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"Paths of Glory" final scene

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What is the song that Christiane Kubrick (as the captured German girl) sings in the final scene, and why does it have such a profound impact on the soldiers she is forced to perform it to? It's a German song, yet these men recognize it and become quite moved as they begin to sing it with her. It's a gripping scene, and I would be so appreciative for any information anyone could provide.

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If you are interested in learning everything about Paths of Glory, go to this website for

my documentary about the film and if you are interested contact me through the email in the

contact page. By the way, this message id for anyone interested in the film.


The website is - www.anatomyfilm.com


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“Paths of Glory” was an important film to me because I served in a unit in Vietnam that was deliberately targeted by American artillery in 1970. Another “friendly fire” incident that occured at the same time was chosen by Carol Burnett as one of her first dramatic roles.


“Friendly Fire” is more often deliberate, as Kirk Douglas wished to emphasize in “Paths of Glory”. 51% of Americans killed during the first Gulf War were killed by “friendly fire”. The numbers for WW1,WW2, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan are equally horrendous.


It is said that in combat we Americans “are never outgunned”. Having served in Vietnam I can attest that rule is true. But what also needs notice is that Americans in combat are also “never out-scared” and “never out-fratricidal”. American commanders, in many cases knowingly, fire on fellow Americans on purpose both for strategic and personnel reasons. Perhaps this is also why we Americans commit more murders than any other nation.


Phill Coleman (you can google me)


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