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Musicals on Tap


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Not sure if this should actually be in the "Do you know this song?" thread, but it's a musical question, so here goes:


In a certain old movie the young romantic couple finish their love song eating apples.



The movie

The two stars

The song


Or any of the above...

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> {quote:title=cujas wrote:

> }{quote}Moving on--Classic Tap Number set in an opium den.

So, it looks like everyone has given up on my previous question...

I even mentioned one of the performers in one of my clues: Bert Wheeler.


The answer is Bert Wheeler & Dorothy Lee singing "I Love You So Much" in the 1930 Wheeler & Woolsey movie THE CUCKOOS.


Is the answer to your new question:

"Shanghai Lil" from FOOTLIGHT PARADE?


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Yes--best tap duo number for a romantic couple of all time--

2 legendary hoofers who virtually taught themselves to tap dance with the sweat of perseverance and not with the sweat of ballet school:


James Cagney & Ruby Keeler--no, I ain't seen Shanghai 'Lil


Musical Novelty is up--

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There was a musical comedy movie in which the young lovers sing their love song in a normal traditional setting, nothing unusual or surprising.

But then, later in the movie the song is reprised in a most unusual way. It is sung over a radio and the young lovers stand at each side of the radio and just look lovingly at each other while listening to the song being sung on the radio.

I really don't think I've ever seen anything else quite like it in any film but this one.


Name the movie,

The stars,

The song

...or any of the above.

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> {quote:title=MilesArcher wrote:

> }{quote}Pre-code and in color? Is the entire movie in color, or just a segment? If it's the entire movie, the ones that come to mind are "King Of Jazz" and "Manhattan Parade" Could it be one of those movies?

Good job on picking up on those two clues together - pre-code and in color certainly narrows it down quite a bit.


Yes, it is pre-code and all-color (not just segments).


But it's not either of those two titles you mentioned.


Another clue:

It's a rare movie (well, rare in that it's never been shown on TV or released on video or DVD) but it's not a lost movie.

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Correct! Good job!

It's FOLLOW THRU (1930) - Paramount.


The stars are Nancy Carroll and Charles "Buddy" Rogers.

The song is "A Peach of a Pair".


Here's the first performance of the song:




And here's where it's done later in the movie, sung over a radio while the stars just listen:




And no, it's never been legally released on video or DVD.

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