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Natalie Wood Case reopened.

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OK.  So in that case, I should keep my eyes peeled ( OW!  That's GOTTA hurt!) for any news items concerning any family members of SAL MINEO or BOB CRANE that fall on hard times and start a thread about THEIR death investigations being re-opened.  ;)




Those who make money off dead celebrities are the authors who continually disinter their graves to make a buck. The unfortunate family that is left, is often forgotten while others reap the benefits of the former person's talent or lack thereof. There ought to be a law but ask the families of people like Jimi Hendrix, James Dean or Janis Joplin who is making money off them or has in past efforts. All books or pastiches of dead or slightly forgotten celebs are mostly written to rack up some funds not to elucidate the public on anything viable or important.

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Yeah, but don't forget here MM, everybody on board that boat was reportedly three sheets to the wind that fateful night, including the lovely Natalie who was also scared to death of water since childhood, and who even if stone-cold sober was reportedly never much of a swimmer due to that fear.


And so, taking into consideration that that platform isn't exactly all that wide to begin with, and thus would seem to me be rather difficult for even a sober person to land on that sucker if they had lost their balance and had fallen off the back of that boat.


(...and so nope, nothin' all that "fishy" to me here, anyway...but then again you know me...not much of a believer in most conspiracy theories here, ya know)

Wasn't there something about Natalie wearing a down-filled jacket that when soaked would have been so waterloaded that it would drag her down? And she might not have been thinking clearly about how taking it off would have been the right move since with the water being cold maybe left it on to her demise?

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Happy Birthday to the beautiful and talented Natalie Wood, who would have been 79 today.


I went to Google her birthday and something happened, would had never known!


Natalie Wood Curse! Late Star’s Niece Dies After Massive Heart Attack





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