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Illegal (1955) with Edward G Robinson


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This Saturday night 10 pm est is the Edward G Robinson drama *Illegal* , its one of his last films where he is the lead actor and its a good one. Robinson is in his sixties at this time, he will continue working as a supporting actor for the rest of his career. . Eddie G. gives his usual great performance (when did he ever give a bad performance?). The story line of *Illegal* makes me think of one of his early films, *Five Star Final*; in both movies Eddie gets a little carried away at his job and the result is some unintended consequences and he has to deal with the guilt of his actions. *Illegal* also stars Nina Foch in a rare starring role for her, this is part of a tribute night to this fine actress. Also you will see a young Jayne Mansfield in one of her first films. And at the film's beginning you will see a very familar face for just a minute or so, I won't tell who it is but everyone knows it. *Illegal* classifies as a film noir because of its dark storyline and the man who is trapped by some circumstances beyond his control, can he get out of it or is he doomed?


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I watched *Illegal* last night (I also have the DVD) and upon further thought I would agree that it is a sign of the movies moving away from those qualities that we associate with film noir. I think the storyline and characters definitely fit the "noir" category but the movie doesn't have that gritty noir feel. Hard to put into words, I think the production is a little too slick. If an Anthony Mann or Nicholas Ray had done it, maybe it would be more dark and raw. The dialogue needed more work too. Eddie G had way better lines to speak in *Double Indemnity* right? The ending was a little lame too. Eddie gets shot, apparently seriously too. But he manages to make it to the court and give his little speech before collapsing. Now he's laying there , he should be dying but everything is so upbeat and everyone is smiling like all is now right in the world. In a true noir he would have died and maybe there would be some unresolved issues. At the being of this thread I mentioned *Five Star Final* , now that (even for 1931) was much more a noir movie.

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