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Most beautiful redhead?

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> {quote:title=finance wrote:}{quote}In LIFE WITH FATHER, all the kids had red hair.

Yeah, that's true.


AND, so did...




(...especially the two boys...Simon and Gar Farkle!) ;)

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No mention of Esther Williams? I think she was the most gorgeous actress in Hollywood, redheaded or not!





And for "girl next door" beauty, Ginger Rogers gets my second place vote:





Of course, I don't know for certain if either actresses are natural-born redheads or not.

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Torrid Zone is my favorite Ann movie. Cagney and her really have something going in this movie and Ann even steals the limelight from him. Pat O'Brien is also full of life (no priest in this one!). There are so many great one liners in that film. It is somewhat of a camp adventure film. Yea, there is killing in the movie but still even these killings don't come off as serious (hey just a revolution between friends!). I always promote Torrid Zone since it isn't a very well known movie. Dodge City might have some great Ann photos. She didn't have a big part but she played a saloon gal and thus dressed for the part.

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Well I have meet a few full of life priests but most of the time it was because they sampled too much wine. But my reference was to Pat's role in Angel's With Dirty Faces. That role made such an impact with me I kind of typecast Pat as that type. Now I have seen him in a few comedies where he is very full of life; fast talking, wise cracks etc.. Just this week I saw him in the movie Slightly Honorable. This was the type of role I would expect Warner to cast Cagney in but Pat pulled it off and he got the girl. The movie had murder after murder but all for laughs. Eve Arden was funny usual in a small role.

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I thought Lana Turner was a natural brunette. Whatever.. to me she was a beauty regardless of hair color and an under-rated actress. She gave an Oscar worthy performance in Madame X, 1966 (age 45) looking very drab and unglamorous. Here she is auburn hair at age 18 (1939):









Madame X scene:



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I like Christina Hendricks too. It's kind of brave of you that you admit that you watch Mad Men.

It's a great show but it's on AMC. That is a channel hated, (kind of a strong word) by many members of this board.


I'm surprised nobody's mentioned Nicole Kidman, (maybe they have and I've just overlooked it.)

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> It's kind of brave of you that you admit that you watch Mad Men.


I don't watch movies on AMC but I adore *Mad Men* and have been watching since the beginning. I am also a big *Breaking Bad* fan and enjoy *The Walking Dead* and am trying to enjoy *Hell on Wheels*.

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