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Can we get some background music from Curtis Mayfield, please?


Thank you. Now let's proceed.


Robert Blake and Madge Blake

Jack Buchanan and Edgar Buchanan

Cliff Osmond and Ken Osmond

Netta Packer and Doris Packer

Tony Randall and Sue Randall

Inger Stevens and Rusty Stevens

Lyle Talbot and Stephen Talbot

Robert Weil and Jeri Weil

Kathryn Beaumont and Hugh Beaumont

Peter Billingsley and Barbara Billingsley

Peggy Dow and Tony Dow

James Mathers and Jerry Mathers

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> {quote:title=PhygLeGuy wrote:}{quote}


> Robert Blake and Madge Blake


Yeah! And ironically, word was that as she aged, poor Madge here had ALSO gotten very forgetful..




...and would tend to leave some of her personal possessions behind such as her purse, her gloves, her handgun and other such items, at eateries that SHE would patronize TOO!!!


(...yeah, yeah, I know...you folks saw this one comin' a mile away, didn't ya?!)

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{font:Times}And from the “What If They’d Had Kids?” department:{font}



{font:Times} {font}



{font:Times}Morgan Freeman and Kathleen Freeman{font}



{font:Times}Dinah Shore and Pauly Shore{font}



{font:Times}Tex Ritter and Thelma Ritter{font}



{font:Times}Sharon Stone and Lewis Stone{font}



{font:Times}Herbert Marshall and Penny Marshall{font}



{font:Times}Jenna Jameson and Bud Jamison{font}



{font:Times}Patric Knowles and Beyonce Knowles{font}






{font:Calibri}Joan Fontaine and Frank “Crazy Guggenheim” Fontaine{font}






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:^0 Dargo: Every time I see Edward Norton's name, I think of Art Carney and his Ed Norton. You can't not do it.


Stewart Granger's birth name was James Stewart which was true of that "other fellow" as well. I've heard he acted under it in England until he realized he'd need something different over here and reversed his last and middle names.


In the 1950's there was a beautiful brunette actress, Erin O'Brien, as well as an older one, Erin O'Brien-Moore. My mother always wondered if they were related.

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