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Recast the Classics


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We probably don't need a new thread...they're all so much fun but I was thinking it might be fun to name an important film role and recast to a leading star from today's films. If I start with Mr. Allyson from Rbt Mitchum's title role in Heaven Knows Mr. Allyson, and say Denzel Washington the next person would give his reply and select a new character OR we take 3 replies on each role and the 4 reply starts the new role/star. It might get too complicated to count so what do you think? I'll watch for your input. We could have fun with this...you are all such good players.:) Edythe


Edited by: Edythevanhopper on Dec 19, 2011 8:56 AM

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this thread is fun

heres a tough one..staying with "wonderful life"


the role of clarence the angel


my guess ....donald meek ....?


anybody ???


its impossible to beat capras characters

but i am sure many of you have actors/actresses in mind ( 1930s to date)

1..bert the cop

2 ernie the cab driver

3.mr gower

4 violet bick??etc etc

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Edythe it's your thread, you make the rules. You could have 2 threads, one for recasting with the "classic" actors, one for more contemporary. We did that with a film thread, they covered films until 1970,then there's a thread from the 70's on, then there's a thread from 2000 on. That's an interesting comparision of George Brent being cast in Richard Gere's role in Unfaithful. So, I guess you also want to through in contemporary films? It may get too confusing. Maybe breaking it down into a couple of threads may make it run smoothly? It's up to you. And to answer your question, Brent played roles like that, good choice.

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If nothing else, it's all thought provoking and so entertaining...all of you but if we call it Recast the Classics it should be the classics not contemporary classics. It should be Richard Gere cast in The Letter shouldn't it. Contemporary Classics such as The Godfather or Sophie's Choice should be a new thread but still cast stars from 1930 to present in those roles as well. Let's help Metz get Ernie and Bert cast....and I could suggest Renee Zellweger as Vi.

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in short, heres my old timer list

with this casting the film probably would have died at the box office

"its a not so wondwerful life"


george b...henry fonda

mary bailey june allyson.

.potter edward arnold

,pa bailey..henry oneill,

ma bailey faybainter

uncle billy...edw everett horton ,

,mr gower...harry davenport,

,clarence donald meek,

ernie cab driver...alan jenkins

bert the cop[..alan hale

voilet bick..barbara stanwyck

nick..barton mclane

bank examiner.. franklin pangborn



certainly no where near thePERFECT casting by Capra!!!!!!!

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