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Correct at an even 40 Views. Mona drowned at the begenning of the story, but the investigation generated flashbacks that gave her a lot of screen time. Showed many reasons why so many hated her. It may be one of Bette Middler's signature performances.


stick's thread.

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This 1958 foreign film, which I believe has never been on TCM, was remade by Sean Penn as director, with a different ending and starred his now ex-wfe and and this Oscar-winning actor in the lead role. Name the film and the lead actor and the 2001 Sean Penn remake.

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I saw The Pledge several years ago and liked it on the whole, despite its rather downbeat ending with a message. But now that I've just seen the original, I prefer it. It is very well done and has a more satisfying ending. By the way it had Gert Frobe in it, who was Bond's nemesis, Goldfinger.


Since both of you answered, I'll let you two work it out who goes next, and thanks for playing.

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well into the present century...


Man in a hospital room opens his coat and unbuttons his shirt. He removes the monitor attachments from the comatose patient, and attaches them to his own bare chest. Smothers the patent to death with a pillow. The job done, he re-attaches the monitors, replaces pillow and coverlets. Buttons up his coat, and he's gone by the time the Nurses Station personel come in to check on the new information showing up on their monitor screens.

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