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*W/ Jayne mansfield, Mickey and Zoltan Hargitay*




*Full movie*





*The pictures above give a sense of the woman, her cult and her appeal. Naturally, something as straightforward as her birthdate and age are in dispute. Her one gravestone gives 1938, the other has it as 1933. ( The woman has TWO gravestones, how Hollywood can you get? The heart shaped one is her real burial site.) She was the type that would have wanted to remain 29 forever. I hate to say it, but I wonder if her untimely death was a mercy killing at the hand of Providence- how could someone like this have aged gracefully?*


*Features the world's first all girl topless band,* *The Ladybirds.*


*The Wild, Wild World of Jayne Mansfield* *is a 1968 X-Rated documentary film based on the life of the late 1950s sex-bomb Jayne Mansfield.*


*Jayne takes us on a review of her last world tour. She takes us through Rome, shares a fantasy about Roman athletes, and then is off to Cannes. She takes a trip to the nudist colony on the Isle of Levant, where she almost kind of joins in. Then it's off to Paris, where she gets a beauty treatment from Fernand Aubrey, and attends some racy dance revues. In New York and Los Angeles, she visits some topless clubs and listens to a topless all-girl pop band. The film wraps up with some posthumous footage of her family in mourning.*



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Hi, again Thelma.


Just one little thing, if I may.

Jayne wasn't decapitated. A loose wig has been seen in some photos and mistaken for that, but no.


PS - I see you've already corrected that in the discussion.




Edited by: LuckyDan on Dec 4, 2011 6:55 PM

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*Thanks Dan!*


*I too was under that misimpression, but I learn so much as I go along researching and presenting this thread! That business about the two gravestones bearing conflicting birthdates is a hoot, and somehow so befitting for her type of celebritihood.*


*Feel free to jump in over there! It seems that there is much about her that could make fodder for comment! I wish I could find more of her films in a complete form.*


*The idea of her running for President was of course a tongue in cheek joke in the 1960's, but today she would seem far more "credible". That thought alone makes you want to retreat into the world of old movies! Then, she couldn't have been elected dogcatcher, but today I could easily see her winning a mayor's race somewhere or a congressional seat!* *Look at Sonny Bono.*

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*Noonan-Taylor Production W/ Jayne Mansfield, Mickey Hargitay*




*Most of the movie, in 4 parts with the first part not posted*


*Our* *Jayne Mansfield* *mini-fest continues! The first part of the film has not been uploaded, something which got the poster royally chewed out by his or her viewers on their personal youtube channel page!*


*I would like to thank the poster named* *LuckyDan **for suggesting this and the film posting to follow! I'm open to suggestions!*


*After a drunken spree on a cruise ship, two women discover that they're pregnant, and set out to find who the fathers are.*

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*Harlequin International W/ Mamie Van Doren*




*I made a misstep here, telling people on the discussion thread that I found a complete upload of this film. I saw the 79 minutes in the google video index, but upon opening up this link I discovered that only the first two minutes are free, you will have to post $1.99 to see the rest. I don't like that sort of con, especially on youtube, where it's not common. But a promise was a promise!*


*An out of work Method actor is hired by a male model, an ecdysiast, and a car salesman who live together to save money. They want the actor to listen to their problems and go see a psychiatrist so they can get counseling for cheap. The psychiatrist is intrigued by the split personalities indicated by the three separate sets of problems presented by the actor, and soon producers are climbing out of the woodwork trying to buy the rights to the film, while the actor is having trouble keeping his act together.*



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*BETTY BOOP in "I HEARD" (1932)*


*Max Fleischer Studios w/ Don Redman and His Orchestra*




*Full cartoon*


*The* *Fleischer Studios* *were a hotbed of subversive sound and visual references and entendres! One of them was featuring live footage of* *Don Redman and his Orchestra* *performing their signature piece, the* *"Chant Of the Weed"!* *Redman, along with the better remembered Cab Calloway Orchestra, were the premier stoner bands of their era, and the "Chant" tune was their anthem. For any orchestra back then to break out into this melody would draw knowing winks and nods from the hiptsers. The jazz musician* *Mezz Mezzrow,* *in his autobiography* *Really The Blues*,* informs us that back then cigarette girls in nightclubs would regularly sell reefer as well. It was legal in those days, while the sale of alcohol ironically, was not!*


*The piece alternates between a happy sound and a moody, tense melody in the minor mode. Nice, pleasant sounding orchestral music from that era, featuring a golden sounding saxophone section.*



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*Max Fleischer Studios w/ Cab Calloway and His Orchestra*




*Full cartoon*


*Features live footage of* *Cab Calloway and His Orchestra.*


*"Folks here's a story 'bout Minnie the Moocher,*

*She was a red hot **** coocher,*

*She was the roughest, toughest frail,*

*but Minnie had a heart as big as a whale."*


*"She messed around with a bloke named Smokey.*

*She loved him though was cokie,*

*he took her down to Chinatown*

*and he showed her how to kick the gong around."*


*The true meaning of these lyrics are unintelligble today, without a contemporary glossary and references.* *Mezz Mezzrow's Really The Blues*, *as well as* *Cab Calloway's Hepsters Dictionary* *provide glossaries and serve as a Rosetta Stone for decipherig this ancient dialect of jive talk!*


*"Minnie"- stoner girl*

*"Moocher"- pot smoker*

*"frail"- chick*

*"Smokey"- a very dark complexioned black man*

*"cokie"- means the same thing today*

*"Chinatown"- doing opium*

*"kicking the gong around"-getting high*


*Armed with the above explanations, Calloway's signature tune* *Minnie The Moocher takes on anything but an innocent message! It bemoans a good natured, pot smoking stoner girlfriend being seduced by a dark complexioned, coke snorting black, who turns her on to a harder drug, opium. The remaining stanzas satirise the extravagant illusions and imagination of someone on drugs.*


*You have to wonder about Max Fleischer and his wacky gang of cartoonists, packaging something like this as children's entertainment! The vast majority of people of course "didn't get it", but the censors, who made it their business to keep up with the latest dirt, were not so easily taken in. This cartoon was banned in many places.*


*As for Calloway, he got to perform this tune all of his life to a public that mostly "didn't get it", including the managers at Disneyland, where Calloway was a house band in his later years! Pass the cotton candy!*

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*Max Fleischer Studios w/ Cab Calloway and His Orchestra*




*Full cartoon*


*Features live footage of* *Cab Calloway and His Orchestra.*


*"With a long, white beard and a crooked stare,*

*He tramps along with the folks all scared;*

*With a twinkle in his eye, he passes them by,*

*The Old Man of the Mountain!*

*Oh, he wears long hair and his feet are bare,*

*They say he's mad as a grizzly bear,*

*His cares are none and he fears no one,*

*The Old Man of the Mountain!*

*He talks with the bears when he's lonely,*

*He sleeps with the sky for a tent,*

*And he'll eat you up when he's hungry,*

*And it wouldn't cost him a red cent!*

*And he'll live as long as an old oak tree,*

*He'll eat up fools like you and me,*

*Oh, I often sigh and jump and cry*

*At the Old Man of the Mountain! "*



*This humorous and very satirical reference is obscure to us today. It is taken from* *The Travels Of Marco Polo (1298), Book One, Chapter 23-25, "Concerning the Old Man Of the Mountain", "How the Old Man Trained His Assassins" and "How the Old Man Came To His End*".


*The "Old Man", also known as "Aladdin", lived in Afghanistan and controlled the world's commerce in hashish. He got very wealthy from this trade, not unlike the Columbian drug cartels of our time. He was able to build palaces and compounds inspired by the descriptions of paradise in the Koran, complete with fountains that flowed with wine and honeyed water! He hired enforcers and troops to whom he gave a liquid potion laced with hash. These were known as "hashashins", from which our english word "assassin" derives. Calloway was engaging in some tongue in cheek humor with this song.*


*Early anti-drug education liked to emphasise that cannabis could lead it's users to acts of murder, and Polo's account was often cited and retold as historical witness and evidence.*


*Fleischer and Calloway were a marriage made in heaven! Crazy cartoonist, meet crazy bandleader!*



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*Here's one of the 5 women who gave us the famed voice throughout the 30's.*




*BETTY BOOP in HA! HA! HA! (1934)*


*Max Fleischer Studios*




*Full cartoon*


*This one is so funny, even without nitrous! What an audacious cartoon! Remember kids, "Just say No! to NO2"! This cartoon was also banned. Fleischer just couldn't resist this type of humor!*

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I don't think Betty was meant as "childrens entertainment." Back then, cartoons played in the movies houses along with the movie. Anybody with a coin was allowed in. Cartoons were meant as much for adults as they were for kids.


Pre-code Betty, like the 1920s, was spicy, but only the adults got it.


Fun stuff, Thelma, Thanks,

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*BLITZ WOLF (1942)*


*MGM Studios Tex Avery*




*Full cartoon*


*A hilarious WW2 satire, a real hoot! A parody of the "Three Little Pigs", with the wolf representing Hitler ("Der Fewer"). The two foolish piggies make no defensive preparations, putting their faith in a "Non-agression pact" signed with "Adolf Wolf"! The wise piggy isn't fooled by this and builds himself a heavily fortified and armed bunker! They are eventually invaded by the wolf riding in a tank that blasted hot air, called "Der mechanized Huffer and Puffer"!*



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*Paramount Studios/Famous Studios*




*Full cartoon*


*It's been speculated that Popeye's "spinach" gag was a Fleischer Studio insider joke for something else that was green, and it wasn't what you would serve to the kids!*


*A German sub destroys a rowboat, a buoy, and another German sub (obviously, not the pride of the fleet). Meanwhile, Popeye, with a boat full of "spinach fer Britain", rams into the sub by accident. The sub cuts Popeye's ship in half with machine-gun fire, separating him from the spinach; it then sends a torpedo into the remains, which Popeye collects in a rowboat. Popeye spins the sub upside down, then ends up in a mine field (again barely saving the spinach). After another run-in, the spinach lands in the sub, and Popeye ends up underwater, where he opens his own can and smashes the Nazis into the mine field. He rows the sub full of spinach into the fog, and ultimately right to #10 Downing Street.*


*WW2 was a bonanza for the film business. The nazis, despite being terrifying in real life, made easy targets for satire and ridicule. This cartoon was later banned from TV release for it's displays of the swastika.*



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*Soyuzmultfilm (Soviet Union)*




*Full cartoon series In Russian with English subtitles*


*This was a series of cartoons made in the USSR in 1941, the year of the German invasion and a terribly grim year for the Soviet Union. Although not in the lighthearted Daffy Duck/Popeye mode, the cartoons do attempt some slapstick humor and it's makers may have been influenced by American cartoons, which were banned from the general public.*

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*POPEYE in YOU'RE A SAP MR. **** (1942)*


*Paramount-Famous Productions*




*Full cartoon*


*The cartoon, which gets its title from a novelty song written by James Cavanaugh, John Redmond and Nat Simon, finds Popeye singlehandedly defeating the crew of a Japanese battleship in the Pacific Ocean. The cartoon was kept out of commercial release for years due to its racially offensive caricaturing of the Japanese and to the climactic sequence where the Japanese naval commander commits suicide by drinking gasoline and consuming lit firecrackers*

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*Warner Brothers*




*Full cartoon*


*The cartoon opens with a faux Walter Winchell voice discussing the end of Germany, saying that "Germany has been battered into a fare-thee-well", and musing about where the high leadership, and "Fatso" Göring in particular has gone. The scene soon cuts to the Black Forest, where Hermann Göring, in bemedalled lederhosen, is "soothing his jangled nerves"*


*Eventually, Göring captures Bugs, and brings him back to Adolf Hitler (who is playing solitaire), where he identifies him as "Bugsenheimer Bunny to der Führer. As Herr Hitler talks of the great rewards he's going to pile upon Göring for this act of heroism, he opens the bag to reveal Bugs dressed as Joseph Stalin—complete with an enormous pipe—staring back at him. Göring and Hitler flee. As the cartoon ends, Bugs glances back at the camera and asks, in a Russian accent, citing a (Raleigh) cigarette ad catch-phrase of that era: "Does your tobacco taste different lately?"*

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*Warner Brothers*




*Full cartoon*


*"We apolosize to the NICE DUCKS and GEESE who may be in the audience ....The Management"*


*This one is hilarious! Shows a machine called the "Treaty Tearer-Upper"!*


*The cartoon takes place on a farm, beginning with a few ducks, geese and chickens being shown. After a brief few moments, two ducks (who are expecting a duckling) go over to their unusually black-colored egg as it starts to hatch. Once the egg has hatched, a duckling with a Adolf Hitler mustache emerges and yells "Sieg Heil!" while giving the Nazi salute.*


*After time passes, the baby Hitler duck grows into adulthood, holding aggressive speeches toward other ducks and geese. One goose represents Benito Mussolini. The Hitler duck then gathers up a group of soldiers to join him in his own Axis Powers Army. The Mussolini goose then delivers a speech to the only listener: a little chick who had been forced to stay and applaud. After these happenings, storm troopers are sent marching across the area, while the Dove of Peace, grieves at what is happening.*



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*Warner Brothers*



*Full cartoon*


*Banned by the Warner Brothers for TV release.*


*A German commander, Von Vulture, gets a telegram from the "Gestinko Gestapo", threatening him with his 'ka-rear' if he lets 'vun' more 'kommando' through. Hearing a plane overhead, he calls in a soldier, Schultz, whom he abuses by knocking him regularly over his helmet with a mallet. Schultz and Von Vulture go outside and use a searchlight to look for Daffy, who is floating down on a parachute,*


*Daffy eventually flies into Berlin, where Adolf Hitler is making a speech to his people. Daffy jumps up and whacks Hitler on the head with a mallet, causing Hitler to scream in pain.*

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*Cines-Pittaluga (Italy)*




*Full movie*


*Maciste was a 6 decades long running adventure action character in the Italian cinema, based on Hercules. This movie was artistically inspired by Dante and the artwork of Gustav Dore.*


*Maciste winds up in hell (while alive), and there is some "rule" that no living mortal can stay there more than three days-unless he is seduced by a female demon! The girls of hell go to work on him. Overall, the women demons seem to be having a good time down there. There is a Latin sensibility to the plot and presentation. Not a film that would have been made in Protestant America then, where the subject of hell was treated with greater seriousness.*


*Reportedly this was the film that inspired* *Frederico Fellini* *to become a director! This video print is not the best; it's viewable.*


*According to one youtube poster: "Sex and Violence. Demons, **** succubii, buff heros in loin cloths, benighted maidens, and shiftless young noblemen making good. "*

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*Svensk Filmindustri*




*Full movie*


*Charlie Chaplin* *has called this "the best film I have ever seen"!* *Ingmar Bergman* *is said to have seen it a 100 times. It's based on a novel by the first female to win the Nobel Prize for Literature. It's directed by the father of Swedish cinema. It's cited as an influence on everything from Murnau's Nosferatu to Dryer's Vampyr to Cocteau's Orpheus to Kubrick's The Shining. And author Steven Jay Schneider's ubiquitous book names it one of the ‘1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die"!*


*It's New Year's Eve. Three drunkards evoke a legend. The legend tells that the last person to die in a year, if he is a great sinner, will have to drive during the whole year the Phantom Chariot, the one that picks up the souls of the dead... David Holm, one of the three drunkards, dies at the last stroke of midnight...*

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*BUGS BUNNY **** THE **** (1944)*


*Warner Brothers*




*Full cartoon *


*"****" derives from the name of Japan in Japanese, "Nippon". Contains racial stereotypes which caused the cartoon to have very limited airing after WW2.*


*Bugs lands on a Japanese-held island. He tries to outsmart one Japanese soldier by dressing as Emperor Hirohito, but the soldier isn't fooled. He recognizes Bugs from his Warner Brothers films produced by Leon Schlesinger. Bugs has trouble with a tough sumo wrestler but is able to outwit him by dressing as a geisha. Bugs finally rids the island of Japanese by driving up in his ice cream truck (which plays music from The Magic Flute!) and selling each one an ice cream with a secret grenade surprise.*

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*Full cartoon*


*Another WW2 era cartoon that was restricted from general TV distribution later.*


*Bluto the blacksmith gets a draft notice. Popeye is in charge of the local draft board. Bluto gives a sob story about his ailments, but makes a miraculous recovery when Popeye's gorgeous "secretary" appears (really a 1000 pound weight in disguise). Bluto, desperate, dives out the skyscraper window; Popeye tries to catch him, but they both plummet through the sidewalk, and the devil chases them back out of hell.*


*Bluto tries to get hit by a falling safe instead, but again Popeye rescues him. This angries Bluto so much that he locks Popeye inside of the object and then throws it away. It crashes inside an orphanage, where several Japanese spies are undercover, dressed as babies. While Popeye is being beaten Bluto drops by to inform him that his arms are bandaged and that he finally will be able to escape the draft. When Bluto sees that Popeye is in trouble he tries to help, but both men are knocked out by the Japanese. While they are being ridiculed Popeye grabs his spinach, eats it and gives some to Bluto (can and all). Both men defeat the Japanese and Popeye's fist reaches so far that he knocks out Hirohito. The Emperor is hit so hard that he falls on the backside of his horse, (creating a pun on the word "***"), and says: "It should happen to Hitler." Sure enough, the next scene cuts to Hitler who gives a speech by saying: "B.O!" ("body odor", a reference to a Lifebuoy soap commercial). Hitler too is beaten so hard that he loses his moustache. A title card appears asking: "Is their a doctor in the house?", with the word "doctor" crossed out and "undertaker" written in crayon. While he lays unconscious Hermann Göring runs in and asks his Führer melodramatically "to speak to him." Hitler just says "B.O." again, whereupon Goebbels pulls his face away in disgust.*


*The cartoon concludes with Bluto finally signing up for his draft, while the imprisoned Japanese all spell his name: "B-L-U-T-O" in reference to the commercial for Jell-o from that time.*

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*Fleischer Studios*




*Full Cartoon*



*Strange little animated fantasy about newlywed animals who take a rocketship to go "dancing on the moon", using all the Fleischer special effects. Doubtless the symbolism renders this full of hidden sexual meaning.*



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Thirteen year old Judy Garland on the left, with her sisters.




Harpo Marx




Ted Healy in the middle, the "Fourth Stooge"




Buster Keaton and the Fanchonettes










*MGM w/ Leo Carillo, Judy Garland*




*Full short in two parts*


*One can not appreciate the utterly subversive humor of this otherwise tame looking short without knowing what the words to La Cucaracha mean in English:*


*La cucaracha, la cucaracha,*

*ya no puede caminar*

*porque no tiene, porque le falta*

*marihuana que fumar.*


*The cockroach, the cockroach,*

*can't walk anymore*

*because it doesn't have, because it's lacking*

*marijuana to smoke*





*Now "roach" means both a bug and the end of a reefer in both Spanish and English slang. This double entendre is driven home by Leo Carillo declaring the roach: "she is dead!", and everybody, including Judy Garland and her two sisters breaking out in sad, disappointed song. (Even Buster Keaton breaks out into tears!) A real party pooper! You know they are not singing about a dead bug! I really don't think Louis B. Mayer "got it", or otherwise someone would have been dismissed or he would have gotten a stroke, whichever would have come first.*


*Features an incredible cast: Pete Smith, Eduardo Durant's Rhumba Band, 13 year old Judy Garland and her two "Gumm Sisters", Spanish Troubadors, The Fanchonettes, Dude Ranch Wranglers, Warner Baxter, Harpo Marx, Buster Keaton, Ida Lupino, Chester Conklin, Robert Taylor, Leo Carillo and many others.*


*Offers a glimpse into California's affluent Santa Barbara in the 30's and their annual tradition of dressing up in Spanish/Mexican costumes. Making such a blatant joke over "marihuana", no doubt reflects the hedonism of an upper crust that feels it has a right to enjoy and do anything it wants.*


*This short has often aired on TCM. I once contacted the curator at the Santa Barbara Historical Society to let him know it was on TCM, and he responded that he and his community are well aware of this little cinema tidbit from 1935! Go Santa Barbara!*


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Two very good looking people! They make an attractive couple...




*BORN TO BE BAD (1934)*


*Twentieth Century Pictures w/ cary Grant, Loretta Young*




*Full movie*


*This film was rejected by the Hays Office twice before it was finally approved. The final product can be nowhere near as interesting as what they were originally attempting to film. The character Letty Strong, an unwed mother who entertains each client and makes as much as she can on the side by pleasing them, had to re-written and re-filmed, so that the character's occupation is only hinted at. Zanuck had to cut as much as possible shots of Letty in her underwear and exposed legs to the hips.*


*Letty (Loretta Young) is a young, unwed mother. Pregnant and alone at fifteen she's had to toughen up. Raising her son Mickey (Jackie Kelk) to be street smart so he'll never end up in a similar situation to her. When a milk truck driven by Malcolm Trevor (Cary Grant), the president of the company, hits Mickey, Letty seizes the opportunity to make some money and encourages Mikey to lie about the extent of his injuries. When Letty is caught, the judge takes Mickey from her. Malcolm and his wife Alyce (Marion Burns) feel for the boy and his mother, and adopt him so she can see him more frequently. Letty is not satisfied by this and with the persuasion of her unscrupulous lawyer tries to stage an elaborate plot to seduce Malcolm and blackmail him into giving her Mickey and his money. The plan backfires when Alyce gives her blessing on the affair and Letty realizes her genuine feelings for Malcolm. She must decide to either step aside and put Mickey's happiness in his new home first or follow her own heart and break up Malcolm and Alyce's marriage*



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Okay I got one.



















































Not really an exploiter, but a family-friendly ghost story with some black comedic overtones and a fun premise involving an amorous girl ghost - something I found very thought provoking in my own adolescence. I have seen it once (almost 40 years ago) and have remembered only Barry Gordon and the actress who I now know is Jill Townsend, playing three difference characters.









Vic Mizzy's score is as lively and clever as any of his work, and the theme that plays over the opening credits is very catchy.


Very poor image quality here, but it's all there is.



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