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Most beautiful redhead?

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> {quote:title=AndyM108 wrote:}{quote}Rita Hayworth is to the rest of these pretenders what Secretariat was to the rest of the 1973 Belmont field, and what the 1998 Yankees were to the rest of baseball.

Bull. Maureen O'Hara is pure Irish redheaded stock. She is the epitome of the female redhead.


You are spot on about the Yankees and Secretariat, though...


Jake in the Heartland

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Ooh there, you are are overlooking the most exciting, the most glamorous, the most sensual read head who ever graced the silver screen, Elaine Stewart. Y'all loved her when she appeared with Jimmy Stewart and Audie Murphy in Night passage. y'all pranced and danced and bayed at the moon when she appeared as "Bonnie Jean" in Brigadoon. Every man who ever watched "Take the High Ground" wanted to scream to Elaine let me ease you pain you don't need Richard widmark or Karl Malden you need me and only me to take away your pain. oh sorry all, i was having a personal moment there. Anyway its Elaine Stewart all the way and I'll brook no disagreement.

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*Anyway its Elaine Stewart all the way and I'll brook no disagreement.*


From what I could gather she was a beautiful woman. Was she a natural redhead? Rita Hayworth was not?


I just disagreed with you. Now what?



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Elaine Stewart, she just passed away this year, somehow I missed that one. She was certainly very , very attractive. Its hard to believe she didn't have a bigger career, maybe she just didn't want to pursue it that much. Another redhead to consider for this list, Senta Berger. (somebody post a picture here!)

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> {quote:title=ugaarte wrote:}{quote}Some Handsome & Beautiful *Redheads* that come to mind . . . :D


> images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRSlNOEq-Sp1XtKc6H3jKs


I agree there...I think Harry is more handsome than his brother, William.


Rupert Grint from the Harry Potter films has actually gotten better looking as he's gotten older. ;)



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Both William and Harry kind of resemble their mom, (not a redhead.)


Yeah I stayed up for the wedding.



Back to main topic.


Other cute redheads of the last few years:



Erin Chambers (General Hospital, I don't know if she's still on the show.)

Jane Levy (Suburbatory)

Marg Helgenberger (attractive, but to old to be called cute)



I'm surprised nobody mentioned Pippi Longstocking, (I know they made a couple of movies of that story, but I don't think any of them a particullary memorable.)


And last but not least, Wendy of Wendy's, (they make a pretty good chicken sandwhich.)








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Kriegerg ... You are so right about Rupert Grint. I forgot about him while going through the 'file cabinet of Redheads' in my head . . .



He was Cute with his 'tossled' Red hair and bangs ... but now, with his hair combed back, revealing his facial cheek bones, he looks quite the 'rebel' of sorts . . .









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Rhonda Fleming Alert! This Saturday, Dec 3rd. starting with *Out Of The Past*, a great film but Rhonda's only in a supporting part and its in black and white. *While The City Sleeps* is another goodie, again unfortunately in b/w. *Alias Jesse James* and *Gun Glory* are both color films, and I don't know what to say about *Instant Love* . There should be another Rhonda "color" film like "O K Corral" , "Slightly Scarlet" or how about *Inferno* ? Rhonda is very nicely showcased in that one.

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Sorry for bringing up this Thread again but I didn't want it to get too far back before including these Handsome 'Redheads' !

Last night I watched *'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' (1954*) with Jane Powell and Howard Keel on DVD . . . And I found out that one of the requirements to playing the role of one of the 'Brothers' was that they had to be *REDHEADS !* :)


They would be* HOWARD KEEL* as Adam, *JEFF RICHARDS* as Benjamin,* MATT MATTOX* as Caleb, *MARC PLATT* as Daniel, *JACQUES d' AMBIOSE* as Ephraim,* TOMMY RALL* as Frank and *RUSS TAMBLYN *as Gideon.



In this 'The Sobbin' Women' song, the Brothers set out to 'Claim' thier Women ! You get a Great View of these Rough & Handsome BackWoods Men singing this *'Fire-y'* Song ... to Match their* 'Fire-y'* Heads ! :x











And LONESOMEPOLECAT ... This One is for You ! I thought about you when I heard these 'Redheaded' Brothers singing this Song, 'I'm Just a Lonesome Polecat' ! :)




(I have to say, they really do a 'Job' wielding those AX's around ...

and with NO flinching from the other 'brothers' either ! . . . I would

have been 'dodging' those 'swingin' AX's . . . 'whew' ! )

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1. Ann-Margret. The girl d r i p p e d sex. They used to have to have a guy follow her around with a wet/dry vac. Those thighs... oh dear God.


2. Maureen O'Hara- gorgeous beauty


3. Simone Simon- she was a redhead, wasn't she? She's gorgeous either way.

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