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Bette and her climbing career, in 1938:


An amazing shot of her eyes.




Bette from a magazine article.




A colorized but classic picture.




Bette winning her second academy award for Jezebel.




Bette on the cover of Time.




In 1938, Bette made "The Sisters" and "Jezebel".

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Great picture from Its Love I'm After. I loved Bette's look here. Out of the 3 stars Bette had the smaller role but this really worked since Bette isn't a great comic actress. Her parts in the movie were not as over the top as those between Howard and DeHavilland and this is just another reason the movie 'works' on so many levels.



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You're right pturman! And, I haven't been on this thread for a while, because of Thanksgiving and all, but I just had to post today to say how thankful I am for Bette. THANK YOU FOR LETTING BETTE HAVE HER SHARE AT CHANGING THE WORLD!


I tried to find pics of Bette at Thanksgiving, but couldn't, so I decided to find some of her eating.


With Olivia.




She sure is enjoying this apple!




"Bette Davis enjoying Ham Bisquik for aftermoon tea in her dressing room."




Long live Bette!

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Hello, hello, hello, all! I bet you didn't think I was going to post here again, did you? Well, this is what happened, I went on a long trip for all of winter break, and I cam back and I was simply exhausted. Then I got really sick, and had to make up a lot of homework, and, as you can see, I've been really busy. But now I'm back! I've missed posting here so much! Now back to Bette...





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If you haven't seen them already, here are a couple of "welcome back" presents for you.


1. It's hard to believe that the same year (1935) her performance in "Of Human Bondage" lost the Best Actress Oscar to Claudette Colbert's in "It Happened One Night," Bette starred in another dramatic triumph: a short film about GE dishwashers !! (Maybe it was Jack Warner's way of telling her she was "all washed up" ?)





2. In the 30s and 40s, the highlight of Warner Bros' annual Christmas party was a blooper reel, and somebody has compiled Bette's best on YouTube. (*Warning*: offensive language):





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Thanks so much Valeska! I have seen the bloopers before (funny!), but I hadn't seen that dishwasher commercial! That's really funny! I'm always trying to find rare footage of Bette doing a commercial or something, so that was really fun for me to watch! But, you're right, I don't think Warner Brother's stars should be washing dishes!


It was really funny how they stuck that promo for the General Electric doorbell at the end, it was so random! Thanks again!



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Wow it would be great to have this kit and I don't even like playing with dolls!


As for the clip; Of course this is from Of Human Bondage. Anyone that comes to a Bette Davis forum that doesn't know that should be ashamed! :)



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Fun little game, thanks for providing the link. I was able to guess all of the lines in the first one and missed one in the second (Beyond the Forest a film I haven't seen and one that isn't well liked by most).





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Bette Fun Fact o' The Day:


Did you know that, for Jezebel, Bette thought there was another, almost unknown actor who she thought would be better cast a Preston Dillard? The actor was John Wayne, who at the time was working at Republic Studios, and who did have the toughness built into him more than Fonda.



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