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WANTED: Classic Films Featuring This Classic Artist

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FOR THE LOVE OF RUSTY (1947) with Ted Donaldson & Ann Doran


MY DOG RUSTY (1948) with Ted Donaldson & Ann Doran


RUSTY LEADS THE WAY (1948) with Ted Donaldson & Ann Doran


RUSTY SAVES A LIFE (1949) with Ted Donaldson & Ann Doran


RUSTY'S BIRTHDAY (1949) with Ted Donaldson & Ann Doran

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THE MIRACLE WOMAN (1931) with David Manners


A LOST LADY (1934) with Ricardo Cortez


RED SALUTE (1935) with Robert Young


BANJO ON MY KNEE (1936) with Joel McCrea


THE PLOUGH AND THE STARS (1936) with Preston Foster


A MESSAGE TO GARCIA (1936) with Wallace Beery & John Boles


THIS IS MY AFFAIR (1937) with Robert Taylor


ALWAYS GOODBYE (1938) with Herbert Marshall


FLESH AND FANTASY (1943) with Charles Boyer


THE BRIDE WORE BOOTS (1946) with Robert Cummings


THE OTHER LOVE (1947) with David Niven


SORRY, WRONG NUMBER (1948) with Burt Lancaster & Wendell Corey


NO MAN OF HER OWN (1950) with John Lund


THE FURIES (1950) with Wendell Corey & Walter Huston


TITANIC (1953) with Clifton Webb & Robert Wagner


ALL I DESIRE (1953) with Richard Carlson


BLOWING WILD (1953) with Gary Cooper


CATTLE QUEEN OF MONTANA (1954) with Ronald Reagan


THE MAVERICK QUEEN (1956) with Barry Sullivan


THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW (1956) with Fred MacMurray & Joan Bennett


FORTY GUNS (1957) with Barry Sullivan


THE NIGHT WALKER (1964) with Robert Taylor


THE HOUSE THAT WOULD NOT DIE (1970) with Richard Egan


A TASTE OF EVIL (1971) with Roddy McDowall


THE LETTERS (1973) with John Forsythe & Jane Powell

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5 AGAINST THE HOUSE (1955) with Brian Keith & Kim Novak


THE GARMENT JUNGLE (1957) with Lee J. Cobb


TARAWA BEACHHEAD (1958) with Julie Adams & Ray Danton


THE LAST BLITZKRIEG (1959) with Van Johnson


THE WARRIOR EMPRESS (1960) with Tina Louise


MAN ON A STRING (1960) with Ernest Borgnine & Colleen Dewhurst


JACK THE GIANT KILLER (1962) with Judi Meredith


MANIAC (1963) with Nadia Gray


BATTLE BENEATH THE EARTH (1967) with Robert Ayres


BARQUERO (1970) with Lee Van Cleef, Warren Oates & Forrest Tucker

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FYI, if anyone has Antenna TV in their area, that service is running 5 AGAINST THE HOUSE this Thursday at 7 AM Eastern.

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5 AGAINST THE HOUSE has a great cast and it is a delicious blend of film noir and caper/heist film. From Columbia Pictures in the mid-50s.

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BUNKER BEAN (1936) with Owen Davis Jr.


GO CHASE YOURSELF (1938) with Joe Penner


NEXT TIME I MARRY (1938) with James Ellison & Lee Bowman


TWELVE CROWDED HOURS (1939) with Richard Dix


BEAUTY FOR THE ASKING (1939) with Patric Knowles


THAT'S RIGHT?YOU'RE WRONG (1939) with Kay Kyser, Adolphe Menjou & May Robson


MARINES FLY HIGH (1940) with Richard Dix & Chester Morris


LOVER COME BACK (1946) with George Brent & Vera Zorina


TWO SMART PEOPLE (1946) with John Hodiak


HER HUSBAND'S AFFAIRS (1947) with Franchot Tone & Edward Everett Horton


SORROWFUL JONES (1949) with Bob Hope & William Demarest


FANCY PANTS (1950) with Bob Hope & Bruce Cabot


THE MAGIC CARPET (1951) with John Agar


MAME (1974) with Robert Preston

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THE BIG BROADCAST (1932) with Stuart Erwin


TOO MUCH HARMONY (1933) with Jack Oakie


COLLEGE HUMOR (1933) with Jack Oakie


WE'RE NOT DRESSING (1934) with Carole Lombard, George Burns & Gracie Allen


HERE IS MY HEART (1934) with Kitty Carlisle & Roland Young


SHE LOVES ME NOT (1934) with Miriam Hopkins


MISSISSIPPI (1935) with W.C. Fields & Joan Bennett


TWO FOR TONIGHT (1935) with Joan Bennett & Thelma Todd


THE BIG BROADCAST OF 1936 (1935) with George Burns & Gracie Allen


ANYTHING GOES (1936) with Ethel Merman & Ida Lupino


RHYTHM ON THE RANGE (1936) with Frances Farmer, Bob Burns & Martha Raye


DOUBLE OR NOTHING (1937) with Martha Raye & Andy Devine


WAIKIKI WEDDING (1937) with Bob Burns & Martha Raye


SING YOU SINNERS (1938) with Fred MacMurray & Donald O'Connor


DOCTOR RHYTHM (1938) with Mary Carlisle


PARIS HONEYMOON (1939) with Franciska Gaal


THE STAR MAKER (1939) with Louise Campbell


EAST SIDE OF HEAVEN (1939) with Joan Blondell


IF I HAD MY WAY (1940) with Gloria Jean & Charles Winninger


RHYTHM ON THE RIVER (1940) with Mary Martin & Oscar Levant


BIRTH OF THE BLUES (1941) with Mary Martin & Brian Donlevy


HOLIDAY INN (1942) with Fred Astaire & Marjorie Reynolds


DIXIE (1943) with Dorothy Lamour & Marjorie Reynolds


HERE COME THE WAVES (1943) with Betty Hutton & Sonny Tufts


THE BELLS OF ST. MARY'S (1945) with Ingrid Bergman


BLUE SKIES (1946) with Fred Astaire


WELCOME STRANGER (1947) with Joan Caulfield & Barry Fitzgerald


MR. MUSIC (1950) with Nancy Olson & Charles Coburn


JUST FOR YOU (1952) with Jane Wyman & Ethel Barrymore


LITTLE BOY LOST (1953) with Claude Dauphin


WHITE CHRISTMAS (1954) with Danny Kaye, Rosemary Clooney & Vera-Ellen


MAN ON FIRE (1957) with Inger Stevens


SAY ONE FOR ME (1959) with Debbie Reynolds & Robert Wagner


HIGH TIME (1960) with Fabian & Nicole Maurey


STAGECOACH (1966) with Ann-Margret, Red Buttons & Van Heflin


DR. COOK'S GARDEN (1970) with Blythe Danner

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MOONLIGHT IN HAWAII (1941) with Johnny Downs


SAN ANTONIO ROSE (1941) with Robert Paige & Eve Arden


SING ANOTHER CHORUS (1941) with Johnny Downs


GET HEP TO LOVE (1942) with Gloria Jean & Donald O'Connor


MOONIGHT MASQUERADE (1942) with Dennis O'Keefe


WHAT'S COOKIN'? (1942) with the Andrews Sisters


ALMOST MARRIED (1942) with Robert Paige


MOONLIGHT IN HAVANA (1942) with Allan Jones & Marjorie Lord


RHYTHM OF THE ISLANDS (1943) with Allan Jones


WHEN JOHNNY COMES MARCHING HOME (1943) with Allan Jones & Gloria Jean


HI' YA, CHUM (1943) with the Ritz Brothers


SWING IN THE SADDLE (1944) with Guinn Williams & Slim Summerville


ROSIE, THE RIVETER (1944) with Frank Albertson & Vera Vague


KANSAS CITY KITTY (1944) with Joan Davis


THE BIG BONANZA (1944) with Richard Arlen


BEAUTIFUL BUT BROKE (1944) with Joan Davis


COWBOY CANTEEN (1944) with Charles Starrett & Vera Vague


SHE'S A SWEETHEART (1944) with Larry Parks


TEN CENTS A DANCE (1945) with Jimmy Lloyd


SWINGIN' ON A RAINBOW (1945) with Brad Taylor


A GUY COULD CHANGE (1946) with Allan Lane


CALENDAR GIRL (1947) with William Marshall & Gail Patrick


SPRINGTIME IN THE SIERRAS (1947) with Roy Rogers


ON THE OLD SPANISH TRAIL (1947) with Roy Rogers & Tito Guizar


THE GAY RANCHERO (1948) with Roy Rogers & Tito Guizar


GRAND CANYON TRAIL (1948) with Roy Rogers


UNDER CALIFORNIA STARS (1948) with Roy Rogers


INCIDENT (1949) with Warren Douglas


RHYTHM INN (1951) with Kirby Grant

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THE STORY OF TEMPLE DRAKE (1933) with Miriam Hopkins


TO THE LAST MAN (1933) with Randolph Scott & Esther Ralston


GAMBLING SHIP (1933) with Cary Grant & Benita Hume


GOOD DAME (1934) with Sylvia Sidney & Fredric March


HIS NIGHT OUT (1935) with Edward Everett Horton & Irene Hervey


SPECIAL AGENT (1935) with Bette Davis & George Brent


GENTLEMAN FROM DIXIE (1941) with Marian Marsh


THE LAW RIDES AGAIN (1943) with Ken Maynard & Hoot Gibson


ROBIN HOOD OF MONTEREY (1947) with Gilbert Roland & Evelyn Brent


BUSH PILOT (1947) with Rochelle Hudson


NO ORCHIDS FOR MISS BLANDISH (1948) with Hugh McDermott & Linden Travers

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THE RISE OF CATHERINE THE GREAT (1934) with Douglas Fairbanks Jr.


AS YOU LIKE IT (1937) with Laurence Olivier


DREAMING LIPS (1937) with Raymond Massey


A STOLEN LIFE (1939) with Michael Redgrave


PARIS CALLING (1942) with Randolph Scott & Basil Rathbone


CRY OF THE BANSHEE (1970) with Vincent Price

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NEXT TIME WE LOVE (1936) with Margaret Sullavan & Ray Milland


SEVENTH HEAVEN (1937) with Simone Simon


MADE FOR EACH OTHER (1939) with Carole Lombard


THE ICE FOLLIES OF 1939 (1939) with Joan Crawford & Lew Ayres


DESTRY RIDES AGAIN (1939) with Marlene Dietrich


IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (1946) with Donna Reed


MAGIC TOWN (1947) with Jane Wyman & Kent Smith


YOU GOTTA STAY HAPPY (1948) with Joan Fontaine & Eddie Albert


MALAYA (1949) with Spencer Tracy & Valentina Cortese


HARVEY (1950) with Josephine Hull


BROKEN ARROW (1950) with Jeff Chandler & Debra Paget


THE JACKPOT (1950) with Barbara Hale


THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH (1952) with Betty Hutton & Charlton Heston


BEND OF THE RIVER (1952) with Julie Adams & Rock Hudson


CARBINE WILLIAMS (1952) with Jean Hagen & Wendell Corey


THUNDER BAY (1953) with Joanne Dru & Gilbert Roland


STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND (1955) with June Allyson


NIGHT PASSAGE (1957) with Audie Murphy


FOOLS' PARADE (1971) with George Kennedy & Anne Baxter

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THE NEVADA BUCKAROO (1931) with Bob Steele


DRUM TAPS (1933) with Ken Maynard


WHEELS OF DESTINY (1934) with Ken Maynard


SUNSET OF POWER (1936) with Buck Jones


GUNS AND GUITARS (1936) with Gene Autry

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THE RETURN OF SHERLOCK HOLMES (1929) with H. Reeves-Smith & Donald Crisp


PARAMOUNT ON PARADE (1930) with William Powell & Warner Oland


SHERLOCK HOLMES (1932) with Reginald Owen & Alan Mowbray

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DR. GOLDFOOT AND THE BIKINI MACHINE (1965) with Vincent Price & Frankie Avalon


WAR-GODS OF THE DEEP (1965) with Vincent Price & Tab Hunter

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PARACHUTE BATTALION (1941) with Robert Preston & Nancy Kelly


OBLIGING YOUNG LADY (1942) with Ruth Warrick & Eve Arden


POWDER TOWN (1942) with Victor McLaglen & June Havoc


THE AMAZING MRS. HOLLIDAY (1943) with Deanna Durbin & Barry Fitzgerald


THE WEB (1947) with Ella Raines, William Bendix & Vincent Price


A DOUBLE LIFE (1948) with Ronald Colman, Signe Hasso & Shelley Winters


AN ACT OF MURDER (1948) with Fredric March, Florence Eldridge & Geraldine Brooks


FOR THE LOVE OF MARY (1948) with Deanna Durbin, Don Taylor & Jeffrey Lynn


BETWEEN MIDNIGHT AND DAWN (1950) with Mark Stevens & Gale Storm


THE ADMIRAL WAS A LADY (1950) with Wanda Hendrix & Rudy Vallee


711 OCEAN DRIVE (1950) with Joanne Dru & Otto Kruger


THE REDHEAD AND THE COWBOY (1951) with Glenn Ford & Rhonda Fleming


WARPATH (1951) with Dean Jagger & Forrest Tucker


SILVER CITY (1951) with Yvonne de Carlo & Barry Fitzgerald


TWO OF A KIND (1951) with Lizabeth Scott, Terry Moore & Alexander Knox


THE TURNING POINT (1952) with William Holden & Alexis Smith


DENVER AND RIO GRANDE (1952) with Sterling Hayden & Dean Jagger


COW COUNTRY (1953) with Helen Westcott & Robert Lowery


MAN IN THE DARK (1953) with Audrey Totter


CHINA VENTURE (1953) with Barry Sullivan


THE SHANGHAI STORY (1954) with Ruth Roman


D-DAY THE SIXTH OF JUNE (1956) with Robert Taylor & Richard Todd


STOPOVER TOKYO (1957) with Robert Wagner & Joan Collins


SING, BOY, SING (1958) with Tommy Sands


1948 (1956) with Michael Redgrave


THE 3RD VOICE (1960) with Julie London & Laraine Day


THE GREAT IMPOSTOR (1961) with Tony Curtis


MOON PILOT (1962) with Tom Tryon & Brian Keith


SYLVIA (1965) with Carroll Baker & Peter Lawford


FANTASTIC VOYAGE (1966) with Stephen Boyd & Raquel Welch


THE LOVE GOD? (1969) with Don Knotts & Anne Francis

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CORVETTE K-225 (1943) with Randolph Scott


ENTER ARSENE LUPIN (1944) with Charles Korvin


THE SUSPECT (1944) with Charles Laughton


THE RUNAROUND (1946) with Rod Cameron & Broderick Crawford


WHITE TIE AND TAILS (1946) with Dan Duryea & William Bendix


THE WEB (1947) with Edmond O'Brien, William Bendix & Vincent Price


TIME OUT OF MIND (1947) with Phyllis Calvert, Robert Hutton & Eddie Albert


THE WALKING HILLS (1949) with Randolph Scott & Arthur Kennedy


SINGING GUNS (1950) with Vaughn Moore & Walter Brennan


FIGHTING COAST GUARD (1951) with Brian Donlevy & Forrest Tucker


THE MAN IN THE ROAD (1956) with Derek Farr

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FLYING HIGH (1931) with Charlotte Greenwood & Pat O'Brien


MERRY-GO-ROUND OF 1938 (1937) with Jimmy Savo & Alice Brady


LOVE AND HISSES (1937) with Simone Simon


JUST AROUND THE CORNER (1938) with Shirley Temple & Joan Davis


JOSETTE (1938) with Don Ameche, Simone Simon, Robert Young & Joan Davis


ZAZA (1939) with Claudette Colbert & Herbert Marshall


SING YOUR WORRIES AWAY (1942) with June Havoc & Buddy Ebsen


MISTER UNIVERSE (1951) with Jack Carson & Janis Paige


THE SECOND GREATEST SEX (1955) with Jeanne Crain & George Nader

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I WANTED WINGS (1941) with Ray Milland & William Holden


SO PROUDLY WE HAIL! (1943) with Claudette Colbert & Paulette Goddard


THE HOUR BEFORE THE DAWN (1944) with Franchot Tone


OUT OF THIS WORLD (1945) with Eddie Bracken & Diana Lynn


HOLD THAT BLONDE (1945) with Eddie Bracken & Albert Dekker


BRING ON THE GIRLS (1945) with Sonny Tufts & Eddie Bracken


MISS SUSIE SLAGLE'S (1946) with Sonny Tufts & Joan Caulfield


RAMROD (1947) with Joel McCrea & Don DeFore


SAIGON (1948) with Alan Ladd


THE SAINTED SISTERS (1948) with Joan Caulfield & Barry Fitzgerald


ISN'T IT ROMANTIC? (1948) with Mona Freeman & Mary Hatcher


SLATTERY'S HURRICANE (1949) with Richard Widmark & Linda Darnell


STRONGHOLD (1952) with Zachary Scott & Arturo de Cordova

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VIRGINIA (1941) with Madeleine Carroll & Fred MacMurray


BAHAMA PASSAGE (1941) with Madeleine Carroll & Flora Robson


MANHANDLED (1949) with Dorothy Lamour


EL PASO (1949) with John Payne & Gail Russell


JOURNEY INTO LIGHT (1951) with Viveca Lindfors


HELLGATE (1952) with Joan Leslie


FLAT TOP (1952) with Richard Carlson


FLAMING FEATHER (1952) with Forrest Tucker & Barbara Rush


DENVER AND RIO GRANDE (1952) with Edmond O'Brien & Dean Jagger


THE GOLDEN HAWK (1952) with Rhonda Fleming


TAKE ME TO TOWN (1953) with Ann Sheridan


KANSAS PACIFIC (1953) with Eve Miller


FIGHTER ATTACK (1953) with J. Carroll Naish & Kenneth Tobey


CRIME WAVE (1954) with Gene Nelson & Phyllis Kirk


NAKED ALIBI (1954) with Gloria Grahame


TOP GUN (1955) with Karen Booth


SHOTGUN (1955) with Yvonne de Carlo & Zachary Scott


THE ETERNAL SEA (1955) with Alexis Smith


TIMBERJACK (1955) with Vera Ralston & Adolphe Menjou


BATTLE TAXI (1955) with Marshall Thompson


THE KILLING (1956) with Coleen Gray & Vince Edwards


THE COME ON (1956) with Anne Baxter


THE IRON SHERIFF (1957) with Kent Taylor


GUN BATTLE AT MONTEREY (1957) with Mary Beth Hughes & Lee Van Cleef


5 STEPS TO DANGER (1957) with Ruth Roman


VALERIE (1957) with Anita Ekberg


TEN DAYS TO TULARA (1958) with Grace Raynor

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CASBAH (1948) with Yvonne de Carlo & Tony Martin


ROGUES' REGIMENT (1948) with Dick Powell & Vincent Price


ILLEGAL ENTRY (1949) with Howard Duff & George Brent


SWORD IN THE DESERT (1949) with Dana Andrews & Jeff Chandler


DEPORTED (1950) with Jeff Chandler


ONE WAY STREET (1950) with James Mason & Dan Duryea


MYSTERY SUBMARINE (1950) with MacDonald Carey


SPY HUNT (1950) with Howard Duff


SIROCCO (1951) with Humphrey Bogart & Lee J. Cobb


ASSIGNMENT PARIS (1952) with Dana Andrews & George Sanders


PARIS EXPRESS (1953) with Claude Rains

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LAURA (1944) with Gene Tierney & Dana Andrews


THE DARK CORNER (1946) with Lucille Ball, William Bendix & Mark Stevens


ELOPEMENT (1951) with Anne Francis, Charles Bickford & William Lundigan


DREAMBOAT (1952) with Ginger Rogers, Anne Francis & Jeffrey Hunter


TITANIC (1953) with Barbara Stanwyck, Robert Wagner & Brian Aherne


THREE COINS IN THE FOUNTAIN (1954) with Dorothy McGuire, Louis Jourdan & Jean Peters


WOMAN'S WORLD (1954) with June Allyson, Van Heflin, Lauren Bacall & Fred MacMurray


THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS (1956) with Gloria Grahame & Stephen Boyd


HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS (1959) with Jane Wyman & Paul Henried


THE REMARKABLE MR. PENNYPACKER (1959) with Dorothy McGuire & Charles Coburn


SATAN NEVER SLEEPS (1962) with William Holden

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SAFETY IN NUMBERS (1930) with Charles 'Buddy' Rogers


THE ARIZONA KID (1930) with Warner Baxter


FAST AND LOOSE (1930) with Miriam Hopkins & Frank Morgan


LADIES MAN (1931) with William Powell & Kay Francis


UP POPS THE DEVIL (1931) with Stuart Erwin


IT PAYS TO ADVERTISE (1931) with Norman Foster


MAN OF THE WORLD (1931) with William Powell


I TAKE THIS WOMAN (1931) with Gary Cooper


NO MAN OF HER OWN (1932) with Clark Gable


NO ONE MAN (1932) with Ricardo Cortez & Paul Lukas


SINNERS IN THE SUN (1932) with Chester Morris & Cary Grant


FROM HELL TO HEAVEN (1933) with Jack Oakie & David Manners


SUPERNATURAL (1933) with Randolph Scott


WHITE WOMAN (1933) with Charles Laughton & Charles Bickford


BRIEF MOMENT (1933) with Gene Raymond


WE'RE NOT DRESSING (1934) with Bing Crosby


NOW AND FOREVER (1934) with Gary Cooper & Shirley Temple


THE GAY BRIDE (1934) with Chester Morris


LADY BY CHOICE (1934) with May Robson


BOLERO (1934) with George Raft


RUMBA (1935) with George Raft


HANDS ACROSS THE TABLE (1935) with Fred MacMurray & Ralph Bellamy


LOVE BEFORE BREAKFAST (1936) with Preston Foster


PRINCESS COMES ACROSS (1936) with Fred MacMurray


SWING HIGH, SWING LOW (1937) with Fred MacMurray


TRUE CONFESSION (1937) with Fred MacMurray & John Barrymore


FOOLS FOR SCANDAL (1937) with Fernand Gravet & Ralph Bellamy


MADE FOR EACH OTHER (1939) with James Stewart


THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WANTED (1940) with Charles Laughton

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SPRINGTIME IN THE ROCKIES (1942) with Betty Grable & John Payne


ESCAPE FROM CRIME (1942) with Richard Travis & Julie Bishop


TRAMP, TRAMP, TRAMP (1942) with Jack Durant & Bruce Bennett


THE DESERT HAWK (1950) with Yvonne de Carlo & Richard Greene


THE HUSTLER (1961) with Paul Newman & Piper Laurie


REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT (1962) with Anthony Quinn & Mickey Rooney


GIGOT (1962) with Gene Kelly directing


PAPA'S DELICATE CONDITION (1963) with Glynis Johns


SOLDIER IN THE RAIN (1963) with Steve McQueen


SKIDOO (1968) with Carol Channing


HOW TO COMMIT MARRIAGE (1969) with Bob Hope & Jane Wyman


DON'T DRINK THE WATER (1969) with Estelle Parsons


HOW DO I LOVE THEE? (1970) with Maureen O'Hara & Shelley Winters


SMOKY AND THE BANDIT (1977) with Burt Reynolds & Sally Field


THE TOY (1982) with Richard Pryor


NOTHING IN COMMON (1986) with Tom Hanks & Eva Marie Saint

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GET YOURSELF A COLLEGE GIRL (1964) with Mary Ann Mobley & Chad Everett


FOR THOSE WHO THINK YOUNG (1964) with James Darren & Pamela Tiffin


MARRIAGE ON THE ROCKS (1965) with Frank Sinatra, Deboarah Kerr & Dean Martin


THE WILD ANGELS (1966) with Peter Fonda & Bruce Dern


THE LAST OF THE SECRET AGENTS? (1966) with Marty Allen & Steve Rossi


SPEEDWAY (1968) with Elvis Presley

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