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> {quote:title=ugaarte wrote:}{quote}

> Okay . . . Does anyone have a Recipe for . . . 'LIVER PATE' ?


I have found a substitute! It is pre-made and canned as a pate. It does not say from which part of a reindeer it is made:




"Reindeer Pate - dubbed a 'farm raised relative of Rudolph' is being sold by Harvey Nichols."


It is sad to say that store has sold out. I hope you can find it on-line elsewhere.

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Well, the holiday cooking frenzy is in full swing.. Round one is over(as we have handed out all the goodies we made as gifts for the neighbors, co-workers, etc) Now on to round two..


Christmas "goodies" for the family.. and then Christmas dinner too. I have my grocery list all made out for Friday morning... and then the race is on.. ha.


(OH..and PS: Smilelys.. as promised.. when I go to go to the grocery store I will be buying some (eek.. dare I say it??) YEAST !! (but likely will wait til NEXT week to try my hand at those dinner rolls as I am too loaded w/ stuff to bake right now to be trying my hand at THOSE just yet.. maybe for New Years. woo hoo.)


Meanwhile.. back to the "frenzy" ha.... Christmas dinner at the Rohanaka house is pretty tradtional (meaning only that we have had almost the same meal every year for the last 18 years anyway.. and we LIKE it that way.. ha) We always have a spiral cut honey baked ham (courtesy of my husband's employer.. they give him one every year, bless them) and then I make my homemade scalloped potatoes and the green bean cassarole (w/ those wonderful french fried onions on top) For desert.. usually a Cherry and also a pumpkin pie.


But then, OH me.. that is just the start of it.. as then along with all THAT we also have get togethers with our extended family.. where of course there is BOUND to be eating involved, ha. So everyone brings their "specialties" and we sort of do a "pot luck" kinda thing. And let's face it.. that is a good thing that we all share in the meal, because w/ the crowd we have we NEED as many cooks as we can GET ha..


Along w/ all the adults, we also have our grandsons and then also several neices and nephews along with our own kidling.. (and then did I mention the adults?? ha. Between my husband... my three brothers.. and my oldest stepson.. well.. there's a whole lotta eatin' going on. ha.


And again.. sticking with tradition.. no matter how often we talk abut "hey. lets do something different this year..." we STILL all end up bringing our family favorites. ha. My contribution for the goodies traditionally ends up being several dozen sugar cookies, peanut butter cookies (yes.. the "old lady" ones, that I posted on here earlier) white almond bark pretzles, chocolate dipped marshmallows (a personal favorite, and OH so easy... get a LARGE puffy marshmallow, stick it on a pretzel stick.. and dunk it in melted chocolate almond bark.. set it on wax paper to cool and let the chocolate firm up.. and "viola!")


And then, there is the ever popular Cherry Mash bars. (also, another personal favorite. Jackie.. these are the ones we talked about earlier this year)


Oh how I do love my cherry mash. I usually make these a few times a year. but I espcially enjoy them at Christmas time because that is how I remember them from when I was a kid.. one of my aunts used to make them every year. And when she got to where she did not cook as much.. I took over making them for the family get togethers.. and now if I DON'T bring them.. all my brothers threaten to disown me.. ha. (oh well. wouldn't be the FIRST time.. ha)


They LOOK like they'd be at least a little more complicated to make (than just normal fudge) from looking at a picture of them w/ the two layers, etc.. but they really are pretty simple to make. (and VERY, very sweet.. a little goes a LOOONG, long way. I can only eat them in tiny squares a few bites at a time.. but OH me.. every bite is well worth it.)


As for a recipe.. I just buy the cherry chips and make by the directions on the back of the bag.. but here is a recipe I found online.. (and ps.. I do not add peanuts.. because to me, it is just too much as I am not really BIG on nuts in my candy) so instead I just use "crunchy" peanut butter and it comes out just right (for my tastes anyway)





Edited by: rohanaka on Dec 23, 2011 2:52 AM


Edited by: rohanaka on Dec 23, 2011 2:56 AM

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We are only doing odds and ends for December 25th. He never celebrated Christmas in an elaborate fashion and my Christmas is in January. He is getting one gift and there will be special cookies and nibbles throughout the day.


I made rum cookies today which I hope are ready for the day.


*Rum Cookies*


1 12ounce package vanilla wafers crushed to nearly a powder

1 cup ginger snaps crushed into chunks the size of chopped nuts

1/4 cup Dutch cocoa


1 14ounce can sweetened condensed milk

1/4 cup rum

confectioner's sugar


Mix first three ingredients.

Add milk and rum and mix well.

Put into refrigerator for a half an hour.

Shape into two centimeter balls.

Roll in confectioner's sugar.

Place in container with tight lid.

Place in refrigerator.

The longer they sit the better they will be. One day is a minimum. One week is best. I hope you will please be aware that the refrigerator elves love these and there may be many less when you take them out than there were when you put them into the refrigerator even although no one in the house will admit to snitching any.

Roll again in sugar before serving.


I have heard that some people like to roll these in coconut flakes.


I hope you enjoy these. They are not difficult to make and they are very tasty. There is less than one shot of rum in each dozen so a person would have to eat many for the rum to have an effect.

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Rum cookies....sounds yummy, Sans Fin.


Hi there Ro-Ro...



Your tales of cooking, and family and holiday spirit sounds sooooo wonderful. You've painted a vivid picture I can truly see; laughing, singing, talking...and yes, EATING. Being together... warmth...love.



I wish you and your family a great Christmas!! Tradition. Yep, sometimes that's what it's all about.






:x C.M. :-)

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A very Merry Christmas to YOU, my dear Miss Maven!


I can truly see; laughing, singing, talking...and yes, EATING. Being together... warmth...love


That is it in a nutshell, kid. And I am truly grateful for it. I hope you have a blessed and happy one too, dear girl.


Meanwhile.. we started off our bake-a-thon with a favorite Christmas movie!! (3 Godfathers!!) I am such a dope about checking the schedule but was happily suprised to "stumble" on it as I was flipping through the channels before getting started in the kitchen. (managed to catch it just as it was coming on) The kidling and I had a good ole time with it as we went along. (Loved watching the Duke.. and all the Ford "fam" regulars" and sweet little "Robert William Pedro"...


Sugar cookies and a classic western "Christmas" movie.. we are off to a great start today!! :D


PS.. ha.. SF.. believe it or not. teetotaler that I am... I actually HAVE tried a cookie similar to the ones you posted (eating.. not baking) I do confess.. they are mighty tasty (but a bit "warm" in the flavor for me). Still.. again I will say it.. mighty tasty though. :-) Enjoy.

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I was invited next door to meet Doug, my new neighbor. I will bring Egg Bake, which is just a simple, make ahead dish.


*Egg Bake*



Start this the night before.



4-5 slices bread, cut into cubes (day-old works best)



1/2 cup ham cubes

1/2 cup sausage (cooked)

1 Tablespoon chopped onion

1 Tablespoon chopped green pepper (optional)



4 eggs, beaten

2 cups milk

1 teaspoon dry mustard

1/4 teaspoon salt



1 cup shredded cheddar cheese



Lay bread cubes in buttered 9" x 9" deep baking dish or oval casserole.

Spread ham cubes, sausage, onion, and sausage over cubes.



Mix beaten eggs and milk with salt and dry mustard, and pour over all the ingredients in the casserole. Top with shredded cheese. Cover with foil and Refrigerate overnight.



Next morning, bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for one hour.



This recipe of mine has a great Christmas story. Last year, I was invited to the home of a new gentleman friend I had met on one of the dating sites. We were both new to the area and alone at Christmas. He picked me up at my place, and drove me to his. I had this casserole on my lap ready to bake once we got there.



On the way, however, the casserole is very runny (with 4 eggs and 2 cups milk) and it spilled all over my slacks. So, here I am with egg bake concoction all over me. My Christmas date was very gallant, thank goodness, and insisted that he will launder my slacks while the casserole baked.



So there I was at his place, wearing my nice stylish shirt and his plaid flannel pj bottoms, while my clothes were in his washer, then dryer. I think I had to roll the cuffs a few times.



He was a gentleman with me, though we did laugh at the thought that I wasn't in his condo for more than ten minutes before I started undressing! :^0


h5. Charlotte will not be spilling this year!


Edited by: casablancalover on Dec 23, 2011 11:39 PM

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That sounds like a very wonderful and easy dish! I thank you for posting it.


I wished to prepare a very special supper when I first moved here. All went well but for the things I baked. I had done the conversion from Centigrade to Fahrenheit in my head when I set the temperatures for the ovens. I was one hundred and twenty-five degrees off on one and nearly two hundred degrees off on the other. It is sad to say they were both over what was needed so there was no saving them.


It cost me more than the ingredients as I did not know how to turn off the smoke alarm and when I at last made it stop it was not in a condition to be repaired and I had to buy a new one.

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I think I'm going to make this Ina Garten recipe for New Year's Eve. It sounds so easy and delish. She says the truffle butter is "only" seven dollars for three ounces, but, what the hey, it's the holidays!





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That sounds DELISH, Bronxie!! I love Ina's show.. she makes elegant seem so easy even a "down homey" kinda gal like ME could try some of her recipes. ha. You will have to tell me how the truffle butter is.. sounds fabulous!


PS: cblover.. I have a friend who makes an egg dish very similar to the one you posted.. it is truly delicious. (well worth a little spill-age on just to get it in the oven, for sure. ha)

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Hi Everyone . . .


Just wanted to Wish my Fellow 'Cooks, Tasters & Testers'


a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperouse New Year 2012 . . . ENJOY !



For Christmas, I had the Pleasure of drinking 'COQUITOS' ....

a Puerto Rican Version of 'Egg Nog' ....... I LOVED it and want to Prepare

some for New Years Day !


1 can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

1 can of Evaporated Milk

1 can of Cream of Cocoanut (NOT Cocoanut Milk)

1/2 tsp of Ground Cinnamon

(some people use Vanilla ... maybe 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of it)

1/2 Cup to 1 Cup of RUM (according to Taste)

Put ALL ingredients into a Blender and ALL is mixed ... then Pour !


(Now some people use a Funnel to Pour the Finished Product into a Decantur ...

But I'm sure it's OK to pour from the Blender into individual glasses . . .

If anyone is Familiar with this Drink, I Welcome any Corrections !) :)








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Thanks for posting, ugaarte. That sounds like it would be quite sweet.. but tasty, I am sure. But teetotaler that I am.. will have to raise a toast to the New Year w/ the "kid-friendly" egg-nog (served from my carton in the fridge) ha. Happy New Year to you.

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Great picture, Jack! Did you read that recipe?

I cut this down since I live alone, but it's easy to adjust up too. Great for leftover rotisserie chicken.


h4. Salade Veronique

1 cup cold cubed cooked chicken

3/4 cup halved grapes (red grapes look pretty)

1/2 cup celery

1/4 cup peas


1/2 cup mayonnaise (I always use more, though)

pinch Tarragon

a squeeze of fresh lemon


Fried shoestring potatoes for topping

(Usually found in the potato chips section of the grocery)


Blend the mayonnaise with Tarragon and lemon juice, then mix with the first four ingredients.

Do not add shoestring potatoes until ready to serve. They must stay crunchy.


I mixed in matchstick carrots, Pea pods, and topped with glazed pecans too. Like all salads, fun to experiment..


Edited by: casablancalover on Jan 5, 2012 11:30 PM-for cya.

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Hi Everyone . . .



I hope your New Years 2012 is starting off on the 'Right Foot' ! We're on the 6th day and have 359 days to go for 2012 . . . So let's make the MOST of it.



SanFins, I wanted to respond to you before this time. That was a very interesting article on 'Reindeer Pate'. I never would have thought that it could be made from a large mammal ... but then again, it is the Liver. It seems to be very popular in Sweden and in other colder climates. Very interesting indeed.



I've only seen Liver Pate prepared with Chicken Liver. But then tonight on TV, I watched Jacque Pepin, the French Cook, prepare Pate from Pork . . . and he mixed it with ground Pork meat, added ground thyme and white wine and them BAKED it . . . whereas I've heard that it should be refrigerated overnight, once the liver is cooked & prepared.



I haven't prepared it yet, but that's on my Agenda for this month. ;)



Also, in one of your earlier Post ... dated 12/16/11 ... you made mention of a Recipe called* 'Slop',* prepared by Capuchin . . .



That's so ironic . . . because my sons love preparing their version of 'Slop' . . .


1 1b of Ground Beef

2 Packages of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese

2 Cans of Cream of Mushroom Soup



In a Skillet, sautee Ground Beef, breaking up meat into smaller pieces . . . Drain off Fat and set to the side.

Prepare Macaroni & Cheese as Directed on box.

In a Sauce pan, heat up the 2 cans of Mushroom Soup.



Once Macaroni & Cheese has been Prepared, Pour in Mushroom Soup and Ground Beef and Mix together with Macaroni & Cheese.



Ready to Serve . . .



They showed me how to make it ... but next time I am going to add 2 cans of mushroom pieces into the mix. ;)






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I read the recipe but it left me dead at the mention of herring, which I hate. :D I like the cheese straws recipe right below it.


I LOVE chicken salad with grapes. Grapes are my favorite food. I have made a smoked turkey salad with grapes before, and it's awesome!


Here's another Photoplay recipe:



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> That was a very interesting article on 'Reindeer Pate'. I never would have thought that it could be made from a large mammal ... but then again, it is the Liver.


P?t? may be made of any meat of any animal. It means only that the meat and fat have been reduced to a blend which may be spread onto toast or crackers. Liver p?t? is the most popular because liver is very rich. Chicken liver p?t? is the poor-man's substitute for p?t? de foie gras which is traditionally the liver of a fattened goose while the name simply means: paste of fat liver.


I know it best made with beef liver. Deviled ham is also a p?t?.


I am taking a break in my cooking for Christmas Eve. It is a process which takes all day!


This recipe is standard so I have cut-and-pasted it from a website to save my typing it all. The only changes are some people add raisins or diced apples. I never do. I always use walnuts only.




2 cups wheat

3 quarts water

1 cup poppy seed

2/3 cup of sugar

1/3 cup honey, dissolved in ? cup hot water

? cup chopped walnuts, almonds, or pecans


1) Dry the wheat in an oven at 250 F for one hour, stirring occasionally. Wash and soak in cold water overnight.


2) Next morning, bring wheat to the boiling point; simmer for 3 to 4 hours, until the kernels burst open.


3) Scald the poppy seed and simmer 3 to 5 minutes. Drain and grind with either a mortar and pestle or a food processor using the finest setting. Set aside.


4) Combine honey and sugar in hot water. Set aside.


5) Before serving, add the sweetened mixture, poppy seed and the nuts to cooled, boiled wheat.


This is always the first dish in the supper on Christmas Eve.


I have also made vareniki with strawberry, sour cherry and mushrooms.


I believe that to see it made is better than seeing only a recipe. I have found this:



These will be eaten with sugar and pepper tonight as we do not use dairy on Christmas Eve.


I have left only to make two kinds of pampushky. One kind will be for eating with the soup. The other kind will be filled with lime creme.


The only oddity is that I have always had fish in the meal. He can not eat fish so he is making shrimp for us. He found straw for the table and he even found wheat for the little tree. I hope the weather clears a little so that we may see the first star this evening.


I hope you all have a Happy Christmas! :)

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