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TCM Family Recipes

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Anybody have any special recipes for tomorrow?  I made a "Green Bean Casserole" for a party today but used carrots and mushrooms along with the beans and seasoned it with powdered Cajun seasoning rather than soy sauce.  It was well received so I will do this again.   


Tomorrow I'm smoking a turkey breast covered with bacon per a recipe with cornbread/pecan dressing and Dutch Apple Pie.  My stuffing recipe is:


1 Bag cornbread stuffing

1 cup chopped  onion

1 cup chopped celery

1 large can mushrooms, drained and chopped

1 stick butter or margarine

1 roll sausage

1 cup chopped pecans

3 cups chicken broth

1 teaspoon sage

1 teaspoon thyme

1 teaspoon rosemary

1 tablespoon parsley


Brown sausage in skillet breaking it up as it cooks.  Add onion and celery cook until softened.  Let stand.

Heat broth, butter and seasonings to a boil.  Add mushrooms, pecans and sausage/veggie mix.  Taste and Increase seasonings if needed.  Remove from heat, add cornbread and blend.  Let stand 10 minutes.  Stuff turkey or put in baking dish and bake at 375 degrees for 40 minutes.  Stuffing in turkey or dish should be 165 degrees.   


I usually chop the veggies tonight and keep in separate containers until tomorrow. You might need more broth if you want moister stuffing.     



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I am sorry to say that I still do not truly have my legs for this holiday and so my husband takes on all duties associated with it. I am allowed to cook yams. 


His method of preparing turkey is to remove the wrapper, rinse the bird and put it in a five-gallon bucket. He then covers it with water and adds two heaping handfuls of Kosher salt for each gallon of water. This then sits covered for a day. He removed the bird and poured out the brine. He removed the neck and giblets from the interior. He rinsed the bird inside and out and returned it to the bucket. He rubbed the interior of the bird with our fresh rosemary and added more to sit inside it. He then cut six key limes and two lemons and placed then into the bird. He added approx. one-half cup of apple cider vinegar and covered the bird with cold water and added two handfuls of Kosher salt and one handful of dark brown sugar for each gallon of water.


That sat on cool back porch until today when he drained the brine and added fresh rosemary and limes and lemons and brine.


He prefers to roast by placing the bird in a very hot oven and then soon turning it down to 250 degrees and letting it roast most of the day.


I have tasted other people's turkey and did not care for it overmuch. I love his! It is one of the reasons I keep him around. ;)
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My new favorite recipe this season (hands down) is for a very simple pumpkin cake.  I found it online and I never know whether to trust some of those recipes you see on the internet or not.. but this one is the real deal. You just empty a box of yellow cake mix (any brand will do) into the mixing bowl and add a can of pumpkin puree to that dry mix and then stir it all together until the pumpkin and the cake mix are incorporated together (it will be thick, sort of like a "fluffy" brownie batter)  and then your pour it all into a greased 13x9 cake pan.


The recipe said it was a  "two ingredient cake", and it pretty much is, but I also add some pumpkin pie spice to the mixture too, as I am stirring it together, just to give it a little extra flavor.. and then that is it. OH.. and I will tell you that sometimes we also add about a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips to the mix when we are stirring it together too. That is the kidling's favorite way to eat it. (I also imagine you could add chopped pecans or walnuts if you wanted to, OR you could even add raisins instead of chocolate chips, but we have not done that yet) But whatever you do, whether  you leave it plain or add things to it, you just bake it at 350 degrees for about 23-25 mins and then you will have a VERY nice, moist, snack cake


We top it with whipped cream but you could eat it plain. (we are thinking of making "cupcakes" sometime because they would actually come out tasting more like muffins, I think and might be nice for a quick breakfast) You can also make a glaze for it (with powdered sugar and milk) if you like. 


Bottom line, though.. however you fix it,  it's pretty simple and very tasty. Not bad for a quick and easy pumpkin treat. 


Hope everyone is having a very happy and truly blessed Thanksgiving!  

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I needed to find this recipe because we saved money:


We needed limes for preparation of turkey and it is cheaper to buy a bag of them rather as individuals for the number which we needed. This created surplus.


The grocery store had special sale of boneless and skinless chicken thighs. I do not in normal course look at such things because a great deal of flavor resides in bone and skin. I saw they had overestimated how many packages they would sell and so marked down considerably packages which were near expiration date. 


I am very happy that I found this recipe because it is quite wonderful!



Key Lime Chicken Thighs


Spray baking dish with olive oil spray.


Arrange thighs in single layer in baking dish.


Mix four tablespoons of key lime juice with one-eighth teaspoon hot sauce.


Pour mixture over chicken.


Melt four tablespoons of butter and mix into it:

one-half teaspoon ground ginger

one-half teaspoon crushed rosemary

one-half teaspoon salt

one-eighth teaspoon garlic granules

one-half teaspoon ground black pepper

one-fourth teaspoon paprika

Stir well and allow mixture to warm to release flavors.


Pour mixture over chicken.


Bake at 375 degrees for one hour.


Spoon liquid in baking dish over thighs. Remove from dish to plates. Garnish with very thin slices of lime.


I sprinkled some crushed red pepper over the chicken thighs. That is not in original recipe but I liked it very much.

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I like using Italian sausage in my meatballs and other dishes but it's usually in links and that's hard to get out of the casing as the recipes usually call for.  I discovered that Jimmy Dean makes it in roll form and I used it in my stuffing last week.  I got raves from everyone and agree it was my best batch ever.  I sampled the sausage after I browned it and that's what I'll use from now on.  It beats steaming the links until the casing shrinks while trying not to pre-cook the meat.


As for my turkey breast I covered the top and sides in bacon, put it in my stove-top smoker for an hour, then finished it in the oven.  Instead of being dry, the knife went through it like butter and I've never had it come out so moist and tasty.  That was well received too.  I'd recommend it for the whole bird as well. 


Another thing helps cut calories in the drinks department.  Those fruit-flavored waters are zero calories but mix well with liquors when you need that flavor for a mixer.  I use the pineapple-coconut and rum for a pina-colada with the only damage to the waistline coming from the rum.  Strangely, the best-flavored ones come from Dollar General.  Use them to make up your own specialties.

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