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Wallace Beery


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Hi mysasha915! Welcome and I hope you enjoy these boards as much as I do.


I'd have to say that Dinner At Eight was probably his best. But even so I don't think it was much of a stretch for him. To me he basically played the same character whether it was on a tugboat, in the wild West, on Park Ave, or in the boxing ring. They would just put him in costume and let him go.

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Hi, Welcome!


I'd also recommend you to watch his great performances in "The Big House", as a hard boiled convict, in "Grand Hotel", as a ruthless & lecherous businessman and his wonderful paring with Marie Dressler in the sentimental "Min and Bill". All this films are aired by TCM.

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Iizimbrie: You may be quite right about just letting him go. If that is the case it would be a solid example of his versatility

Once a week or so I will watch one of his films and when my wife enters the room she always says,boy he is so ugly.

He by no means is my favorite actor.I just like all of the films he was in.

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Hi feaito: Glad to be aboard.

I have seen all the films you have mentioned.All great ones. My favorite is "Thunder Afloat" with Chester Morris and Virginia Grey. It is a Naval related film.

I am retired from the U.S.Navy so that is why it is my favorite.

Thanks for the reply.

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For Wallace Beery fans, there are four of his films currently on the schedule in the coming months. The first two to be shown will be:


Viva Villa! (1934) - on 2/20 at 4 AM


The Champ (1931) - on 2/21 at 7:30 AM


Both times are EST and, the 2/20 date is actually 2/21 (it's easy to get confused reading TCM's schedule at times;- )

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  • 11 months later...

Hard to pick just one. Like trying to pick your favorite food. Depends on your mood. But my personal selection of the Top Five Wallace Beery films are:

The Champ

Tugboat Annie

The Big House

Barnacle Bill


Treasure Island

(but not necessarily in that order}

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I think I have the Wallace Beery "Nautical" movies figured out. In 1932 Beery starred with Clark Gable in "Hell Divers". They played CPO's who were mechanic/gunner-observer. If I recall correctly it was one of the first movies in which the Navy allowed a film studio on board an aircraft carrier for filming. In 1939 Wallace Beery starred with Chester Morris in "Thunder Afloat". Beery and Morris were competing civilian fisherman. Each owned their own trawler of some sort (sorry, I am a land-lubber from Illinois). When World War I broke out, their boats were converted to sub-chasers and Beery and Morris were given commissions as Ensigns...I just don't recall if they were Navy or Coast Guard. Finally in 1945 Beery made "This Man's Navy". Beery was a CPO and along with wonderful character actor James Gleason (also a CPO) they flew in small Navy Blimps along the coast as U-boat hunters in World War 2.


Just my opinion....."Hell Divers" and "Thunder Afloat" are fun movies to watch. "This Man's Navy", not so much fun.

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