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Which Holiday Film Would You Choose?

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Isn't IT HAPPENED ON FIFTH AVENUE a delightful film? I also saw this sweet gem for the first time on TCM a couple of years ago and echo your stentiments about it. Thank you for mentioning it.


















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I know it may be on for 24 hours somewhere, but I always enjoy one viewing of A Christmas Story.. I used to watch it while wrapping presents in the middle of the night. It's the modern classic for me


I love all the old favorites. I want to see The Man Who Came to Dinner on Thanksgiving Day. I also like to watch Tovarich at Christmas time, and I am sucker for not just Holiday Inn but White Christmas too. Now that I live in Florida, White Christmas has an edge.


For the Girl's Night Out next month, we have tentatively agreed on Bridget Jones Diary and I'll Be Seeing You.. Guess who recommended that latter ;)


I will search out The Holly and the Ivy (MissWonderly's suggestion) for it is one I have never seen.


Oops, sorry. Didn't keep with the rules here.. I guess I am not in favor of limits on joy.



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I am a fan of A CHRISTMAS STORY too and eventhough it airs for 24 hours on Christmas Day I say "so what." Christmastime wouldn't be the same without it.









Have no fear for you did not break any rules. Since I couldn't name just one holiday film it's nice to know that I'm not alone.









If you find any info on THE HOLLY AND iVY please post it. I searched in my Leonard Maltin Movie Guide for the film and it wasn't listed. misswonderly, can you shed some light on this film?



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Thanks for the heads up about IT'S LOVE I'M AFTER. I haven't seen this film in a long while and it's one of my favorites. Is it scheduled for New Years Eve or New Years Day?



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Bishop's Wife is a must every year.


And I also always end up watching It's A Wonderful Life, and Holiday Inn, as well as the Charlie Brown Christmas speical.



Tops for me, though, is definitely Bishop's Wife. I just love Cary Grant. :)


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Just to ensure you are not confused; Cary Grant is really not an angel but only a man. I have to remind my wife of that all the time! :)


The Bishop's Wife is also my favorite Holiday movie. The movies has a very good message but it gets it across in a non heavy handed way. Fine character actors also in Lancaster and Woolly.



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I'm so glad that you mentioned Monty Woolly. My appreciation for him has grown over the last few years. He was wonderful and very under rated IMO.



Playing the curmudgeon was his forte but he took it to the next level. By that I mean there were layers of his performance that were peeled back so that by the end of the film one almost saw into the soul of the character and thus had a better understanding of the persona on film.

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It's too hard to pick just one! I own The Bishop's Wife and watch it several times a year just because! My other favorites have already been mentioned to include: the Sim's version of A Christmas Carol, the perennial favorite It's A Wonderful Life, and last but not least Christmas In Conneticut (sic).

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