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Ladies Only Thread


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Bolesroor, here is my favorite:




I'll get back to you with the "skin crawlers". I have to think about it...


(UPDATE): My vote for "least sexy" would be Don Knotts. ;) Though more a tv icon, he was also in movies ("The Incredible Mr. Limpet"). As a comic actor, though, he's very funny!


Edited by: EugeniaH on Dec 13, 2011 7:59 AM

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Cary Grant

Herbert Marshall (Suave, well mannered, intelligent and good English diction)

Alan Ladd

Kirk Douglas

Gregory Peck

Clark Gable

Robert Mitchum

Humphrey Bogart

Burt Lancaster

William Holden

Lawrence Olivier

Henry Fonda

Joseph Cotten

Ray Milland

Tyrone Power

Ronald Colman

Robert Taylor


I like tall, smart, educated, good looking men who are good with words, possess charm, who are capable of self restraint, not easily taken in by a woman (the really good looking ones get plenty of practice fending off women and seeing through them!), men that can deal with adversity and be counted upon in bad situations. I like self knowledge and integrity and dislike phonies. These are all qualities I would want in a son!


We should remember that putting someone on film and projecting them on a big screen magnifies and possibly distorts their actual real life sex appeal. I would value a man who looks every bit as good in real life as on the screen and who had internalised their good on screen qualities.


What we find attractive tells a great deal about oneself!


I don't like men who come across as bumpkins, who are unintelligent, who resort to violence without good reason or thinking, who never take a stand when they should and who aren't decent enough to care about how their behaviour affects others. I like for a man to be very well informed on at least one subject other than sports.


Edited by: ThelmaTodd on Dec 13, 2011 11:51 AM

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> Okay this thread is for the ladies... who are the classic film actors that you find the most sexy, good-looking and charming? And who are the ones who make your skin crawl?

One cannot read the title of this thread and fail to recount the famous tale of an inebriated John Barrymore's soujourn into the ladies' room during some long-forgotten Hollywood function.


A shocked woman entered the restroom and came upon the Great Profile relieving himself in one of the toilets.


WOMAN: "Sir! This is for ladies only!"



BARRYMORE (turning toward her, his member in hand): "So, Madam, is this!"

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