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WANTED: Classic Films Featuring This Classic Artist

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AND BABY MAKES THREE (1949) with Robert Young

EMERGENCY WEDDING (1950) with Larry Parks

LORNA DOONE (1951) with Richard Greene

THE FIRST TIME (1952) with Robert Cummings

LAST OF THE COMANCHES (1953) with Broderick Crawford

THE HOUSTON STORY (1956) with Gene Evans

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HIRED WIFE (1940) with Rosalind Russell

THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF (1941) with Kay Francis

SKYLARK (1941) with Claudette Colbert

FIRST COMES COURAGE (1943) with Merle Oberon

ANGEL ON THE AMAZON (1948) with George Brent & Vera Ralston

THE CAVERN (1964) with John Saxon

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BABIES FOR SALE (1940) with Rochelle Hudson

CONVICTED WOMAN (1940) with Rochelle Hudson, Frieda Inescort, June Lang & Lola Lane

MEN WITHOUT SOULS (1940) with John Litel, Barton MacLane & Rochelle Hudson

GO WEST, YOUNG LADY (1941) with Penny Singleton & Ann Miller

THE ADVENTURES OF MARTIN EDEN (1942) with Claire Trevor, Evelyn Keyes & Stuart Erwin

GALLANT JOURNEY (1946) with Janet Blair & Charlie Ruggles

FRAMED (1947) with Janis Carter & Barry Sullivan

THE RETURN OF OCTOBER (1948) with Terry Moore & Dame May Whitty

THE FLYING MISSILE (1950) with Viveca Lindfors

THE REDHEAD AND THE COWBOY (1950) with Rhonda Fleming & Edmond O'Brien

CRY FOR HAPPY (1961) with Donald O'Connor & Miyoshi Umeki

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THREE LITTLE GIRLS IN BLUE (1946) with June Haver, Vivian Blaine, Frank Latimore, George Montgomery & Celeste Holm


CARNIVAL IN COSTA RICA (1947) with Dick Haymes, Cesar Romero & Celeste Holm

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RUNNING WILD (1955) with Mamie Van Doren & Keenan Wynn


THE UNGUARDED MOMENT (1956) with Esther Williams & George Nader


ROCK, PRETTY BABY (1956) with Sal Mineo, Luana Patten & Fay Wray


THE RESTLESS YEARS (1958) with Sandra Dee, Luana Patten & Margaret Lindsay


THE BIG FISHERMAN (1959) with Howard Keel, Susan Kohner, Martha Hyer & Herbert Lom


THE CAVERN (1964) with Brian Aherne & Larry Hagman


POSSE FROM HELL (1961) with Audie Murphy & Vic Morrow

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OUR WIFE (1941) with Melvyn Douglas, Ruth Hussey & Ellen Drew


TOGETHER AGAIN (1944) with Charles Boyer & Irene Dunne


SHADY LADY (1945) with Robert Paige & Ginny Simms


YES SIR THAT'S MY BABY (1949) with Donald O'Connor & Gloria de Haven


LOUISA (1950) with Ronald Reagan, Ruth Hussey & Edmund Gwenn


HOW TO MURDER A RICH UNCLE (1957) with Wendy Hiller


A STRANGER IN MY ARMS (1959) with June Allyson, Sandra Dee & Jeff Chandler


THE REMARKABLE MR. PENNYPACKER (1959) with Clifton Webb & Dorothy McGuire

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THE TRAIL OF THE LONESOME PINE (1936) with Sylvia Sidney, Henry Fonda, Fred MacMurray, Beulah Bondi & Spanky McFarland


THE MIGHTY TREVE (1937) with Noah Beery Jr. & Barbara Read


STAGECOACH DAYS (1938) with Jack Luden & Eleanor Stewart


ROLLING CARAVANS (1938) with Jack Luden & Eleanor Stewart


PIONEER TRAIL (1938) with Jack Luden & Joan Barclay


PHANTOM GOLD (1938) with Jack Luden & Beth Marlon

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WALLS OF GOLD (1933) with Sally Eilers & Norman Foster


WAY DOWN EAST (1935) with Henry Fonda & Slim Summerville


REUNION (1936) with the Dionne Quintuplets & Jean Hersholt


THE MUSIC GOES ROUND (1936) with Harry Richman & Walter Connolly


EVERYBODY'S OLD MAN (1936) with Irvin S. Cobb, Johnny Downs & Norman Foster


BORN RECKLESS (1937) with Brian Donlevy & Barton MacLane


RASCALS (1938) with Jane Withers & Robert Wilcox


PRIDE OF THE NAVY (1939) with James Dunn & Gordon Oliver


A WOMAN IS THE JUDGE (1939) with Frieda Inescort & Otto Kruger


GIRLS UNDER 21 (1940) with Bruce Cabot & Paul Kelly


BABIES FOR SALE (1940) with Glenn Ford


CONVICTED WOMAN (1940) with Frieda Inescort, June Lang, Lola Lane & Glenn Ford


MEN WITHOUT SOULS (1940) with John Litel, Barton MacLane & Glenn Ford


MEET BOSTON **** (1941) with Chester Morris


THE STORK PAYS OFF (1941) with Victor Jory & Maxie Rosenbloom


THE OFFICER AND THE LADY (1941) with Bruce Bennett


BUSH PILOT (1947) with Jack LaRue

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CLEOPATRA (1934) with Claudette Colbert, Warren William & Joseph Schildkraut


THE PRESIDENT'S MYSTERY (1936) with Betty Furness, Sidney Blackmer & Evelyn Brent


KEEP SMILING (1938) with Jane Withers, Gloria Stuart & Helen Westley


PRISON NURSE (1938) with Marian Marsh


THE ARIZONA WILDCAT (1939) with Jane Withers & Leo Carrillo


CHASING DANGER (1939) with Preston Foster & Lynn Bari


EARTHBOUND (1940) with Warner Baxter, Andrea Leeds & Lynn Bari


FREE, BLONDE AND 21 (1940) with Lynn Bari, Mary Beth Hughes & Joan Davis


MYSTERY SEA RAIDER (1940) with Carole Landis & Onslow Stevens


SOUTH OF TAHITI (1941) with Brian Donlevy, Broderick Crawford & Maria Montez


JOHNNY DOUGHBOY (1942) with Jane Withers


DRAGNET (1946) with Mary Brian, Douglass Dumbrille & Virginia Dale

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Agree. I think Wilcoxon was freelancing by that point, and his friend William Warren probably suggested him for the part. It was great to see them reunited on screen in such a completely different genre/story.

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THE SINGING KID (1936) with Al Jolson, Sybil Jason, Edward Everett Horton & Lyle Talbot


GOD'S COUNTRY AND THE WOMAN (1937) with George Brent


TENTH AVENUE KID (1937) with Bruce Cabot


TROPIC FURY (1939) with Richard Arlen & Andy Devine

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THE TRAMPLERS (1966) with Joseph Cotten & Gordon Scott


THE HIRED KILLER (1967) with Robert Webber


THE WILD, WILD PLANET (1967) with Tony Russel


MAFIA (1969) with Claudia Cardinale & Lee J. Cobb


THE MERCENARY (1970) with Jack Palance & Giovanna Ralli

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BUNCO SQUAD (1950) with Robert Sterling & Ricardo Cortez


EXPERIMENT ALCATRAZ (1950) with John Howard


LAW OF THE BADLANDS (1950) with Tim Holt


ROADBLOCK (1951) with Charles McGraw


HOT LEAD (1951) with Tim Holt


GUNPLAY (1951) with Tim Holt


PISTOL HARVEST (1951) with Tim Holt


DESERT PASSAGE (1951) with Tim Holt

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IRON MAN (1951) with Evelyn Keyes & Stephen McNally


BIRD OF PARADISE (1951) with Debra Paget & Louis Jourdan


SMUGGLER'S ISLAND (1951) with Evelyn Keyes


EAST OF SUMATRA (1953) with Marilyn Maxwell, Anthony Quinn & Suzann Ball


YANKEE PASHA (1954) with Rhonda Fleming, Mamie Van Doren & Lee J. Cobb


SIGN OF THE PAGAN (1954) with Jack Palance & Rita Gam


THE TOY TIGER (1956) with Laraine Day & Richard Haydn


THE LADY TAKES A FLYER (1958) with Lana Turner & Richard Denning


RAW WIND IN EDEN (1958) with Esther Williams & Rossana Podesta


A STRANGER IN MY ARMS (1959) with June Allyson, Sandra Dee & Charles Coburn


A STORY OF DAVID (1960) with Donald Pleasence

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LOOK WHO'S LAUGHING (1941) with Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy & Lucille Ball


HERE WE GO AGAIN (1942) with Edgar Bergen


HEAVENLY DAYS (1944) with Eugene Pallette & Gordon Oliver

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COMIN' ROUND THE MOUNTAIN (1940) with Bob Burns, Una Merkel & Jerry Colonna


THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE (1942) with Jane Darwell


SEVEN DAYS' LEAVE (1942) with Victor Mature & Lucille Ball


GILDERSLEEVE ON BROADWAY (1943) with Billie Burke & Claire Carleton


GILDERSLEEVE'S BAD DAY (1943) with Jane Darwell


GILDERSLEEVE'S GHOST (1944) with Marion Martin

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LAST OF THE DUANES (1930) with George O'Brien & Myrna Loy


KING OF THE ARENA (1933) with Ken Maynard


DOUBLE HARNESS (1933) with Ann Harding & William Powell


THE DEVIL'S BROTHER (1933) with Dennis King & Thelma Todd


TUMBLING TUMBLEWEEDS (1935) with Gene Autry & Smiley Burnette


TEXAS TERROR (1935) with John Wayne

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