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Does Anyone Know This Movie?


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Some years ago I saw a movie that I have been looking for and cannot find the title. The movie was about a wealthy English family that gets shipwrecked on a tropical island with their butler. They are barely surviving until the butler takes charge. The film then jumps ahead and we find that the butler is now the "king" and everyone else does what he says. The daughters are in love with him and the head of the family is now more like the servant. They are finally saved from the island and when they go back to England, the butler has to return to his former station in life. The family does not want it to be that way, but they realize that society will not allow it to be otherwise.


I cannot remember the actors who played the roles. I thought that the butler might have been played by Kenneth Moore, but I cannot find that movie in his credits. Does anyone have an idea of what this film might be? I appreciate your help.



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Hey, maybe we should initiate a new game here, a time-sensitive game in which you have to beat other competing posters in getting out the information required or simply answering a question first. :|


Seriously, you were right to take the time to look up the website with info about the film and post the links to it. Always helpful when sharing movie knowledge.



The reversal of the servant/master role is an intriguing one, and appears in a number of films. Two others that come to mind off-hand are *The Servant* (dir. Joseph Losey, 1963) and *Swept Away* (Italian, dir. Lina Wertmuller, 1974). But...damn ! I had to take the time to look up their info !



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There are several verions of this film, including a famous silent with Gloria Swanson:


Shipwrecked (1913)

The Admirable Crichton (1918)

Male and Female (1919)

We're Not Dressing (1934)

"BBC Sunday-Night Theatre: The Admirable Crichton (#1.24)" (1950)

Paradise Lagoon (1957)

Garakuta (1964)

"Hallmark Hall of Fame: The Admirable Crichton (#17.4)" (1968)

"Estudio 1: El admirable Crichton" (1972)


1919 Gloria Swanson:



Kenneth More is in the 1957 version:


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