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WANTED: Classic Films Featuring This Classic Artist

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CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED (1964) with Barbara Ferris & Sheila Allen


REPULSION (1965) with Catherine Deneuve & Patrick Wymark


JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN (1969) with Roy Thinnes & Patrick Wymark


THE SOUTHERN STAR (1969) with George Segal, Ursula Andress & Orson Welles


THE MACKENZIE BREAK (1970) with Brian Keith


GET CARTER (1971) with Michael Caine & Britt Ekland


TALES FROM THE CRYPT (1972) with Ralph Richardson & Joan Collins

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I'm watching Gene Raymond and Fay Wray in "Ann Carver's Profession" (1933) right now. I recorded this off of TCM two or three years ago, and it's really a great film.


Fay does some very good acting in this film. She is unusually strong willed and forceful, as a female attorney.


The film itself is quite interesting, with a lot of different realistic human situations in it. This film is only 71 minutes long, but very interesting.



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NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET (1931) with Leslie Howard & Karen Morley


THE CISCO KID (1931) with Warner Baxter & Edmund Lowe


THE GAY CABALLERO (1932) with George O'Brien & Victor McLaglen


HANDY ANDY (1934) with Will Rogers


CARAVANE (1934) with Annabella & Charles Boyer


HELL IN THE HEAVENS (1934) with Warner Baxter

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DAVY CROCKETT, KING OF THE WILD FRONTIER (1955) with Buddy Ebsen & Hans Conried




THE GREAT LOCOMOTIVE CHASE (1956) with Jeffrey Hunter & John Lupton


WESTWARD HO, THE WAGONS! (1956) with Kathleen Crowley


OLD YELLER (1957) with Dorothy McGuire


THE LIGHT IN THE FOREST (1958) with Wendell Corey, Joanne Dru & James MacArthur


THE HANGMAN (1959) with Robert Taylor, Tina Louise & Jack Lord


THE JAYHAWKERS (1959) with Jeff Chandler & Nicole Maurey


HELL IS FOR HEROES (1962) with Steve McQueen, Bobby Darin & James Coburn


SMOKY (1966) with Diana Hyland, Katy Jurado & Hoyt Axton

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For my generation, "Old Yeller" was one of those rite-of-passage movies like "Bambi". I can't tell you how long it's been since I actually thought of this man, but seeing the great picture you posted brings him right back. I'm glad he got to do more that just Davy Crockett, though I'm sure that must have stood in the way of getting some roles he would have liked to have. Thanks for the memory.

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>I can't tell you how long it's been since I actually thought of this man, but seeing the great picture you posted brings him right back.


Good! I'm glad it brought back some good memories. I think Fess Parker was definitely typecast, but with what he specialized in, he had some good opportunities and made the most of these opportunities. That is why there's a legion of Fess Parker fans.

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THE SEVENTH SIN (1957) with Eleanor Parker, Bill Travers & George Sanders


STAGECOACH TO DANCERS' ROCK (1962) with Warren Stevens, Martin Landau & Jody Lawrence


THE SPIRAL ROAD (1962) with Rock Hudson, Burl Ives & Gena Rowlands


WAR IS HELL (1964) with Tony Russel & Burt Topper


KILL A DRAGON (1967) with Jack Palance, Fernando Lamas & Aldo Ray

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BEYOND GLORY (1948) with Alan Ladd & Donna Reed


COLUMN SOUTH (1953) with Joan Evans & Robert Sterling


GUNSMOKE (1953) with Susan Cabot & Paul Kelly


TO HELL AND BACK (1955) with Marshall Thompson & Charles Drake


WORLD IN MY CORNER (1956) with Barbara Rush & Jeff Morrow


WALK THE PROUD LAND (1956) with Anne Bancroft & Pat Crowley


NIGHT PASSAGE (1957) with James Stewart, Dan Duryea & Dianne Foster


JOE BUTTERFLY (1957) with George Nader & Keenan Wynn


THE WILD AND THE INNOCENT (1959) with Joanne Dru, Gilbert Roland & Sandra Dee


SEVEN WAYS FROM SUNDOWN (1960) with Barry Sullivan & Venetia Stevenson


POSSE FROM HELL (1961) with John Saxon & Vic Morrow


SIX BLACK HORSES (1962) with Dan Duryea & Joan O'Brien


SHOWDOWN (1963) with Kathleen Crowley & Charles Drake


BULLET FOR A BADMAN (1964) with Darren McGavin & Ruta Lee


A TIME FOR DYING (1971) with Victor Jory



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CORNERED (1945) with Dick Powell & Walter Slezak


SO DARK THE NIGHT (1946) with Steven Geray


THE CRIME DOCTOR'S GAMBLE (1947) with Warner Baxter


JEWELS OF BRANDENBURG (1947) with Richard Travis

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NIGHT WAITRESS (1936) with Margot Grahame


THERE GOES MY GIRL (1937) with Gene Raymond & Ann Sothern


CHINA PASSAGE (1937) with Constance Worth


WE WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE (1937) with Preston Foster & Ann Dvorak


THE BIG SHOT (1937) with Guy Kibbee, Cora Witherspoon & Dorothy Moore


QUICK MONEY (1937) with Fred Stone & Dorothy Moore


THEY WANTED TO MARRY (1937) with Betty Furness


NIGHT SPOT (1938) with Parkyakarkus


I TAKE THIS OATH (1940) with Joyce Compton


THE BLONDE FROM SINGAPORE (1941) with Florence Rice & Leif Erikson


BLACK EAGLE: THE STORY OF A HORSE (1948) with William Bishop & Virginia Patton


SONS OF ADVENTURE (1948) with Lynne Roberts & Russ Hayden


THE ARIZONA COWBOY (1950) with Rex Allen & Teala Loring

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BOBBIKINS (1960) with Shirley Jones & Max Bygraves


PAYROLL (1962) with Michael Craig


CHARLIE BUBBLES (1968) with Albert Finney & Liza Minnelli


TWISTED NERVE (1969) with Hayley Mills


LEO THE LAST (1970) with Marcello Mastroianni


START THE REVOLUTION WITHOUT ME (1970) with Gene Wilder & Donald Sutherland


GUMSHOE (1971) with Albert Finney & Janice Rule


EAGLE IN A CAGE (1972) with Ralph Richardson, John Gielgud & Moses Gunn


NIGHTWATCH (1973) with Elizabeth Taylor & Laurence Harvey


THE OMEN (1976) with Gregory Peck, Lee Remick & David Warner

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COOL HAND LUKE (1967) with Paul Newman & George Kennedy


HEAVEN WITH A GUN (1969) with Glenn Ford & Carolyn Jones


THE 1,000 PLANE RAID (1969) with Christopher George & Laraine Stephens

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BRIGHT EYES (1934) with Shirley Temple


THIS IS THE LIFE (1935) with John McGuire, Sally Blane & Sidney Toler


GINGER (1935) with O.P. Heggie


LITTLE MISS NOBODY (1936) with Jane Darwell


PADDY O'DAY (1936) with Jane Darwell


PEPPER (1936) with Slim Summerville & Dean Jagger


GENTLE JULIA (1936) with Tom Brown


WILD AND WOOLLY (1937) with Walter Brennan


45 FATHERS (1937) with Thomas Beck


CAN THIS BE DIXIE? (1937) with Slim Summerville


THE HOLY TERROR (1937) with Tony Martin, Leah Ray & El Brendel


ANGEL'S HOLIDAY (1937) with Joan Davis & Sally Blane


RASCALS (1938) with Rochelle Hudson & Robert Wilcox


KEEP SMILING (1938) with Gloria Stuart, Henry Wilcoxon & Helen Westley


ALWAYS IN TROUBLE (1938) with Arthur Treacher


CHECKERS (1938) with Stuart Erwin & Una Merkel


BOY FRIEND (1939) with Arleen Whelan


PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES (1939) with the Ritz Brothers


CHICKEN WAGON FAMILY (1939) with Leo Carrillo, Marjorie Weaver & Spring Byington


THE ARIZONA WILDCAT (1939) with Leo Carrillo & Pauline Moore


GIRL FROM AVENUE A (1940) with Kent Taylor & Elyse Knox


YOUTH WILL BE SERVED (1940) with Jane Darwell, Elyse Knox & Joe Brown Jr.


HIGH SCHOOL (1940) with Joe Brown Jr.


HER FIRST BEAU (1941) with Jackie Cooper, Edith Fellows & Josephine Hutchinson


SMALL TOWN DEB (1941) with Jane Darwell & Cobina Wright Jr.


A VERY YOUNG LADY (1941) with Nancy Kelly & John Sutton


GOLDEN HOOFS (1941) with Charles Buddy Rogers


THE MAD MARTINDALES (1942) with Marjorie Weaver, Alan Mowbray & Jimmy Lydon


YOUNG AMERICA (1942) with Jane Darwell


JOHNNY DOUGHBOY (1942) with Henry Wilcoxon & William Demarest


FACES IN THE FOG (1944) with Paul Kelly


MY BEST GAL (1944) with Jimmy Lydon


AFFAIRS OF GERALDINE (1946) with Jimmy Lydon


DANGER STREET (1947) with Robert Lowery & Lyle Talbot

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> {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:}{quote}



> PADDY O'DAY (1936) with Jane Darwell


I agree, too many of Jane Withers' movies, especially those made at Fox haven't been seen on TV anywhere in way too long.


But, some good news for her fans:

PADDY O'DAY is scheduled on TCM on June 27, 2012.






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ESKIMO (1934) with Ray Mala


THE MYSTERIOUS MR. WONG (1934) with Bela Lugosi & Arline Judge


LAST OF THE PAGANS (1935) with Ray Mala


SEA SPOILERS (1936) with John Wayne & Nan Grey


THINK FAST, MR. MOTO (1937) with Peter Lorre


PHANTOM OF CHINATOWN (1940) with Keye Luke & Grant Withers


TOKYO ROSE (1946) with Osa Massen & Keye Luke

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> {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:

> }{quote}Jane Withers' films do not even air on FMC, at least none recently.

And that's just where one would expect to see them. The only one I recall seeing on FMC is THIS IS THE LIFE and probably BRIGHT EYES.


HER FIRST BEAU (1941) (Columbia) was scheduled on TCM a couple of years ago but was pulled from the schedule and not shown. So far it still hasn't been re-scheduled.


One might think that since TCM interviewed Jane Withers on a "Private Screenings" show a few years ago they'd try to acquire some of her movies.

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I am wondering if Withers' films aired on the old AMC. A fair number of them are available at the lovingtheclassics website. They should be shown more often.


And speaking of Fox B-comedies, I would like to see the Jones family films, too.

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> {quote:title=TopBilled wrote:

> }{quote}I am wondering if Withers' films aired on the old AMC.


> And speaking of Fox B-comedies, I would like to see the Jones family films, too.

I don't believe any of the Jane Withers films you listed were ever shown on AMC, except possibly the one with Shirley Temple.


And I agree about the Jones Family series. For a series with 17 entries it's crazy that it's almost never shown (and indeed probably still an unknown series to a lot of movie fans).


Watch for an article on The Jones Family series in an upcoming issue of the publication "Classic Images".

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It makes me wonder where the folks who run the lovingtheclassics site obtained their copies of all those Jane Withers films and some of the Jones Family films. Perhaps they were aired overseas...?

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ALIBI (1929) with Mae Busch


WOMAN TRAP (1929) with Hal Skelly & Evelyn Brent


FAST LIFE (1929) with Douglas Fairbanks Jr. & Loretta Young


THE BAT WHISPERS (1930) with Una Merkel


PLAYING AROUND (1930) with Alice White


SHE COULDN'T SAY NO (1930) with Winnie Lightner


THE CASE OF SERGEANT GRISCHA (1930) with Betty Compson


SINNERS IN THE SUN (1932) with Carole Lombard & Cary Grant


THE MIRACLE MAN (1932) with Sylvia Sidney


KING FOR A NIGHT (1933) with Helen Twelvetrees & Alice White


GOLDEN HARVEST (1933) with Richard Arlen & Genevieve Tobin


INFERNAL MACHINE (1933) with Genevieve Tobin & Victor Jory


TOMORROW AT SEVEN (1933) with Vivienne Osborne & Allen Jenkins


I'VE BEEN AROUND (1934) with Rochelle Hudson


EMBARRASSING MOMENTS (1934) with Marion Nixon & Alan Mowbray


LET'S TALK IT OVER (1934) with Mae Clarke


PURSUIT (1935) with Sally Eilers & Scotty Beckett


PRINCESS O'HARA (1935) with Jean Parker & Leon Errol


MOONLIGHT MURDER (1936) with Madge Evans & Leo Carrillo


COUNTERFEIT (1936) with Margot Grahame & Lloyd Nolan


FRANKIE AND JOHNNIE (1936) with Helen Morgan & Lilyan Tashman


THEY MET IN A TAXI (1936) with Fay Wray


I PROMISE TO PAY (1937) with Leo Carrillo & Helen Mack


FLIGHT FROM GLORY (1937) with Whitney Bourne & Van Heflin


THE DEVIL'S PLAYGROUND (1937) with Richard Dix & Dolores Del Rio


LAW OF THE UNDERWORLD (1938) with Anne Shirley


SMASHING THE RACKETS (1938) with Frances Mercer, Rita Johnson & Bruce Cabot


SKY GIANT (1938) with Richard Dix & Joan Fontaine


PACIFIC LINER (1939) with Victor McLaglen & Wendy Barrie


WAGONS WESTWARD (1940) with Anita Louise


THUNDER AFLOAT (1939) with Wallace Beery & Virginia Grey


MARINES FLY HIGH (1940) with Richard Dix & Lucille Ball


GIRL FROM GOD'S COUNTRY (1940) with Jane Wyatt & Charles Bickford


NO HANDS ON THE CLOCK (1941) with Jean Parker & Rose Hobart


CANAL ZONE (1942) with Harriet Hilliard Nelson & Larry Parks


WRECKING CREW (1942) with Richard Arlen & Jean Parker


I LIVE ON DANGER (1942) with Jean Parker


THE CHANCE OF A LIFETIME (1943) with Erik Rolf


TORNADO (1943) with Nancy Kelly


AERIAL GUNNER (1943) with Richard Arlen & Jimmy Lydon


HIGH EXPLOSIVE (1943) with Jean Parker & Barry Sullivan


GAMBLER'S CHOICE (1944) with Nancy Kelly


DOUBLE EXPOSURE (1944) with Nancy Kelly & Jane Farrar


SECRET COMMAND (1944) with Pat O'Brien & Carole Landis


ROUGH, TOUGH AND READY (1945) with Victor McLaglen & Jean Rogers


ONE WAY TO LOVE (1946) with Willard Parker & Marguerite Chapman


BLIND SPOT (1947) with Constance Dowling & Steven Geray


UNCHAINED (1955) with Elroy Hirsch & Barbara Hale


THE SHE-CREATURE (1956) with Tom Conway & Cathy Downs

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X-15 (1961) with Charles Bronson & Brad Dexter


THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIE (1967) with Julie Andrews, Carol Channing & John Gavin


WHAT'S SO BAD ABOUT FEELING GOOD? (1968) with George Peppard & Dom DeLuise


DON'T JUST STAND THERE! (1968) with Robert Wagner & Glynis Johns


CHANGE OF HABIT (1969) with Elvis Presley & Barbara McNair


ORDINARY PEOPLE (1980) with Donald Sutherland & Timothy Hutton

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