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101 Things I Learned From Watching TCM...

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It seems we've lost a numbering system, so I'll just throw this in:


-Apparently, if you're wearing just pajamas, you're pretty much naked. Unless you put a bath robe on, then its okay.


-Milk with sandwiches is always the way.


-"Are You on the Level?" is the most popular phrase of the 30's and 40's.


-The audio in classic films was terrible, except for when the two main characters kiss for the first time.


-"Ten Thirty O'Clock" at night was the appropriate time for a DINNER party.


-The movie posters were always over dramaticized




Case in Point:






Notice how Buff Bogie is, and look at Hepburn's hair.



Now, look at this:








And this:








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*TikiSoo -*

*I've also learned I am a total failure as a homemaker. It takes me HOURS to plan & prepare a meal and it never looks like the candlelit formal dinners I see instantly appear in movies. I'm a wreck, the kitchen is a wreck and there's so many dirty dishes!*




. . . and all preparation was done in High Heels and Pearl Necklace (no doubt, like June Cleaver) !

And the hubby just happens to bring home the Boss to win Points for that Big Promotion !!


The ladies all had their perfectly 'coiffed' hairstyle 'packed' tightly close to their scalps . . . But later, at bedtime . . . they had long, cascading hair down to their waist.


And that saying 'All's Fair in Love and War' doesn't apply here !! When someone *'got it in the back',* the attacker was considered the 'scum' of the earth . . .



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Here's what I learned from the Hays Code:


-It's too racy to show a woman's belly button, but you can show all the leg and cleavage you want!


{font:arial, helvetica, sans-serif}=========================

PS - LAST day to vote! Your fellow constituents worked hard on their schedules, so go peruse!


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LOL!!! I’ve seen “The African Queen,” but I’ve never seen that poster before. I must have missed something in the movie- I never saw Hepburn’s heaving bosom (actually I didn’t know she HAD a bosom), and Bogie looks like he could have carried the boat through the marsh in one hand. Back to my lessons...


98. Prostitutes are just one romantic evening away from being wholesome, virginal and changing careers


99. Courtships lasted mere minutes… simply having dinner with a member of the opposite sex was the same as getting engaged.


100. In “The Bachelor & The Bobby-Soxer,” Myrna Loy is Shirley Temple’s *SISTER* and *NOT* her *MOTHER*


101. A drunken hobo always conveniently appears to witness an extraordinarily unusual sight, which will instantly cause him to a) rub his eyes in disbelief and B) comment aloud about his need for sobriety


102. Hit and run was not illegal in the old days- merely “frowned upon.” Your only legal obligation was to get the body out of the road so as not to slow down other motorists


Well I meant to title this thread "*201* Things I Learned From Watching TCM" so we better get back to it...






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