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Need To Purchase This Movie!....


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  • 2 weeks later...

I'm pretty sure shainabluegirl is correct and this film has never been released to home video. Even with the tens of thousands of films now availble on VHS and DVD it's a sad reminder of what still isn't available. All the more reason to watch TCM.

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Highly appreciated, yes, but not likely to happen. I understand that schedules are made up months in advance. By the time a few clamoring voices for Marie get their wish, we'll have forgotton all about Marie and will have been clamoring for Jean or Joan. Let's face it, the only way a schedule change occurs is when somebody dies. Let's hope that once Oscar is over, we'll get a few good hours of our recently-departed Sandra.

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lux0786 sorry it took solong to post this just read thur

the thread thanks for offering to tape it could i pay for the shipping & handling of a copy of "EMMA" i would need your e-mail adress to iron out the details of your kind & generous offer! ....loliteblue

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Very good! You can reach me at my screen name at Juno.com. The tape is done. The movie is short and there was another Dressler on the tape and since there is room for it on the new tape, I thought to include. You will have a double feature. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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I received your email, but for some reason am unable to reply. It?s probably my ISP. I press the send button and get an hourglass that goes on and on and message saying that it is loading the message. So who knows what that means.


Anyway, I have your address and will send the videotape tomorrow (Thurs). I?ll include my address. Just send the amount of postage affixed on the box, plus one dollar for the videotape ? and that?s all. I can tell you are a kind and appreciative person, but do not send anything more than that.


And so enjoy our Marie! She was priceless. How sad that she didn?t give us a few more years and a few more films. And yet, we can be appreciative of what she did give us. Thank you, Marie!


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lux 0786 I got your e-mail everything is fine. Thanks

again for sharing Marie with me in such a wonderful way

Your right sure wish we could have had her longer in films & shorts with Polly Moran !... that would have

been oh well !....SOMETHING! Lux is the other movie

Min & Bill ? thanks ever so much! I can't wait for

the tape. i'm so excited lolite....

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lux0786 I got the tape yesterday i just finished watching it both movies and the short thanks ever so much

i've had a delightful evening with Marie Dressler thanks

to your kindness...Wednesdaay is my birthday and this

was quite a gift! Will go to the post office later today!

lux your a great person thanks for being on these boards

and being a part of the gang look forward to your future


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Thanks for your kind words. So glad that you received okay ... and enjoyed.


Looking ahead at the schedule, I see we've got Dinner At Eight coming up on April 13 and The Girl Said No (1930), Politics (1931), Reducing (1931), and Prosperity (1932) all coming up on April 29. Anna Christie (1930) will be on May 31. All Marie Dressler, of course. You see, Lolite, your enthusiasm is infectious. Here I am scanning the schedule for Marie.


And Happy Birthday Lolite... In the event that you may perhaps have not sent the shipping, please don't. That way it would be a birthday present.

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lux0786 Thanks for the sentiment its already a birthday

gift my goodness i've watched & watched & enjoyed ....

Love the intros with Mr. Osborne. But due to a ice storm

i went to the post office this past fri afternoon and

your mailings on the way with my heartfelt thanks for

your time & effort I'm tickled pink over the short you taped when sweet baby Jane sings can that little girl

carry a tune my goodness! she's good! ....lolite.

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I think you mean Baby Rose Marie. She was a phenomenon. Such precocious talent at such a young age. Could have been another Judy. Yet she made her own way. Unless you know already, you may be surprised to learn who she was. Read some trivia about her and you'll see.




"Rose Marie had two separate acting careers--one as "Baby Rose Marie" in the 1920s, and the other which began in the 40s.


According to Sylvia Miles, Rose Marie got the job for which she is best known (Sally Rogers on The Dick Van Dyke Show) after Miles pulled out after the pilot.


Real name-Rose Marie Mazzetta, of Italian and Polish extraction.


The hair bow has some personal significance on which Rose Marie has so far refused to elaborate.


Received her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on October 3, 2001. It is the 2184th star issued.


Toured for over eight years in the musical revue "4 Girls 4" with Rosemary Clooney, Helen O'Connell and Margaret Whiting.


Her husband, musician Bobby Guy, was at one time lead trumpeter for the NBC orchestra on "The Tonight Show."


Made history as one of the headliners who opened the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, the first of the modern hotel/casinos.


On stage from age 3 as "Baby Rose Marie, she dropped the "Baby" at the age of 15.


Born on the day that the Broadway musical "Rose-Marie" opened.


Wanted to leave The Dick Van Dyke Show after her husband died and was talked out of it by John Rich.





Personal quotes

"I've been in show business my whole life. Why start something new now?" - at age 80, when asked about retirement plans


"It was a big mistake. We could have gone on another two years - in color!" [when asked about The Dick Van Dyke Show ending its run after only five years]"


[from imdb.com]









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lux0786 THAT'S ROSE MARIE I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! Boy could she sing thanks for the trivia I agree with her the dick van Dyke show could've gone another two years and been in color! she's dead on right about that!.........

I'm gonna put the short in the tape machine right now

and watch her sing love it!....thanks lux it might have been too much celebrating that big "50" getting old!

to misplaced her name like that oops!...lolite.

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