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Robert Osborne's Return

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I just watched the promo with Robert Osborne announcing his return to TCM. He looks and sounds TERRIFIC! However, I must admit that it really seemed strange seeing him in casual clothes....even if they ARE "dressy casual"! At first I thought, "Oh no, is this going to be his new look when he returns?", but he explained that he's not wearing his usual suit and tie because he's still on vacation. Whew, that's a relief....Some things just shouldn't change!

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Oh good. Although I do have to admit that I liked Winona very much and I think Chris Isaak is doing a _terrific_ job- PLEASE RETAIN HIS SERVICES for the weekends, TCM. Three C's: class, charisma and credentials, put him head and shoulders over a certain someone who shall not be named.



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> {quote:title=jcutie wrote:}{quote}

> Can't wait until Robert Osborne comes back. The hosts they have had are sooo bad - Winona Ryder, that Melveyn LeRoy daughter (I think), the editor from Rolling Stones, Leonard Maltin. Couldn't they get some big names. Alec Bladwin was the best for the essentials. He knows something about old movies, has great repoir with R. Osborne, treats him with respect, speaks intelligently and with emotion in a convincing manner. Every other essentials host dims in comparison if you ask me. He also brought star quality to TCM with a hip actor who isn't retired or a has been like Winona Ryder and who ever that Melvyng Douglas or LeRoy woman is? She was horrible.


> I don't know who they are going to find if they have to replace R. Osborne but they better find somebody good. The **** hosts they've had on in the past three months don't cut it.


I think for the most part, the guest hosts have done a great job. And the woman who you seem to loathe the most is Illeana Douglas, granddaughter of Melvyn Douglas.


That doesn't mean I haven't missed Robert Osborne because I have.


And I'm thinking Chris Isaak is probably very busy. He still tours & occasionally acts in films. He is very handsome though, even though I didn't like the suit he wore last night. Normally he's a flashier dresser.

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While I think there's no replacement for Robert Osborne, Chris Isaak gets my vote the as the best RO stand-in. He has it all. Brains, affability, humor and an inherent ability to engage the viewer in the context of the movie about to be seen.


*TCM Officials take note:* If Chris has time to do this on a continuing semi-regular basis, don't even blink an eye!

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Dear TCM Friends,


In order to keep my promise to Robert Osborne not to divulge it, I will neither confirm nor deny any of the guesses made here of his next co-host for the upcoming 2012 season of The Essentials. whiteangel.gif


Thanks so very much in advance for understanding. *;-)*

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Believe it or not ClassicFilmMan, you responded exactly as I had hoped.


As finance said, "Your non-response to the Drew Barrymore guess must mean that that is the one".


If turns out I'm right, you'll have to admit it was a pretty spectacular guess! If not, well, it's a great idea for the future.


Reasons for Drew Barrymore:


Loves Classic Films.

Has a great sense of film history.

Is a seasoned professional on all sides of the film business.

Has the charm and poise to converse with RO about the films.

Will bring in younger viewers.

Do I even have to mention the family background?


Her introducing NIGHT FLIGHT at this year's TCM Festival made it abundantly clear she'd be a good choice to co-host the Essentials.





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I'm thinking it must have been a fairly serious operation. It's not like he works a 40 hr week like most people. His wraparounds are done in a day I've heard. I know he does other things, but they are taped far in advance. He must've needed a long recuperation time or therapy of some sort........

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> {quote:title=FloydDBarber wrote:}{quote}I have never found out why he has been gone for 4 or 5 months. Where I work we never have 4 month vacations. We even have to return ASAP from extended sick leave. And we get burned out all the time.


We may never know the details, and it's certainly Mr. Osborne's right to keep those details private if he wishes.



In any event, Robert is 79 years old. I don't think it's too unusual for someone that age to want to take an extended break, whether it's related to his surgery or simply a long vacation -- and his employment contract fortunately allows him that flexibility.


In any event, we're very lucky that he's willing and able to return at all, rather than retiring altogether, which many 79-year-olds would be considering. (It's almost hard to believe, however, that someone as vibrant as Mr. Osborne is that old.)



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> His wraparounds are done in a day I've heard.




As he does the wraparounds for the entire month, they typically take more than a day to film.


In addition to the wraparounds, there is the filming for the monthly Guest Programmer and as well as wraparounds for *The Essentials* and special promotional event promos like the TCM Cruise and Film Festival.


In addition as the face of TCM, he hosts film screenings across the country, musical events usually involving film and film music, speaking engagements, the TCM Film Festival (and the events that lead up that), the upcoming TCM Cruise as well as various speaking engagements and his writing.


While he doesn't work a traditional 40 hour work week the way many of us do, he does stay busy with TCM events outside the office so to speak.


He had surgery. He had time to recuperate and take a vacation. That's all we've been told. He's entitled to his privacy regarding all of that and neither TCM or Robert O owes us an explanation beyond that.


He's coming back, looks good and is excited about returning to his busy schedule.


That should be enough.

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My response was a collective one, as there were a total of three more guesses after your Tracy Lords guess: Molly Haskell (by AndyM108), Cari Beauchamp (by Clore) and Drew Barrymore (by both MGMMayer and Yanceycravat).




Those are six very good reasons to backup the guess that both you and MGMMayer made of Drew Barrymore. As for whether you two guys are actually right or not, all I can say for certain is that time will certainly tell.




Robert told me that when he goes to Atlanta to tape wrap-arounds and do other production work, he's there for a month at a time. And like Lzcutter said, there are *many* other things that Robert is involved with. Aside from his extracurricular TCM activities (like the annual TCM Film Festival and now the new TCM Cruise), Robert is a frequent guest speaker at different events across the country, he's also a frequent guest host for film screenings, he's an author, a columnist, and so on and so forth. Just hearing him tell me what his schedule is like is exhausting! I told him that I don't know how he actually does it, and that I'll never know. He told me that his schedule makes it hard for him to stay in touch even with family at times. I'm so glad and grateful that Robert does all that he does for the benefit of us adoring fans.




Funny you should mention about how it's hard to believe that someone of Robert's age could be that vibrant. I asked him how he does it and he said to me "you just have to keep going." I said to him in response that I'll be lucky to have half the energy he has when I get to be his age!

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> {quote:title=ClassicFilmMan wrote:}{quote}

> I asked him how he does it and he said to me "you just have to keep going."


I have seen it many times that an active person becomes more active when they reach an age when they no longer have constraints of a regular job and are able to pursue their passions rather than what is expected of them.


I am very happy he is returning to us. It is a common thing that some active people do not mentally recover from even a minor illness that confines their activities for a short time.

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My mother is 81 and exercises 3 times a week, I have a friend, over age 75, who plays on a seniors baseball team. He is the oldest player in the seniors division. I know a woman in her late 70's who swing dances once or twice a week. We are living in a time when people do not have to give up when they turn 65.


Edited by: FloydDBarber on Oct 15, 2011 11:14 AM

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Yep Floyd. And, I got me a feelin' a couple o' guys by the name of Philbin and Shatner might agree with ya here, too.


(...I still find it hard to believe both Regis and Bill are 80 years old!)

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