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BLANK THREAD!!!!!!!!!!

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*... Also, I've had many a near-miss at work from a texting student looking down and about to collide into me.*




Hi Eugenia ...



I had to smile @ your comment there, only because it's happened to me, too ...

They don't need to text. What they need to use is a *'GPS'* !

That'll avoid a lot of 'run ins' . . .





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Anything, huh?


Well.....the only real question I have is:


What is the appeal of Jay Leno? The man is terrible.


Yes, David Letterman may have cheated on his wife like crazy, he may have extremely weird hair, and he may have a secret bedroom he calls the "Bunker" but he must be doing something right, because I think he's so much funnier then Jay, and I happen to know a couple Million people who agree with me.




Eddie Murphy: Stop taking yourself so seriously, your a comedian, nothing more. You are not a great actor, you are not comedy's leading icon, you are simply Eddie Murphy, you make people laugh. That's it.


This is a great thread you've started.

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>I will say, after half an hour of this endless bleeping, I felt I wanted to kill whoever was responsible for it.


If I can see the film another time, I leave & complain to the attendant. It makes their day to kick people out for disturbing the other patrons & they'll give you a free ticket for another time.


If I'm behind them, _*I*_ become the annoyance & toss popcorn at their head.


I'm forever amazed as I walk through the mall I work in to see people "together" but doing something with their devices. Even couples sitting in a restaurant face to face across the table are texting away.


I otoh, only carry my phone when cross country riding & turn the sound off not to spook my horse. It's in case I get dumped and she runs back to the barn without me!

Ah, wilderness!


And isn't it sad that horses used to be a part of daily life...pretty much anyone over 50 has ridden a horse. Kids today think they "smell" and freak out over the manuer. They are visibly scared standing next to a horse, as if they have zero understanding of a farm animal.

Makes me wonder if kids think meat comes from styrofoam.

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charliechaplin101 wrote:

<< What is the appeal of Jay Leno? The man is terrible. >>


Now this I disagree with you on, Leno is a great late night host/comedian. Besides that I love his car collection "Jay Leno's Garage", oh my, how does he afford those, WOW!


When Johnny Carson left the Tonight Show, I was a little concern at the time can anyone replace him. Well my worries was unfounded, it took a couple of months to get use to Jay Leno and I got to love his style.


He made me laugh with a joke that left me out of it for a month and still giggling from it. There is not many Hollywood movies that does that for me. The joke was about the elephant trainer that try to prevent 2 elephants in heat from mating. Bad idea, they turned on him and killed him. Jay Leno said at his funeral, they played *Torn Between Two Lovers.* Its a wonder I wasn't hospitalized from exhaustion from the unending laughing. :^0 :^0


I have not laughed that hard since I was a *kid* after watching Jerry Lewis in "Who's Minding the Store" (1963) when he shot that mounted lions head with an elephant gun. The aftermath of seeing that! ROFL!


About Eddie Murphy, he's a great actor as well as comedian, on of my best Murphy movies is "The Nutty Professor II, The Klumps" (2000) Love those multiple roles and that scene with the poor guy getting raped by a hamster. Told Eddie Murphy what that little boy said to his mommy! :0 :^0


Edited by: hamradio on Oct 9, 2011 2:01 AM Typo

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My take on the old "Late Night Wars":


Leno is a very nice, down-to-earth (I know this from personal experience, as I've run into him many times at motorcycle and car functions in SoCal), and is a reasonably funny guy.


Letterman seems like he's a bit of a jerk, but has a sharper wit, and is a slightly better interviewer.


(...bottom line: I usually watch Letterman)

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Speaking of theories, conspiracy theories on JFK, I've just seen, that theory sunk to the bottom of the ocean after watching H2 channel. I vote the movie "JFK" (1991) as the biggest piece of hogwash ever produce by Hollywood.


That case is sadly closed. Sad because JFK's assassination has no meaning. Done alone by Oswald who is a nobody, wanting to be a somebody and had to take the life of a great leader to acheive some kind of sick immortality.


The reason I've watch H2 tonight because I couldn't stand to see that film compositing, SFX joke of Sinbad. Noticed Maureen Ohara's *1940's* hairstyle for that *ancient* time period? It would make a cat laugh.


The producers wouldn't know Greek fire if it burned them on the a_s.


Watching "Little Ceasar" now for a pick me upper.


Pizza! Pizza!



Edited by: hamradio on Oct 9, 2011 2:49 AM

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Although Oliver Stone took much of his plot for *JFK* from DA Jim Garrison's investigations, he never meant that *JFK* presented what actually happened, and said so at the time. I think it's an intriguing and entertaining film.


I've read too much about it, about the many impossibilities in the Warren Commission Report, to believe Oswald acted alone. I doubt we'll ever know what really happened.


Gee, this is a "blank thread," so I guess we're not even OT. :)

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I love this "blank thread" idea. Thanks, BetteDavis19, for thinking of it. (So, if you're not age 19, and you weren't born in the year 1919, what does the "19" stand for? Oh right, I think you said it was your lucky number. Good choice...I like prime numbers.)


Subject of this particular post on this blank thread: In Canada, it's THANKSGIVING. Yes, we celebrate our Thanksgiving over a month before you folks down south do. Maybe partly because it would be too cold to harvest those squashes and cranberries by the third week of November.


Thoughts on Thanksgiving....People always say, "think every day about what you have to be grateful for." It's become a cliche, it's all over the place in certain "life-style" magazines, blogs, etc. But like all cliches, there's a reason for its origin.

It is important to consider all the lovely things in life, small things that sweeten our lives every day.


Damn ! Saccharine or what? Start again...

It's true - I can't think of a way to say this without sounding a bit sickeningly sweet.

If I'm walking down the street, and I'm feeling down -worries about money, family, and whether TCM will have the Canadian rights to air some rare cinematic tidbit that week - ( ; ) I look around and see how beautiful the sky is, I stop and look at the dahlias on someone's front lawn, smell the leaves on the ground and the crispness in the air, feel the autumn wind on my face, think about some piece of music that I love, etc. etc., and feel happy for that moment that I'm in. Like a goody goody little kid in some old movie ( don't ask me for a title), I really am " so glad to be alive !"


Sorry about the sermon, didn't mean it to come across that way. Just rambling on about how it makes us all healthier and happier to savour what we've got, whatever it might be ( could be a pile of leaves on your lawn that need raking ! Both the leaves and your physical capacity to rake them are a couple of little "gifts" right there).


And just to wind up, while I'm on the subject of Thanksgiving dinner: TURNIP ! Forget it ! That's one thing I will never be grateful for! I think turnip is bitter and nasty - routabagas, too. (rUtabaga?) And I know I'm alone in the turnip-hating wilderness, everybody else seems to like it.


Ok, I'm done. Happy Thanksgiving, all you fellow Canadians out there.

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Nice thoughts there, MissW. B-)


Yep, I gotta say that they just aboat...errr....just ABOUT brought a tear to this Yank's eye here.


Happy Thanksgiving to all our neighbours(I'll include that superfluous u in the word "neighbors" just for this occasion ;) ) up north of the 49th today! :)

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Happy Thanksgiving, Miss W! I saw the first cranberries in the market, here in NYC, last week. We are enjoying a beautiful few days. I went up to White Plains, NY yesterday, that's in Westchester County. When I was very young, my cousins and I went to see The Raven at one of White Plains's big movie theaters. Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Vincent Price were there in person, on promotional tour for the film! Later that evening, my aunt said, "I was walking down Main Street and saw Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, and Vincent Price walking down the street! Well, needless to say, I didn't see them yesterday.



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Happy Thanksgiving to you and to our neighbors north of the border. :)

It's also Columbus Day here and I no longer observe that day because of overwhelming historical facts that he was not the one to first set foot here. It's a shame we ignore the extensive widespread cultures that inhabit this continent i.e. the Aztecs that had astromony down to a fine art.


Their calendar is the most accurate ever made. Thinking of 2012, I wondered while the last of them were being conquered, one said just wait, you'll get yours!


The fact we *still* observe that day is beyond me. Either arrogance or another day the government don't have to pay out to some. (they can't AFFORD to do away with it!) Unwritten what the first Native American said when he saw Columbus's ships but could it have been there goes the neigborhood! :P


It's approaching Halloween and since you brought up the turnip, it was the *first* Jack-o-Lantern.



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Is there, like, a traditional Thanksgiving Day football game, like there is in the U.S., between, for example, the Toronto Argonauts and the Ottawa Roughriders? (I believe there's also a Saskatchewan Roughriders (Boy, you people really like your Roughriders up there!)

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I just asked my resident sports expert, and he says that the big day for Canadian football is over Labour Day weekend. By now, the playoffs in the CFL are about to begin. The next big Canadian football event is the playoff series for the Grey Cup ( named , apparently, after the same "Lord Grey" who discovered/invented Earl Grey tea.) The Grey Cup playoff occurs in November - but before your Thanksgiving.

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Misswonderly . . .



Thank you for your Deep & Poignant thoughts that you've brought up . . .

It is so True & Good to be Thankful and Appreciative, even just to be Alive for one more Day.



And I enjoy walking more @ this time of year. I admire the changing of the leaves into a brilliance of oranges, reds, and yellows . . . and the 'carpeted' displays of colorful leaves on the grounds. I've taken a thermos of hot Tea with Lemon and have sat on a park bench, enjoying the Wonderful Artwork that God has created, while sipping my hot Tea, giving Thanks for my Family & Friends . . . images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRR7RBywUz98Y7eu6702lG

And as far as Turnips and Rutabagas go, well, I'm a *'Garden'* type of Gal ... I LOVE Root Vegetables ... All Vegetables really !! And those Beets ! ... I want to try my hand with preparing them. I've Eaten my share of them, but never had the chance to prepare them ! :)



*~Happy Thanksgiving ~*



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That's right, hamradio, my man, turnips were carved into jack-o'lanterns and used around October 31 before pumpkins were ( not sure how common pumpkins as we know them here in North America were in Britain.)

As far as I'm concerned, that's a far better use for the nasty things than to eat them. I was kind of hoping to stir up a turnip war here, with ardent haters and defenders arguing their respective cases, pro and con.

But of course the turnip/routabaga haters would win, because, let's face it, turnips are bitter and yucky, and no amount of brown sugar or mashing them into a casserole with marshmellows or whatever is going to change that.

Down with turnips !

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ugaarte, sorry, I posted my anti-turnip rant before I saw your mild and pleasant defence of them.


I'm not against turnip-lovers, just the vegetable itself. In fact, I think it's all about ( not "aboot") jealousy. How come others enjoy this vile -tasting ( to me) produce, while I can't take one bite without scrunching my face up until I look like Lon Chaney ( *Wolf Man* or *Phantom of the Opera*, take your pick.)


Oddly enough, however, I don't mind brussels sprouts.


ps - It's clear I'm not up in my Lon Chaney info. Apparently Senior was in *Phantom of the Opera ,* and Junior was in *The Wolf Man.* All I can say is, the trauma of consuming turnip would turn anyone into a split personality. (reaching a bit, eh? )


Edited by: misswonderly on Oct 9, 2011 3:31 PM

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Do not... like... turnips. No. Brussels sprouts are good with the right kind of sauce (Umeboshi vinegar is good in small amounts).










The Wolf Man cracks me up. Lon Chaney Jr. running around as a scary monster with a perfectly pressed shirt on!










Other "blank thread" rambles: I'm holed up in a Starbucks at the moment and I've just discovered new music (new music for me) they've been playing: Beth Orton (Stolen Car) and The Jayhawks (I'd Run Away). I'm a sucker for vocal harmonizing and with the latter especially, their music is gorgeous.

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misswonderly wrote:

<< I think it's all about ( not "aboot") jealousy. >>


The movie "South Park, Bigger, Longer, Uncut" was the first time I've ever heard of any remarks on the word aboot. Even though the movie is funny, to this date, I don't understand (mostly puzzling) why did Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided to pick on the Canadians and went as far to turn it into a racism topic?

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> {quote:title=hamradio wrote:}{quote}misswonderly wrote:

> << I think it's all about ( not "aboot") jealousy. >>


> The movie "South Park, Bigger, Longer, Uncut" was the first time I've ever heard of any remarks on the word aboot. Even though the movie is funny, to this date, I don't understand (mostly puzzling) why did Trey Parker and Matt Stone decided to pick on the Canadians and went as far to turn it into a racism topic?


Well ham, ya wanna guess here?! Weeeeell, maybe Parker and Stone has a feelin' that Canadians are just a little less likely to take themselves as seriously as we Yanks seem to take ourselves, and that those folks up there seem just a tad less arrogant than us. And so, because of those two reasons, and possibly a few more, they're more likely to be able to laugh at themselves and appreciate absurdist humor...errr...humoUr.


Yep! 'Cause ya see, I have a feelin' here that IF a couple of Canadian fellas had done something like that about the U.S., there would be a groundswell of resentment from a whole lot of "Good Ol' Boys" throughout this country who wouldn't GET the friggin' JOKE, and thus probably would've started some kind of "Boycott those Canadians up there" kinda thing...but for real!


(...but like I said here, that's just a guess...but I ALSO got me a feelin' I'm RIGHT!!!)

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