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Things I am looking forward to on Eastman House day.


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Movie. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Because


The Blue Bird. . . . . . . . . .Maurice Tourneur, director (father of Jacques Tourneur)

The Valiant. . . . . . . . . . . .Paul Muni

The Trespasser. . . . . . . .Gloria Swanson

The Lottery Bride. . . . . . Jeanette MacDonald

Kurutta Ippeiji. . . . . . . . . See http://www.tcm.com/tcmdb/title/488815/Kurutta-Ippeiji/

Delicious. . . . . . . . . . . . . Janet Gaynor

Fear and Desire. . . . . . . Stanley Kubrick


. . . . Finn. . . . . . To see if it is the one good adaptation of the greatest American novel.

Roaring Rails. . . . . . . . . Silent Harry Carey

The World Moves On. . .Madeline Carroll

Goldstein. . . . . . . . . . . . .Just on the off chance it might be good.

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A very grim documentary is playing now *The Spanish Earth (1937)*, narrated by *Ernest Hemingway*.


This was a very sad episode in European history. It documents the vicious civil war going on in Spain. There was a democratically elected government that was backed by trade unions and which wanted to impose reforms on a feudal society. It was opposed by the monarchists, land owning oligarchy and the Catholic Church.


A rebellion against the elected government was launched from Spanish Morocco led by *General Franco*. Hemingway tells us (and I believe it) that it should have been crushed within 5 weeks. The problem was that Franco had military backing from* Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany*, which enabled the conflict to escalate out of control. Eventually Germany and Italy sent their troops as well as their airforces to back up Franco.


The response from the democracies, like Britain and France, was to impose an arms embargo, as they did not want to help the Spanish government.(This was the exact same thing they did 60 years later during the Bosnian civil war!) In the US, the Catholic Church supported Franco and pressured the Roosevelt administration to not intervene on behalf of the Spanish govt. Roosevelt was concerned for the Catholic vote. All over the world, idealists, democrats and leftists rallied to the "*Republican*" cause, as the anti-Franco government was called. (They wanted a "republic" as opposed to a monarchy, that's why they were called Republicans. The other side were called the "*Loyalists*", as they were loyal to monarchist restoration). Some Americans joined the cause to fight and formed the *Abraham Lincoln Brigade*. The only govt. that supported the Republicans was Soviet Russia.


The conflict was unbelievably vicious, not unlike the dirty wars we saw in the Balkans after the

the fall of Yugoslavia. Whenever a village was taken (or retaken) by the other side, the reprisals would begin. It featured the world's first aerial bombardment of a civilian town, *Guernica*, commemorated in a famous *Picasso* painting, carried out by the German airforce. Many women and girls took to arms, as nobody felt safe from the fighting.


Franco won thanks to his nazi buddies. His country was devastated for many years, and for years his regime took reprisals against anyone who participated in the Republican govt, fought for it or sympathised with it. After WW2, Franco became a close ally of the US, being hailed as a staunch anti-communist.


Today, this history is unknown to Americans or forgotten, but back then it was a hot topic of conversation. Everyone had an opinion about whether we should support one side or another, while others questioned us doing nothing to aid when such horrendous atrocities were going on. It was a moral dilemma that would later replay during the Bosnian conflict, when everybody knew mass murder and atrocities were going on, and yet the world stood by, watched and did nothing for a long time.


The Spanish Earth shows a lot of grim documentary footage of the fighting. Hemingway was close to the Republican side and wrote a lot about the conflict as correspondent and later as novelist in his book, *For whom The Bell Tolls.*


This film was an effort on his part to raise world awareness about a conflict he cared very deeply about. He felt it portended the rise of fascism and Hitler, and would be the precursor to a larger European war, which everybody felt was coming by 1937. It did come, and Spain was the testing gound for Hitler's troops and airforce.

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This map shows the division of the conflict, one year into the civil war. The lighter areas were under Republican control, the darker were held by the Loyalists.




This is a portion of Picasso's most famous painting, Guernica






German Stuka dive bombers from the "Condor Legion". Their Loyalist markings were big X's.


Here's the movie in case you missed it:






Full movie

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She sure knew how to dress!







7 minute montage from the film, with music


The irony of her film role as woman involved with adultery, was that she was carrying on an adulterous relationship in real life with married *Joesph Kennedy*, (father of JFK), who bankrolled her fiasco *Queen Kelly (1928).*

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She was in very very deep with him, financially and romantically. He was her advisor on going into independent production. From wikpedia:


"While still married to Henri, Swanson had an affair with the married Joseph P. Kennedy for a number of years. He became her business partner and their relationship was an open secret in Hollywood. He took over all of her personal and business affairs and was supposed to make her millions. Unfortunately, after the disastrous Queen Kelly Kennedy left her, and her finances were in worse shape than when he came into her life. Two books have been written about the affair."


I have one of those books, *Gloria and Joe- the Star Crossed Love Affair Of Gloria Swanson and Joe Kennedy (1988) by Axel Madsen*


He gave her some bad advice indeed. She took a pass on a Paramount contract for $20,000 a week, and became a producer instead under United Artists. He bankrolled *Queen Kelly*, and they hired the crazy and profligate *Erich Von Stroheim*,(who had no sense of budget or deadlines), to direct. They had to cut the filming short, as it was running into too much money. I think it ruined their romance.


The affair might have ended by the time this film was made, but it was what she was doing in real life until recently before. It's still ironic.

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*Full movie in 6 parts*


*Based on a novel by W. Somerset Maugham. Loosely inspired from Gauguin's life, the story of Charles Strickland, a middle-aged stockbrocker who abandons his middle-classed life, his family, his duties to start painting, what he has always wanted to do. He is from now on a awful human being, wholly devoted to his ideal: beauty*

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Hope some people saw *THE BLUE BIRD (1918)* this morning. I thought it was spectacular. One of the finest films ever made for children. or just the young at heart.I thought it should rank right with the '39 *THE WIZARD OF OZ* and should be considered essential viewing. Personally, I thought it was as good or better than OZ. I'm saddened that this could not have aired at a better hour. I'm surprised I had never seen the picture before.I'll admit the title has somehow slipped by me.

Fortunately, *THE BLUE BIRD* is on DVD from Kino, (Released in 2005) and the Mont Alto Motion Picture Orchestra score is maybe the best they have ever done. Buy it for Christmas! You won't be disappointed. Pick up the Herbert Brenon's *PETER PAN (1924)* at the same time. Both are just wonderful. In the case, of *PETER PAN* you are getting an All Star Cast, and a terrific print, as well as a good score. And it's never been shown on TCM either.

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I don't agree. Swanson's life was nothing like the character's. Swanson made her own money and didn't need Kennedy for that. The situations were nothing alike.


Irony is about discordance, not contrast.


I know what you're getting at, but I just don't think it applies here any more than you can compare Swanson to Sadie Thompson for the same reasons.

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Did the print of THE MOON AND SIXPENCE come with the opening reference to being restored by the Eastman House? I hope not as it looks terrible, like something from the Mill Creek 50 Pack of Costume Dramas.


This happened about a year ago when there was a salute to the UCLA Preservation efforts - they showed two public domain Sherlock Holmes films that were no better than what you could buy at Big Lots for a dollar. Yes, UCLA did restore those two films, but as I have them on DVD, I can safely attest to the fact that the prints shown that day were inferior.

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How I love it when someone posts clips to tumblr! It's the only way to embed video on this message board!













*THE BLUE BIRD (1918)*




*Full movie in one complete upload.*


**For those that missed it! (You had to get up pretty early in the morning!) I myself missed the first part. What I saw was absolutely remarkable. I didn't expect this to be on youtube. Great fantasy film! The pictures above give you an idea.


Two peasant children, Mytyl and Tyltyl, are led by Berylune, a fairy, to search for the Blue Bird of Happiness. Berylune gives Tyltyl a cap with a diamond setting, and when Tyltyl turns the diamond, the children become aware of and conversant with the souls of a Dog and Cat, as well as of Fire, Water, Bread, Light, and other presumably inanimate things. The troupe thus sets off to find the elusive Blue Bird of Happiness.

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Buy The DVD anyway! Downloading off Youtube doesn't help support Kino or the archives.



Here are some Swanson Holiday Pics.












*"Gloria In Toy Land"*
































*"Gloria Bearing Gifts"*












































































*"Swanson-"Toy's A Plenty"*






























































































































































































*"Gloria To The Season"*




































*"Decorating Diva"*



















*"Now That's A Christmas Tree!"*

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Sorry gagman,


If you don't appreciate it I hope others do!


Not eveyone who is interested in watching a certain film is willing and able to buy DVD's. That can get very very expensive multiplied through a lot of titles. It's a personal choice. As long as that material is posted on the internet and TCM allows me to post it here, I will continue to do so.


Kino and other copyright holders can protect themselves however they wish. Some of them agressively patrol youtube and are quick to force the withdrawal of their films, while others do not.


The pictures you put up are very beautiful. You always did beautiful work!

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It's not that I don't appreciate it. I have my Youtube account as well. But I try to post only stuff that is not currently on commercial DVD if possible. Again, I had heard of THE BLUE BIRD, but had never seen it before until this morning. Ashamed to say this. Such an enchanting and heartwarming production.


Looking forward to HUCK FINN tonight, as I never thought I would see this on TCM anytime soon. Now if we could just get Colleen Moore's HER WILD OAT, or LILAC TIME.



Glad you like the Swanson's all of these were done some time ago. THE TRESPASSER appeard to be from at best a 5th generation print source, and probably 16 millimeter. Sadly, that is likely all that is known to exist of this title. HUCKLEBERRY FINN meantime I've seen excerpts of, and the restoration is simply tremendous. Mostly derived from a second generation Nitrate print found in 1962 in Denmark. It wasn't until 2007 that the Danish title-cards were translated to English.

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Hi gagman,


For those that want to enjoy something like this via youtube, I suggest they go ahead and watch the feature ASAP. It could be gone tomorrow! If Kino doesn't like it, they know what to do about it. If they allow it to go on, then while not signifying approval it does indicate tolerance.


I do indeed admire Swanson, she was glam for her day. As you know, I really like early soundies and of course silents. More coming up today! Another one about to start...

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Well, THE BLUE BIRD is technically a Public-Domain film. However, this version with the Mont Alto Score that TCM aired , and the print itself must be under some form of copyright. Although, the music that they used is most likely all Public Domain fair as well. So it get's a wee bit complicated.

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*Complete film in one upload.*


**This upload comes from Russia.

In Oslo, Norway, Jenny (who loves stalwart Chris) enters a dance marathon to help her embezzler brother out of a jam; her actions cause misunderstanding and Chris flees to a far northern mining camp. In despair, Jenny signs up as a "picture bride" who by tragic irony is promised to Chris's brother Olaf...at that same mining camp. Then Chris's rival Alberto arrives on a polar dirigible expedition. Which brother will join his voyage, perhaps to doom? Very stylized.

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*Lottery Bride (1930)* just broke into a two strip technicolor sequence. It happened as the man is out on the ice, stranded and has a vision. It was not at all uncommon for films back then to be part techicolor; such scenes were often saved for highlight points in the film, like dance sequneces and finales.

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