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Watch Mission Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol Online


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> {quote:title=mrroberts wrote:}{quote}Give it about 25 years, if its still being talked about then it may be considered a classic

Oh, it's happening. I'm positive 25 years from now people will be saying: "wow, do you remember Mission Impossible IV: Ghost Protocol ? That movie totally sucked. "


It's funny, a friend of mine and I were talking yesterday about how much someone would have to pay us to watch MI:IV:GP . I settled on $80.00 because I am superbroke, yet somehow $60.00 just wouldn't be enough for my pain and suffering. My friend, who has a good chunk of change in the bank, said she'd see it for $1,000.


(she can afford to charge the adequate and fair pain and suffering rate.)


Edited by: JonnyGeetar on Dec 17, 2011 3:32 PM

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> {quote:title=mrroberts wrote:}{quote}You mean your health care insurance provider doesn't provide for potential injuries from seeing a major motion picture blockbuster? These insurance companies look for any excuse to reject a claim. :)


I have heard there is a new government program which will help those who do not have any health insurance.


It will be a toll-free number they can call and hear a recording telling them that their claim is denied.


This will ensure they are on an equal footing with people who have HMOs.


I have to say I am sorry. I truly have resisted posting this. It is only that I found that so very funny when I heard it and I have found I it is impossible to resist my perverse side. My only avenue of forgiveness is in the fact that it is obvious the original poster is a spammer and this thread should quickly disappear.

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Yep joe, gotta say you're pretty much on target there, alright.


Mr. Cruise's best acting was done over 20 years ago in a little movie titled *Born on the Fourth of July.*


I never thought "the kid" had any talent and just got by on that bright smile o' his until I saw him in that movie.



Yep, it's a shame he's never reached that height in his career since, if ya ask me...OR has seemed to accept a role with that sort of range required in it since then, anyway.



(...which begs the question: Why does he keep taking these roles in these over-produced and under-scripted bang-bang action type movies?...of course, I suppose the same question could be asked of Nick Cage too, eh?!)

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