a "soundie". These were early video jukebox films on machines that were located in bars for a few years in the 1940s and early '50s.




Thanks for the chance to see this one again.



I've always liked Soundies and this is a good one - catchy song, and the visuals ain't bad either!



But I always thought it strange that the title is PLAYMATES when the song is "Playmate".



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