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Well The Big Sleep is my favorite 40's film. Yes, there are a lot of sexual undertones (even between men), and the wisecracking dialog is just great. Bogie Marlow trades cracks with almost everyone in the film. Each scene is great and packed full and then the movie moves on to the next scene,,,,


Have you seen both the war released version and the general release version. There are many differences between the two (e.g. difference actress paying Mrs. Mars, more Bogie Bacall scenes in the latter etc..



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> {quote:title=mrroberts wrote:}{quote}We all have long given up trying to figure out the story. Bogart's performance and the witty lines are what make this flick ( and the gals too, Dorothy Malone especially).

There is a newer version made in the 70's. It stars Robert Mitchum and the location is moved to the UK. In this film they make the plot a lot easier to follow. There are certain parts like the young guy who moved the body being gay that obviously couldn't be shown back then.


Its not at the level of the original of course. But, if you watch it, then watch the original it will begin to make a lot of sense. I actually understand it now....believe it or not !

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Your point about the Mitchum version of The Big Sleep is one of the reasons for making a remake. i.e. the movie can be more true to the original story.


Note the in the Bogie version the gay theme is still there but one has to really look for it. For example, the name of the young gay man is Carol. This is fairly common in censored movies; give the gay guy a feminine name. Then there is how Carol lays out the body on the bed like it is a shrine. Thissays that the relationship between the dead man and the young man was more than just employer employee. Last there is the scene where Bogie and Carol have a fight in front of the house. Bogie lets Carol punch him first. This is done to show that gay men are weak and that the tough Marlow can let Carol get the first lick and still take him down. I have the book and this scene is in the book. The way it is written in the book makes it clear Marlow believes gay guys are sissys and Marlow uses the 'F' word (the other F word), a lot to make this point.



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