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Here's another, Bette in her bedroom.




Get a load of that bed! And the rug is so cute, two little doves cuddling!


I wonder where Ham is during all of this, probably looking for work as good as Bette was getting, as he so often did. That's why their relathionship crumbled, Ham was being a ham. :) He would get insanely jealous (well, maybe not insanely) of her.


And, Eugenia, it was from childhood on.

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And, one of the seven wonders of the world for me (who cares about the Taj Mahal or the Colosseum? :) ), something I promise myself to see before I die, Bette's original home! She grew up in this house, she was born in this house! I wonder why the painters made it green and pink?

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I think Bette Davis' homes are so Beautiful. I Love the house where she grew up in. And I also love that it was painted Pink, with Green Shutters.



And what a Lovely Cottage surrounded by all those colorful flowers. And with a stone walkway. Just Lovely !



And that is such an Awesome Baby Grand piano with thick legs, sitting on what appears to be octogon tiled floors.


Was Bette Davis of a tiny stature, or was the furniture just BIG, because she seems to be 'dwarfed' by that Piano & stool she's sitting on. Also that bed too, appears to be gigantically huge, with her standing next to it.


And I can just imagine a roaring fire in that 'Cabin-like' living room, drinking Hot Cocoa on colder days.



Thank you for the tour through Ms. Davis' homes. :)





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I am the happiest person right now! I just found a picture of Bette two or three-years-old, I've been looking for one of her in her childhood for months! Ya-hoo!





She is so cute! And, look at those eyes, they never changed throughout the years! The only thing that slightly troubles me about this picture is that it sort of looks like they put her in the electric chair! (Kidding :) , what a horrible thought!) What do you guys think (Eugenia?)?

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