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I'm a new member to TCM and wondered what is the best way to get your favorite film aired on TCM? I placed on suggest a movie. How does that really work? Is there any other way to get your movie on the air. Sorry It's all GREEK TO ME!

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I restrict myself to five different film suggestions every time I post over there - right now only about once each week. There's the occasional person who will post twenty or so everyday, which is is a bit obnoxious (the posts don't disappear, they're all collected, but that amount still drowns out other people's requests.) I wouldn't repeat-post a single title several times each day - once a day is good enough.


TCM is just looking for good ideas. Popularity would probably help but I know that a few of the films I've suggested and have subsequently seen on TCM were only requested by myself.


Also, the Suggest A Movie page is quite buggy. If you go through each page you'll notice it jumps from date to date - like today, page 1 will have the most recent requests but page 2 will suddenly jump back to December 1st. Those missing dates in between weren't deleted, they're still getting them at their end, it's just a slight bug that still hasn't been resolved.

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Rather than get all esoteric, I'll restrict myself to a few fairly mainstream films that aren't particularly hard to find on DVD or Netflix, but for some reason haven't been on TCM in the past 2 or 3 years, either due to copyright issues of simple oversight on the part of the programmers:


Double Indemnity


Criss Cross



The Killing (not to be confused with The Killers, which shows here a lot)



Sudden Fear


Easy Living (the Jean Arthur / Edward Arnold movie from 1937, not the Victor Mature / Lizabeth Scott 1949 film that played last week)



Sullivan’s Travels



The Great McGinty




Body and Soul



Dracula (the Lugosi version)



The Color of Money



Glengarry Glen Ross



The Godfather (all three)

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I'd be happy to see any Angelopoulos movies, but I'd especially like to see Voyage to Cytharea, The Hunters, The Suspended Step of the Stork and The Beekeeper.


We should do an Eric Rohmer blitz, and a post Weeked Godard blitz. And if that's too late, we could do a pre Sansho the Baliff Mizoguchi blitz.


Edited by: skimpole on Dec 8, 2011 3:24 PM

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Hey clore


Might I ask where this info about AMC or for that matter any movie title comes from?


I would like to look up a lot of titles I am waiting for and find why TCM skips over them for so many years. For instance. One Eyed Jacks (1961) is on DVD but evidently has been blackballed by theTCM Programmers.




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I would like to see Dean Martin In The Matt Helm franchise again.

All of Alfred Hitchcock’s movies and if these could maybe be included with them?

The AFI Life Achievement Award A Tribute To Alfred Hitchcock 1979

and the documentary Dial H For Hitchcock.

Charlton Heston In Secerts Of The Incas

and The Great Muppet Caper 1981.


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19 hours ago, reb607 said:

Lil Abner is never presented.....      

AND. Lackawana Blues

There are two movie versions of Li'l Abner,  one B&W one made by RKO in 1940 and the color Paramount musical made in 1959.

As for Lackawanna Blues:  This is a T.V.  movie and TCM doesn't show those.


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On 3/6/2020 at 4:40 PM, Mr. Gorman said:

Looks like one could buy LACKAWANNA BLUES on DVD on the cheap if one is desperate to see it. 

I wish they'd make an exception for the TV version of "Marty" with Rod Steiger.  Can't say I've ever seen that screened on any channel. Suprising...and disappointing.

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