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What old movie stars autographs do you have?


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*Who wouldn't trade the memories of a thousand people who say Laurette Taylor in THE GLASS MENAGERIE in the theater for one brief, five minute kinescope of what it must have been like.*


*There's no controversy here. A handshake is meaningless.* - Fg


You've got to be kidding. A photo of the Grand Canyon versus being there? Standing close enough to Stevie Ray Vaughan in concert to smell his sweat versus a signed album? Hearing the Gettysburg Address in person versus a copy of Lincoln's signature?

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A movie still is usually 8x10 in size and a black and white photograph and there are often hundreds per film. A lobby card is 11x14 and is usually in color stock as an artistic representation of a scene from the film. They come in sets of 8 and usually include a title card among the eight (which is the most valuable part of the set).

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I have signed photos of:

Shirley Jones

Debbie Reynolds

Cyd Charise

Esther Williams

Jane Powell and

Johnny Weissmuller


When I was a kid of about 11 years old, I sent away for an 8X10 photo of Lex Barker as Tarzan.

It wasn't until about 20 years later, looking at it more closely, I noticed the signature was in ink. Real ink!

I had assumed all along that, like most photos, it was signed on the original negative, then when prints were made from that, you had a "autographed" photo. Not this one. This is a real autograph.

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Most of my autographs are classic rock stars...was quite the groupie in the 70's/80's.



I love lavvyblue's story about the jewelry store-what fun when a REAL celeb comes in! I worked in a dept store when Sophia Lauren was making personal appearances hawking her perfume, but barely got a glimpse of her!

But it IS exciting to relate to a real human being. I'm always surprised at a person's size!


I have a cheesy Robin Williams autographed still from equally cheesy film Death To Smoochy.

Found an authenticated Janet Gaynor in the Salvation Army for $5.

A classic Capt Kirk shot autographed by Bill Shatner when still handsome.. someone else got for me.

The only one I ever mailed & begged for was beloved Yma Sumac who had her personal assistant call me to tell me how much she LOVED my letter! A shakey autograph arrived soon after and a year later she passed.


But my very favorite is my Gloria Swanson. I met her at an event when I was 16, riding my bike carrying a crappo 110 camera. I took a photo of her in the lobby under a huge framed portrait of her, signing a program for an event I never could have attended. Thrilling!

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Thanks TikiSoo- you're so right about being surprised when you do meet a celebrity in person. Elizabeth Taylor was very small in height. And her eyes were really violet/purple. I did meet Robert Redford, and was so surprised to see how short he was (but still so handsome) . Hedy Lamarr was wearing black fish net stockings and a mini skirt! That was a shocker.I'm glad that you got a kick out of me sharing some wonderful memories. :)


Edited by: lavenderblue19 on Oct 8, 2011 7:27 PM

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I agree with you that the memory is better than the mailed autograph. At least you know the memory is genuine. Back in the '50s I worked at the Park Sheraton Hotel in NYC & collected many autographs for my younger sister as stars passed by my office in the lobby. Some even lived there for a while. It was very exciting & my supervisor was very tolerant of some of my antics. I remember when I had just gotten Harry Belafonte's autograph & as he was exiting the hotel he pressed his face to the window in the office door, which was in the vestibule, & naturally my face was already pressed there on my side. I let out a shriek & came close to losing my job. Sadly, my sister has died & I don't know whatever became of the autograph book.

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