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I'm enjoying all your Bette Davis Photos ! . . .

And I especially enjoy your photos with James Cagney and Bette Davis in, *'The Bride Came C.O.D.'.* I so enjoyed this movie. It made me laugh so hard ! I think Bette Davis met her 'Waterloo' in James Cagney. I think his 'Roughness' and 'don't take NO stuff' attitude helped to 'sandpaper' some of her 'brassiness' that she seems to display, on some of her other films.

I had mentioned on another thread that there was one particular scene that, I think, took Cagney by surprise. It was when he was locked up in jail, he sees Davis making a 'get away' in an 'Old Jalopy'. He yells for her to STOP but then, breaks down Laughing, as Davis 'Bops' around violently, as she attempts to drive downhill over rugged terrain. Cagney's laughter sounds TOO Genuine and it never fails to get me laughing, whenever I hear it. I hope you all will get the chance to notice that part, on your next viewing.

I also think that there is a lot of resemblence between Cagney and Davis, making their 'chemistry' to really Work ! in this movie.



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Now I've decided to show some pics of Bette with co-stars that she acted with in more than one movie. I'll start with their first movie together, and then show pictures of how they changed from their first movie together until their next one. I won't do everyone, though, that would take forever...


First, let's do Henry Fonda! Let's focus on: That Certain Woman, and Jezebel-------




Ah, aren't they cute together? This is That Certain Woman. Do their eyes not look like they are they exact same color?




And, here they are in Jezebel.


Too bad their first one together is not well-known, I'VE never even seen it!


Bette D. 19

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Look at this funny Spanish ad I found!




Apparently Bette said, "This soap preserves the beauty of my skin." Or, maybe the scriptwriters wrote it, adn she agreed to it. I often say that soap preserves the beauty of my skin.


And, they don't have to give in to peer pressure! Just because 9 out of 10 film stars use Lever soap it doesn't mean that anyoen else has to!


Bette D. 19

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Since I have heard (well, seen in books and on the internet!) Bette say quite a lot that she is not a dancer, I thought it would be fun to try and find as many pictures of Bette dancing as possible, and see how many we come up with! Anyone else (I know Eugenia likes to post pictures!) who finds one and wants to post it here can.




Here's one of Bette dancing with, well, I can't quite tell...

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Here come some pics I found of Bette at one of the 75 houses that she lived in. This is one that was built in the mid-20s, and she lived in it in 1934, with her husband of the time, "Ham" Nelson.




This is one of her by her car in the entrance to her house (wouldn't you like to drive through that to get to your house?).

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