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Official Voting Thread for the 20th TCM PROGRAMMING CHALLENGE

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Thanks for giving us a wonderful Challenge. I was really impressed by the many tributes to the background talent in film. It was also fun to see how each person programmed their own personal background and used classic television so ingeniously in their week's themes.


Here are some highlights:


*SansFin:* I really liked your overall film festival theme. I laughed at the Trifecta festival and Merchant of Venice festival. You had a really nice tribute to Givenchy's clothing design in film. And, who can argue with Laura as a great choice for an Essential. I'm only sorry that you decided to bow out of the competition. A wonderful job!



*JamesinArlington:* I liked that you saluted so many composers in film, your fun phone theme, use of What's My Line in the Kim Novak birthday line-up, and Thelma Ritter as your SOTM. She'd be an great choice. Excellent work!



*Skimpole:* A lot of really good things in your schedule. I especially enjoyed your Walter Plunkett tribute, James Mason as SOTM, and Bastille Day schedule. Love those french films-thanks!



*Filmlover:* I'm sorry that you, too, recused yourself from the running. Does this mean that you'll have more time to do your clever Now Playing covers? The Titanic programming was really good-imagine getting all of that to work out on Sunday night. Your That's Entertainment -based schedule is amazing! I got a big kick out of the Fu Manchurian Candidate block of films. You may have gotten the idea from something that you'd seen before but you're the one who did the programming. You and I obviously were on the same page about The Seven Year Itch as an Essential. It cries out to be one soon. Playmates of the Month as Stars of the Month? I would never have thought of it but it's a really intriguing idea. Great schedule!



*Sunny75:* Am I correct that this is your first time doing a challenge? You did a wonderful job. You chose some really intriguing films, for one thing. I haven't seen Diamond Jim in many years but I remember it. I'd love to see it again. You do show your love of music. Harry Warren is a good choice for your background songwriter. Thanks for listing the individual songs that he wrote. I have always admired Ronald Colman-he's a favorite and I, too, have tried to suggest him as a future SOTM. A good choice and it would be fun to see The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo and some of those rarer Colman films. Your segue from Ben Johnson films to Ben as an Underground was very fun. You and I both love Adrian. The Women was such an influential film in my life. Those clothes-Wow! I laughed when I saw your note that Cyd Charisse was in Something To Shout About (as Lily Norwood). Fedya could have added yet another name. Terrific Schedule!



*Fedya:* Your overall name theme is marvelous. I Am Suzanne is such an odd film with marionettes and Gene Raymond. I laughed at your salute to classic tv and metaphor titles. George Raft is a good choice for SOTM. I really laughed at the block of films with titles you shouldn't mix up. Another stellar schedule, Fedya!



*Kingrat:* Your Q theme was great. The titles for the story of your life had me blink twice: I Was a Teenage Werewolf and I Passed For White ?? What were you trying to tell us about your background?! That was until I read your notes. I loved the Cinematographers as Stars of the Month (and we get two days of the week). I also liked your couples' games theme. I think the favorite theme was your Bastille Day theme of original french films and their remakes. You even use the great Pagnol trilogy. Fabulous!



Yes, I've used a lot of superlatives in my comments. I had such a difficult choice in picking one winner. I think that this time it comes down to Kingrat as my choice.

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Alrighty, then! Sorry for the delay of an entire day-- had some typical Mac trouble and couldn't open Safari all day. Alas. But anyway, here's the final tally:

*kingrat - 4*

sunny75 - 3

countessdelave - 3

skimpole - 1

fedya - 1

JamesinArlington - 1


So the winner is *KINGRAT*!! Congrats!!


It's been a real pleasure running this informal competition and seeing what everyone did with my challenge. But it will be more fun to see what I can do with KINGRAT's challenge next time. Yay!


Edited by: LonesomePolecat on Nov 8, 2011 10:13 PM

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I wish to congratulate *kingrat* with my deepest sympathy. It is wonderful that you won! You may not think it is so wonderful to have to think of crazy ideas for the next Challenge.


I believe all who entered are to be congratulated. LonesomePolecat deserves special thanks for setting a wonderful Challenge!

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Thank you for this great Challenge. It's been a pleasure to enter it with so many creative programmers. I wanted to ask you about something: is it my computer or the message boards that have been playing havoc with your posts? At least three times I have gotten your posts e-mailed to me because I have requested notification. The notifications have shown what appear to be complete message posts. What is shown online appears to be a partial message. i.e. your tally on the thread shows only James with one vote, whereas the notification message (to me via e-mail) shows: the listing of votes for everyone. I'm on a Mac. Is anyone else having this problem?


Thanks again for a great job of moderating,


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Kingrat, congratulations on winning the challenge! You had a wonderful schedule.



All other participants, you did a great job. I loved checking out every schedule, and I learned a lot about classic films just from reading your notes and doing further reaearch on interesting titles.



LonesomePolecat, again my congratulations on setting up a super challenge. It was a lot of fun to participate. By the way, I am having the same problem reading your posts as countessdelave. I only see a tally for JamesinArlington, and no one else's tally. My PC is NOT a MAC; it's Windows-based.



(I will be out of pocket for the next two days due to travel requirements; this will be my last post until Friday.) Sunny



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Thanks, everyone! Wow. There were some terrific schedules this time. Lonesome Polecat came up with one of the best challenges ever. All of us were obviously enthusiastic about saluting people who worked "in the background."


In your comments about skimpole's and my schedules, almost everyone liked our salutes to French films. Just a hint in case the powers that be are reading over our shoulders!


I also couldn't read LP's final tally. One thing's clear: sunny75, you did a great job with your first challenge!


Does March sound about right for our next competition, with some preliminary hints in February? Or can you guys wait that long!

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Wow, what is going on with that post about the tallies? They sure didn't preview that way. Oh, technology. Well, it's too hard to recompile it all, but I remember that Kingrat had 4 votes, then sunny and countess tied at 3 votes, then I think everyone else just got 1 vote. Someone might have gotten 2 votes but I forget. Sorry about that. But Congrats to the King of the Rats!

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