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MARGIE (1947) on TCM Christmas Eve 2011

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Oh boy, I wondered if I'd ever actually see this one. No VHS release, no laserdisc, no DVD...and (as far as I know of) no TCM showings. Figured it fell behind a shelf in the Fox archive and vanished.


Alas...there it is on Christmas Eve!


Anyone seen this before? I'm really looking forward to this.





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Margie (1947)




Is this movie with Jeanne Crain ?


And is the Year 1946 instead of 1947 ?


It sounds like a movie I'd like to see now, but am unable

to pull it up on Youtube.


Otherwise, I'll just wait ?:|

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i recorded it off AMC sometime in the late-80's and i kept the tape for several years. I must've watched it at least 5 or 6 times back then, so it definitely made an impression. Granted, I was a teenager at the time, and the movie was about teenagers, so maybe that's one reason i liked it. Another thing i remember about the movie is some of the scenes seemed to almost be live-action recreations of Norman Rockwell illustrations. Very similar subject matter as Rockwell anyway; It showed a rose-colored glasses view of life in a quaint New England town in a simpler time in the recent past. Nice use of Technicolor too.


i'm really excited to see it again, after 20 years. Though i wonder if it will hold up to my memories of it?

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*Margie (1947)*



*Is this movie with Jeanne Crain ?*


*And is the Year 1946 instead of 1947 ?*


Yes this is the movie that starred Jeanne Crain, and it was a 1946 release. This was one of Crain's best gushing teenager roles, where she recalls her youth in the 1920s-and losing her bloomers. Also featuring Glenn Langan (in a role Cornel Wilde turned down) and a wise-cracking Barbara Lawrence (in a role meant for June Haver) in one of her best roles, it was one of Fox' biggest hits that year.





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This has to be in the Top 10 list of most requested fir DVD release from 20th Century Fox (if there is a list or tally somewhere). I have never seen this film. I believe it was once loaded on Youtube, however, I have never seen it and it hasn't been on FMC in many, many years. It popped up on one of the HBO channels in the summer of 2009 and I was traveling and wasn't able to set my DVR that far in advance :( . I can't wait to see it.

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