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Your Secret Shame


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Okay, Fellow TCM'ers... I thought we should take this year-end opportunity to forget auld acquaintances and wipe the slate clean. In spite of the fact that we're all classic movie fans I feel its safe to say that we each have one or two classics that we've never gotten around to seeing. These movies represent Your Secret Shame, movies that have you leaving the room when their titles come up in conversation, movies that give you nightmares and cause you to wake up in the middle of the night screeming-


Okay, myabe I'm getting too dramatic. Just share some classic/popular films you HAVEN'T seen, so everyone can point and laugh. I'll begin:


Breakfast At Tiffany's


The Exorcist


Blade Runner


I'm sure there are more... but that's all that I can think of at this moment.

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No shame my friend. I'm only 23 years old and have lots of life to live and movies to see by the grace of god. And no matter how old you are there is still time to enjoy yourself. Instead of feeling terrified by what I havent seen, i'm jazzed at the prospect of discovering so many new wonderful films in the future. For instance I look foward to finally seeing West Side Story, Anatomy of a Murder, Casablanca, Lawrence of Arabia. In fact I have anatomy of a murder on dvr and will be watching that this week.


So don't fret my friend. You and yours have a merry christmas and happy new year. I may not know you but I wish you the best and am praying for you.

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>In fact I have anatomy of a murder on dvr and will be watching that this week.


I'm an old guy, and I would like to know what you think of this film. Maybe you could post your review of it after you see it.


Pesonally, I dislike it for several reasons. I saw it in a theater when it was first released, I was 17 at that time, and I didn't like it then. I've seen it once on TV since then, and I still don't like it. So I would like your opinion about it.

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About *Anatomy Of A Murder* , I have to disagree with Mr Dobbs (who I respect as one of the best posters on these boards). I like the film a lot, its one of my favorites and I believe is James Stewart's best film performance of all (and I like many, many of his films). Everyone in the film gives a great performance (like my gal Lee Remick) and Otto Preminger is at the top of his game telling a story of suspense. The on location filming gives a real feel to the story and I believe the courtroom scenes are very true to reality. None of the characters are heroes here, and there may or may not be a real villain, the ending lets the audience speculate about that.

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To have Charade to look forward to seeing for the first time! Oh Boy!


Nothing to be ashamed of, just get the movie fast and see it.


Please tell me if I am right, someone, this film so impressed Alfred Hitchcock that he chose another of the books written by the author whose work Charade was based on to make into a film. The result: Vertigo.


As for films I haven't seen, um. . . . .I'll get back to you.

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I feel very deeply the void that I am not able to watch all the wonderful movies ever made. For each movie I see there are dozens for which I do not have time or access to watch and there must be hundreds of others of which I have not heard.


It is hard to judge what is classic/popular so I turned to the AFI's Top 100 list as a basis. I do not say it is comprehensive and I obviously do not agree with many of their choices. My shame if you can call it that is that I have tried to watch these movies on the list but I could not force myself to watch them to the end:


The Godfather 1972

On the Waterfront 1954

Schindler's List 1993

The Grapes of Wrath 1940

Raging Bull 1980

Apocalypse Now 1979

The Godfather Part II 1974

Midnight Cowboy 1969

Taxi Driver 1976

Stagecoach 1939

Forrest Gump 1994

American Graffiti 1973

Rocky 1976

The Deer Hunter 1978

Giant 1956

Patton 1970

Goodfellas 1990

Unforgiven 1992

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I've never seen Raging Bull, or The Champ (either version), or any of the Rocky movies, for that matter. I just never cared at all for boxing, and don't need to see a movie about it. Even wih boxing-themed comedies, such as Keaton's Battling Butler or Harold Lloyd's The Milky Way, i lose interest once they get to the boxing scenes, even if they are comedic in nature. kind of ashamed, because as a red-blooded male, aren't i supposed to enjoy boxing?

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Wow, knowing the type of classic movie fan you are, it took guts to admit those very shameful actions. :)


Mine would be Vertigo and Dr Zhivago. Like you I have seen parts of it many times but cannot watch the movie from start to finish. Watched most of Mr Roberts last night. My wife told me she didn't want to watch a war movie, but I told her this really wasn't a war movie. She loves Cagney and wondered if he was playing someone that was insane. Well in many ways she was right.

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A guess mine is that I Watch Lifetime Movies, (although that's based on movies that I've seen rather than movies that I've haven't seen)


I've never seen *My Diner With Andre* but I'm taping it right now. I've only see two Fellini films.


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