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Names that are hard to pronounce


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For years, I have been wondering how to pronounce the last name of *Katina Paxinou.*


*Chico Marx.* Is it Chick-o or Cheek-o...?


Also, I don't know how to say the last name for *Pedro Armendariz.* Is it Ar-men-dar-iz or Ar-mend-a-riz.


And when pronouncing the last name of *Victor Jory,* is it with a J-sound or a Y-sound, because I have heard it said both ways.



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Well, I majored in Russian in college, so I don't have any problems with those names. :-p


I don't know who did the transliteration on "Ugrjumov", but that J ought to be a Y.


Interestingly, there doesn't seem to be anybody in Russian Wikipedia who fits the name A. Ugryumov, unless it's the vice-admiral.

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> {quote:title=Fedya wrote:}{quote}

> I don't know who did the transliteration on "Ugrjumov", but that J ought to be a Y.


I have long ago given up attempting to understand how and why some Latin spellings are derived. It may seem strange but I have little experience reading Russian or Ukrainian in Latin letters. I have to sound it out like a school child because of my disconnect. I have a Cyrillic-to-Latin-letters program to aid me in writing and it often gives two or even up to five different results for a word.


I know of only one movie in which A. U. appeared. He played Prince Dolsky in *Twilight of a Woman's Soul* (1913).



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There is a foreign movie called "Jak Rozpetalem Druga Wojne Swiatowa" (1970), a Polish comedy set during the Second World War.


The movie stars Marion Kociniak who plays Pvt. Franek Dolas .


In the movie Franek Dolas uses a false name and introduces himself to the Germans as Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz who lives in Chrząszczyrzewoszyce, county Łękołody. Bzhentzhyshcheekyevitch. Gzheghozh.

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Gwaed ar y Ser (1975) stars Hywel Gwynfryn and Dafydd Iwan.

Yr Alcoholig Llon (1983) stars Dafydd Hywel, Gwenllian Davies and Eluned Jones.

Un Nos Ola' Leuad (1991) was directed by Endaf Emlyn and stars Dyfan Roberts, Betsan Llwyd and Delyth Einir.

Hedd Wyn (1992) stars Huw Garmon, Catrin Fychan, Llyr Joshua and Guto Roberts.

Gadael Lenin (1994) stars Wyn Bowen Harries, Nerys Thomas and Ifan Huw Dafydd.

Ryan a Ronnie (2009) was directed by Rhys Powys and stars Rhys ap Hywel and Aled Pugh.


I must quit now. My spell-check hates me.

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