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Hadda's TCM Cruise Ship's Blog

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{font:Verdana}{color:black}So many people were all in one place, and the crush of people at the port was amazing, but the staff from Sixthman and Celebrity were very professional and kept the throng of film lovers moving. At check in I received an invitation to a small reception for LA Festival Attendees who were on the cruise ... that was a delightful surprise! The invitation indicated there would be 'special guests'... all kinds of possibilities began to run through my mind.

























As we boarded the ship, TCM had provided cruise backdrops where cruising film fans could have their photographs taken prior to boarding. A few more ramps to traverse and we were on board, greeted by a staff member bearing goblets of sparkling wine. The ship was decorated with great banners of film stars, all beautiful women of film like Rita Hayworth, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn, Lucille Ball and the men of the festival as well such as Ernest Borgnine, Humphrey Bogart and Steve McQueen. As the staterooms were not going to be ready right away, we headed up to poolside to listen to the Sinatra stylings of Adam Komesar. There was also time to make a quick trip to the spa and book a little "me" time for when the film festivities were at a lull.

























When the rooms were ready, people began drifting down to their staterooms to check out their "home away from home" for the next four days. The stateroom was compact and efficient and inside a gift for each cruiser from TCM ... a lush beach towel and a whiteboard both with the TCM Cruise logo. On the whiteboard you could write your name, home town, favourite movie and daily thoughts on the festival. You could share your thoughts by posting the whiteboard on the door of the stateroom. Not all cruisers participated, but it was interesting reading the postings of those who did.

























After a lifeboat drill, which was quite businesslike and nothing like a Marx Brother's movie, it was off to the Riviera Pool on Deck 10 for the Sail Away Party. We found some seats and chatted with some fellow movie fans. The cruise was their Christmas/Anniversary gift to each other. What a great way to celebrate! The pool deck was full, and the fans mingled while waiting for the arrival of our hosts and their special guests.

























From my seat along the rail, I spotted the distinguished snow white hair of Mr. Robert Osborne as he took the stage, and he was soon followed by Ben Mankiewicz, Ernest Borgnine, Tippi Hedren, Eva Marie Saint and Norman Jewison. I moved closer to the stage and managed to stand near where Mr. Borgnine was seated. He is a very charming man and very friendly and accommodating to his fans. He was chatting, shaking hands and posing for photos, and at one point, he was joking with his fans about 'touching a star'.






Then it was time for introductions ... Mr. Osborne introduced all the main stars and then had a few surprises for the cruises. The host for the trivia contests was going {font}{font:Verdana}to be the legendary game show host, Mr. Wink Martindale. Other guests included Alonso Duralde, author of a book on Christmas movies – Have Yourself a Movie Little Christmas, Harold Lloyd’s granddaughter Suzanne Lloyd, and Mark Willems, an authority on the Brown Derby Restaurant, who was there with an exhibit of memorabilia and photographs from the actual Brown Derby, the legendary watering hole of the stars. In addition, the instructors for the dance lessons were announced as Chelsie Hightower and Louis Van Amstel from Dancing with the Stars which was great news for me as I already had lessons inked into my personal plan. At the{color:black} end of the introductions the group posed for a photograph and the floating film festival was underway.{font}




Edited by: hadda on Dec 20, 2011 8:27 PM

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> {quote:title=kingrat wrote:}{quote}Hadda, about how many TCM fans were on the cruise, and about what percentage of the ship's passengers did you make up? I'm enjoying hearing about your adventures.


You didn't address this to me, but there were about 2,000 passengers and it was a charter cruise so everyone was either a TCM fan or a spouse/family member/friend who went along with them. I ran into several folks who had varying degrees of fandom--from fanatics to casual viewers. One couple I met didn't have cable but saw the ads for it while one of them was in the hospital while watching TCM there. I'll butt out now and let her answer the rest of your question, even though I did meet her at the airport.

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Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to my cruise report ... I have been on the road non-stop since the start of the new year. As TCM has announced the dates for cruise number two, I thought I had better get back to my post before I headed back to sea!










After the introductions were over, it was a quick bite by the pool then back to the stateroom to unpack and freshen up. After a little quiet time in the room I was off to the special reception for Film Festival alumni. I was a little early so I scanned the faces to see if I recognized anyone from the LA festival. I was quite pleased to recognize a couple that I had met in Los Angeles. It should come as no surprise that we had first met in another line, the one to have our festival posters autographed. We seem destined to meet in line. As we chatted, we discussed the LA festival and speculated about who would be in attendance at the reception.










The reception was held in a little club room called Michael's. The room was quite nice, styled like a library or what one would imagine the interior of a gentleman's club to be. I chatted and mingled with other alumni discussing what we expected from the cruise and what we were planning to attend. It was a 'Catered Affair' with h'ors d'ouvres and wine.










And then as if materialising from thin air Robert Osborne was there behind me with microphone in hand welcoming us all to the cruise and letting us know how happy they were to see us all on the cruise. He introduced co-host Ben Mankiewicz, who was also attending. Mr. Osborne spoke about how much TCM appreciates their fans and the input they provide. I have to admit, I made my notes the next day and the details are a little sketchy. I also have to admit that I am a little awestruck by Mr. O and tend to be struck dumb in his presence :-). Unfortunately it also seems to affect my memory. After his short speech, he moved among the group and spoke to the many fans in the room. As always, he was a very gracious and personable host.










At that point rumours began to circulate in the room that the cards for Bingo with Ben were almost sold out, and it was on my list of things to do. Ben M. hosting bingo was an event not to be missed. As a result, I made a short detour to pick up my bingo cards on deck three. After securing my cards, I returned to the reception and visited a little more with my fellow fans before heading to the pool deck for a screening of *Key Largo*.










Alas, I had waited a little too long and the primo spots at poolside were already gone. We did score a couple of lounge chairs on the second level and had a relatively unobstructed view of the screen. Then Mr. O stepped into the spotlight to introduce the film. He commented that as the ship was travelling through the Florida Keys and actually passing Key Largo, that it was an appropriate film to screen.










He also spoke of how director John Houston pushed Claire Trevor in her performance which led to her winning an Oscar. It was interesting as I had just finished reading a book on Bogart titled Tough without a Gun and this very story was in that book (a very good read by the way). It seems Ms. Trevor was nervous about singing and had been trying to get an opportunity to go over the song which Huston would not provide and as a result was tense and nervous when it came time to do the scene which helped in the performance she gave.










Then the credits began to roll and the film began with Bogie, Bacall, Edward G and Lionel Barrymore in all their glory. Crew circulated among the group distributing popcorn and beverages. It was the perfect end to Day One of the cruise. Lounging in a deck chair, with the night sky above me, a margarita in one hand, popcorn in the other, and a wonderful classic film to watch. It was my own personal paradise. Then, all too soon the film was over, and it was time for bed to recharge for another day at sea.


Edited by: hadda on May 30, 2012 7:56 AM

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Then Mr. O stepped into the spotlight to introduce the film. He commented that as the ship was travelling through the Florida Keys and actually passing Key Largo, that it was an appropriate film to screen.







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