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>Flee and they pulled their service revolver!


I remember those days very well. The joke around the police stations and the courthouse was, "He was shot for trying to escape. Saved the county a lot of money." Meaning they didn't have to waste any money on the trial.

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Thanks Fred!


Some old movies did show police firing at fleeing vehicles, even in a crowded city!


Was it you that could do lip reading? Something funny about how they let the lead actress stare at the camera and talk at length without her words being audible at the end (part 8). Was she telling us to go DO the stuff?!

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Sorry, she said too much for me to read her lips through the rolling text.


Looks like they wrote one ending for her to say, then they decided they didn't like that one so they wrote one they ran in rolling text at the end.

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*At:* [m-8567525#8567525]


*I have loaded 14 films:*


*WHITE SLAVE TRADE IN NEW YORK CITY (1917) Fascinating contemporary views of New York*


*THE TERRIBLE TRUTH (1951) An anti-drug short*






*THE FLESH MERCHANT (1956) Models in Hollywood*


*VIOLENT YEARS (1956) Four girls as delinquents*


*HOT ROD GIRL (1956)*


*PAROLE (1956) Women in prison*


*ROCK ALL NIGHT (1957) Roger Corman, w/ The Platters*








*ALCOHOL IS DYNAMITE (1958) "Alcohol is a violent narcotic!"*


*BOYS BEWARE (1961) A warning against homosexual predators*



*That brings us to 39 films, from 1917-1961 !*


*No wonder I called it a "Filmography"! I think setting the film links apart was the right way to go.*


*The films from the 50's have fantastic music. You might want to leave them on just for the cool background music!*


*More next weekend!*


Edited by: ThelmaTodd on Oct 1, 2011 3:58 PM

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Thanks Fred! THAT was a funny tie in, and I shall treasure that clip. Thanks for posting it!


What I put up today is a veritable shot gun blast of mostly 1950's material. These films give us a great look at everyday life, from outdoor locations, the cars, clothes, interiors AND music! They also give us an insight into the social problems of a bygone era, and how society discussed them.


Particularly fascinating is the 1917 film, as it gives us a glimpse of everyday life in that era. The pimps are shown recruiting from train stations and Ellis Island. Films in the "expoitation" genre that predate the 30's are very hard to find on the internet! The cops are shown as having short patience with men who approached women in public; it was called "mashing" and was illegal back then.


Come the 1950's, there is a vast amount of material. The reasons being that it became more accepted to show these films in theaters, including the new "drive ins". By then, the major studios had to divest themselves of theater chain ownership, giving independent operators more freedom of choice. After WW2, the atom bomb and Korea, the public was less "shocked" by these themes than they were in the 30's. We came to understand that there are more horrid things in life than a burlesque show on film!


Exploitation films of the 60's and later, have also become known as "grindhouse" and "psychotronic" movies.


PS: following one of your comments, I am often publishing the cross links to aid the reader in easy navigation.

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*Freaks (1932)* is playing tonight on *TCM!* For those who might be missing the picture, I have furnished a link to the entire film at:






Had this movie been made by an independent, like *Dwain Esper*, it would certainly be ranked with other films of an exploitation feel. Contrast *Freaks* with *Esper's "Maniac (1934)".* Both deal with human aberration, be it physical or mental. Both subjects titillated audiences.



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Hi musicalnovelty,



Thanks for the heads up! This coming weekend I will go full court press into 60's vintage films of this genre. The two greatest by products of doing the kind of research I'm doing on a subject are 1) the chance to share with others and 2) allowing me to learn more about the subject first hand!

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*Today's load features 20 films 1933-1961, all complete!*




*It's quite a potpourri of delinquents, dopers, werewolves, dragsters, Siamese twins, nudists, beatniks, car thieves, peeping toms, Fidelistas, teenagers, Ubangis, midgets, underage girls, celebrities gone wrong and rock and rollers!! A solid cross section of Americana, served up with some great vintage music!*


*This should hold the lot of you until next week and should give us a lot of images and themes to ponder over:*




*THE TERROR OF TINY TOWN (1938) All midget western*



*THE CURSE OF THE UBANGI (1946) A lost Dwain Esper film, available only in Spanish*

*CHAINED FOR LIFE (1951) About Siamese twins Daisy and Violet Hilton*




*HOT CAR GIRLS (1958)*

*T BIRD GANG (1959)*



*PEEPING TOM (1960)*

*DATE BAIT (1960)*






*I welcome comment and discussion! Enjoy!*


*Thelma Todd*

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Hi Casablanca lover!



I'm glad you are enjoying that thread, there is a LOT there to savor! By my count, I have furnished links to *56 films so far! All of them complete.* I plan more for next weekend. It's quite a motley assortment of topics that represent the seamier side of American life and film making. There is something there for every taste. I know there are a lot of "pre-code" fans out there ( I'm one of them) and it is interesting to see how the sensibility of pre-code cinema was continued by independents long after the "Code" came into effect!


What all "exploitation" films have in common is tawdriness; tawdriness of theme, execution or prurient interest. Almost all films that sensationalise women seem to fall into this category. Titles like "*Hot Rod* *Girl", "Delinquent Daughters", "Reform School Girls", "Racket Girls"* etc. almost always signal an exploitation film- as they capitalise on female deviance. Despite occasional efforts to masquerade the film as having an "educational" purpose, we know why the audiences flocked to these flicks, and it wasn't to be "educated"! Same goes for films with a drug theme.



I haven't gotten around to seeing the nudist film you mention, but I will. I haven't seen all these films myself! One of the blessings of being a "researcher" is that you end up learning a lot about your subject!


All of these films are very interesting on some level. Some feature great location shots that show you what everyday life looked like, while others are laced with cool background music. I especially like the 1950's films for their rock sountracks. (I have so far included 2 "rock and roll' films!)


I knew when I started the project that there would be a lot of film links to provide. I can easily see that filmography thread eventually running into about *80 -100 films,* possibly more as more of them become available on the internet. (It's estimated by one researcher that over 400 such movies were made between 1910-1960!) That is why I took the unusual step of seperating the film links from the discussion, as I wanted so many film links to be easily accessible and not buried and obscured under discussion posts.


I really do welcome further discussion here, as that is such a fascinating assortment of cinematic oddities that I have presented for the community. Find some "crazy" film in that list and tell us what you think!

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There is one film I posted yesterday, *Sing, Sinner Sing (1933)*, which can't be fully appreciated without understanding the real life sensationalism that surrounded *Libby Holman* and tobacco fortune heir, *Zachary Smith Reynolds.*


*Holman* was a "torch" singer who made a name for herself on the New York stage and as a recording star. *Reynolds* became smitten with her while attending one of her public performances and reportedly started following her around the country in a private plane.


Holman had some well known lesbian affairs, including with DuPont heiress Louisa Carpenter, who kept prodding her to marry Reynolds. They did wed, but after a short while, Reynolds was found dead of a gunshot wound to the head. Holman was accused of murder, but was acquitted when the Reynolds family decided to drop charges for fear of any further publicity. The death verdict was revised to "suicide".


Her life continued to be dogged by tragedy. (Her once wealthy father lost his fortune when she was little). Her second husband drank himself to death while young, and her child by Reynolds died on a mountaineering expedition to Mt. Whitney. Holman herself was found dead in a garage with the motor running, under questionable circumstances. Her death was ruled a suicide.


The film *Sing, Sinner Sing,* was quite a vicious stab aimed at her, despite the fictionalisation of the character names. Everyone back then knew who the film was referring to. Years later *Orson Welles* would revive this approach in *Citizen Kane*, which everyone knew to be a slam on *William Randolph Hearst*. The elements of her love life that involved women were hinted at by her friendship with and living with the woman character played by *Ruth Donnelly.* Donnelly advises her to get herself a millionaire, and then afterwards keeps advising her to divorce the heir/husband and to take him for millions. In the film the lead character played by *Leila Hyams*,is accused of murder in the shooting death of her husband. She ends up living with her "girlfriend" afterwards.


The film doesn't seem like an exploitation film in the conventional sense, but does play on celebrity exploitation in a way that becomes clearer when you know the real life characters that it was referring to. Even the title of the film itself carries with it a nasty tone of rebuke. In the picture, the blueblood *Reynolds* clan is also hit, with suggestions that insanity and alcoholism run in their family. Whether she killed her husband or whether it was suicide was a topic of great popular interest. She did stand to inherit millions with a suicide verdict.


Here is a nice website that has more information on Holman, with pictures and recordings of her songs. Her signiture tune was *Moanin' Low*




Edited by: ThelmaTodd on Oct 9, 2011 6:50 PM

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There are supposed to be three movie versions based on the same news story. This movie, also "A Brief Moment" with Carole Lombard, and "Reckless" with Jean Harlow. Different scripts.


With a big news story like that, which was in all the newspapers, it didn't really need a book or an original "script" that could be sold at a high price. Nobody can copyright true history or well-known news stories, so several movie companies could make a movie based on the same basic true story. Even some of the same basic dialogue can be used by each film company, if it is taken from testimony in court records. That stuff can't be copyrighted.


Also, a small company like Majestic Pictures might actually just be a few offices where men sit around talking on the telephone all day, trying to arrange financing and rent studio sets and cameras and hire actors and crew members for their next movie.


In an IMDB review about this movie, it says that Majestic would often design new movies around big-studio sets and costumes that were just recently used by big-budget film companies and major studios, and Majestic would rent this stuff and make a completely different movie using the same sets and costumes, before the big studios destroyed the sets and filed the costumes away in their large wardrobe archives. So, Majestic could make pictures that looked high budget, while using the second-hand sets and costumes.


They could even hire some big name B actors, if they could shoot their films within a week or two. There were very many independent theaters in the US that would show these films, while the major theater chains showed only films made by their own high-budget studios.




These were companies where guys like Joe Gillis (in "Sunset Boulevard") sold a few of his lousy scripts while he was trying to break into the big-time in Hollywood. For example, I'm 14 minutes into watching this film and nothing has happened yet. It's boring. I'm getting ready to get up and walk out of the theater because the script is no good, although the actors, sets, and photography are all ok.

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Hi Fred,


Thanks for bringing your knowledge to this discussion! I've heard the director blamed for the slow boring pace- he was Howard Christie. The movie is best enlivened by knowing the real life people and drama that is based upon. I do find most any film from this era interesting, if not for the sets, clothing and music.


There are many other films in that lineup, feel free to find something more interesting and comment!


I wanted to ask you something. You know it's been a long time since I posted pictures around here. What's the current protocol for that? At one time you couldn't just directly paste a picture into the message board shell, it had to be posted to a place like Photobucket, and then you would copy the URL address into the message board. Do we still have to do something like that? Once you have that, how do you post a picture to here?


I thought I would enliven the presentation on the filmography thread with movie posters.



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Hi Thelma ...



I hope someone will have the answer for you, because the presentation

of *Movie Posters* would be incredibly Awesome ....



With the Great Links you've provided, along with the Posters,

it would come close to feeling like you're actually going to the movies ....

(minus paying @ the box office).



Will the Movie Posters apply also for the *'Bela Lugosi Filmology' ?*



And again, I just have to applaud you for the Tremendous Work

you've done here with the 'Filmology Links' ...



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Hi ugaarte,



For me, it'll be one step at a time. I only figured out how to get around the difficulties of working with color font only a couple of days ago! (Post in Plain Text first, then do rich text formatting like bold and color!Posting your message first in "Rich text" will result in uneven formatting results that might require numerous re-edits.)


For presentation purposes I do like color font. Now that I'm over that hurdle, I am ready to consider adding movie posters. I am a natural born "showperson" and so I appreciate the value of these kinds of bell and whistle enhancements as much as anyone.


I think the 56 films posted so far to the filmography thread are an awesome and motley assortment of curious films! Feel free to watch and comment on what you see!

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Ok, this is a "test". I had to relearn the whole process of posting to Photobucket as well as to this website; I haven't done it in a "month of Sundays"!


I am ready to "retroedit" the filmography thread in order to illustrate it. It's going to be a lot of work I'm afraid, but if I can get satisfactory looking results I think it will be a positive enhancement.

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