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I would have to say Gene Kelly. After reading his biography i find his life extremely interesting. I would just want to talk with him about absolutely anything. even if i didn't get to talk i could sit there and stare fascinated by him. He is kind of like an idol for me. He wasn't afraid to say what he wanted, he stuck to his beliefs and he is just such a legend for me. (not saying i think he is more talented then Astaire i just find him more interesting)


At the same time, being a singer, I would love to talk to Bing Crosby and just hear him sing in person. Lately i've really been interested in his deep voice, being a low singer my self (obviously not that low lol). But what i would give to hear him sing in person.

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there are two first is elvis Presley ive heard he did not like anyone of his movies i would tell how awesomely his where its nice to go to a movie that's just fun to watch forget your troubles and enjoy......second is abbott & Costello would love 2 just talk to them and bow down worship them

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Interesting thread. Can't think of too many modern actors I'd want to spend time with, though...maybe sit in on one of those "girls' night out" celebrity poker games with Caroline Rhea, Ricky Lakes and Kathy Najimy and make smart remarks while trying to act like I know how to play poker.




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Gabriel Byrne with those eyes and that wonderful Irish brogue--oh, I'm sorry. What was the question?


On the female side, Angelina Jolie--but she'd probably start talking about the work she does with UNICEF and I'd start bawling and end up adopting a whole bunch of kids.


Stars of yesteryear--Jimmy Cagney, Claude Raines.


Norma Shearer and Joan Crawford. Wouldn't it be fun to get them together, and throw in Bette Davis just for giggles?

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> one day with your fave celebrity, what would the two

> of you do?


> (Try to keep this on a PG-13 level)

> :)


Living: A day with Sharon Stone and Robert Redford.(not the same day) Robert's day would consist of a slow and easy picnic by a secluded pool, near the ocean or by a mountain stream. I definitely see lying in the grass and looking at the sky. Just listening to him talk in quiet surroundings would be fabulous. Sharon's day would be driving fast in a convertible on ocean highway and stopping at a local seaside bar with smooth jazz, cold drinks, steamed clams and great conversation. I would love to hear some of her I remember when stories.

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