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Thanks ugaarte!


Seeing these images does make you want to check these movies out! I can get the images to output in a more or less consistent size. I think I'll keep going here before I go on to the other thread.


Some of these flicks have soundfile links to some great 50's music. If they are free I'll get around to posting them!

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Great posters.


I see that you remembered how to post photos.


They finally cleared up the problem of our not being able to post photos in the General Discussions section of the board.


A simple way to get photos from inside your computer to the internet with a URL address is to use




You can also do a little resizing of the photos too, with the box that says Resize.


There is one slight problem with that website... they require you to read two distorted words and retype those words. Sometimes I can't read their distorted words. They do that so somebody with an automated computer won't automatically post thousands of photos on their website for free. So far, computers can't read distorted words. :) But sometimes I can't either. :)


Then to post the photos here, just put this:




at the very beginning and end of your URL address for the photo.

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>It's a lot of work rounding up all this stuff, but I think it helps encourage people to watch the films!


Yes it is.


I added some information to my photo post down below.


I have found that it is important for me to keep Word documents filled with URL addresses of photos, because I might want to post them again later.


I can usually copy and past them after I find them in my Word documents.


I have a document named MOVIE FORUMS AAA which contains a lot of this type of information. And also another document that has more information and another one that has TINYPIC url addresses.

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