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TCM Flix To Groove To--Week of Dec 26th!!!


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Grooving into the New Year with classic flix on TCM!!!--Week of Dec 26th!!


This week's grooves are a little early due to tomorrow being a holiday, and I've already covered the grooves for today and Sunday in the previous groovy note, so we're startin' off with Monday!!!


And what a way to start, kicking it off with "Korda Day", with flix either directed or produced by Alexander Korda and his bro, Zoltan! Included is the 1933 THE PRIVATE LIFE OF HENRY VIII with Charles Laughton and Merle Oberon!! The 1939 version of THE FOUR FEATHERS, this one with C. Aubrey Smith, Ralph Richardson and John Clements, THE SCARLET PIMPERNEL (1935) with Leslie Howard, Merle Oberon (never looked lovelier!!), and Raymond Massey!


Tuesday we're waking up with Bogie, a four pack of some of his best flix! Kicks off with the underrated PASSAGE TO MARSEILLE (1944), a war-time flick with Claude Rains, Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre, and George Tobias!!! And then of course all Bogie lovers dig the next three flix: THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE (1948), THE MALTESE FALCON (1941), and CASABLANCA (1942)!! Up next, I've never actually seen this Hitch flick before, so I'm looking forward to it: STAGE FRIGHT (1950) with Marlene Dietrich, Jane Wyman, and Alastair Sim!! Marlene is featured again in two more daytime flix: WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION and TOUCH OF EVIL (1958) the latter starring and directed by Orson Welles!


Tuesday night's theme is a sci-fi one "Take Me To Your Leader", and I'm gonna be grooving hard to EARTH VS. THE FLYING SAUCERS (1956), with Hugh Marlowe and Joan Taylor, with effects courtesy of Ray Harryhausen!! Then THE MAN FROM PLANET X (1951), directed by Edgar G Ulmer on a shoestring budget, but it's one of the better sci-fi flix around! I've never seen the 1956 UFO, which seems to be a semi-documentary approach to a largely fictional tale! Sounds intriguing!


Wednesday is Lew Ayres and Dr. Kildare day! A block of 9 flix from this series! They're all pretty groovy, so check 'em out! In most of them, Lionel Barrymore, Laraine Day, Nat Pendleton, and Samuel S Hinds also appear. You can even catch Lana Turner in CALLING DR. KILDARE (1939) and my main man Lionel Atwill in THE SECRET OF DR. KILDARE (1939)!! Red Skelton shows up in perhaps one of the best of the series, DR. KILDARE'S WEDDING DAY (1941), and Tom Conway appears in THE PEOPLE VS. DR. KILDARE (1941)!!


Wednesday night is in memoriam to those in the industry who we have recently lost, and the night includes THE PALEFACE (1948) with Bob Hope, Jane Russell and my main man Robert Armstrong! BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK (1955) with Spence, Robert Ryan and Anne Francis, and THE CHAMP a 1931 pre-code with Wallace Beery and Jackie Cooper, directed by King Vidor!


Thursday daytime is all about musicals! The grooves I'm digging on hardest are a couple of shorts, BUBBLES (1930), and VAUDEVILLE REEL #1 (1933)!! Those look hot!! Also included in the lineup are the 3 volumes of THAT'S ENTERTAINMENT, which capture a lot of the fun of the hollywood musicals!


Thursday night is the final tribute to this month's featured star, William Powell, and he goes out with a bang, featuring his non-Thin Man pairings with Myrna Loy, in my book the most consistently stellar screen couple! Kicks off with the 1936 gem, THE GREAT ZIEGFELD!! Also showing up is Luise Rainer, Frank Morgan, Virginia Bruce, and Reginald Owen!!! Next up is the 1941 LOVE CRAZY, with the luscious Gail Patrick, Jack Carson and Sydney Blackmer!! Then perhaps one of the funniest of the bunch, always leaves me in stitches, when Powell and my man Frank McHugh mix it up in I LOVE YOU AGAIN (1940), also starring Edmund Lowe! Next up, the just barely post-code MANHATTAN MELODRAMA (1934), where Myrna and William mix it up with Clark Gable himself, and The Mick and Nat Pendleton also appear. LIBELED LADY (1936) is up next, with Jean Harlow and Spence joining the fun! We're into Wednesday morning and William and Myrna are still sizzling with EVELYN PRENTICE (1934), featuring Una Merkel, a young Rosalind Russell, and Isabel Jewell!! And last, but certainly not least, DOUBLE WEDDING (1937) with Edgar Kennedy and Donald Meek! Thank you for the memories, William! I've totally dug every Thursday night/Friday morning throughout the month! Thank you, TCM, for one of the greatest Stars of the Month ever!!!


The rest of Friday is awesome! Following the last Powell/Loy flick, we kick it off with a 1932 short, SNOW BIRDS, followed by THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY from 1903!!! WC Fields shows up in THE BANK DICK (1940), which also features one of the 3 Stooges, Shemp Howard, as the bartender!! An early Frankie Sinatra in a 1945 short, THE HOUSE I LIVE IN!! And the 1932 TROUBLE IN PARADISE with two of the most beautiful women in pre-code, Miriam Hopkins and Kay Francis--yumalicious!!!, also with Herber Marshall, Charlie Ruggles, C. Aubrey Smith and Edward Everett Horton!!! What a gem!!! Followed by The Duke in perhaps his finest flick, THE SEARCHERS (1956), also featuring Jeffrey Hunter, Vera Miles and Natalie Wood! A Buster Keaton silent short is up next, ONE WEEK (1920), followed by another groovy short, THE FLAME SONG (1934)!


Daytime on New Year's Eve is all about the Marx Bros!!! A TON of their flix appear, including GO WEST (1940), AT THE CIRCUS (1939)---and if you haven't really given their later MGM work much attention, try out these two. They certainly aren't their best work, but they're much better than their rep as well, both are pretty darn funny!!! Then it's ROOM SERVICE (1938), A DAY AT THE RACES (1937), A NIGHT AT THE OPERA (1935), and then we kick into really high gear with their early pre-code Paramount work, featuring all but one of them: ANIMAL CRACKERS (1930), MONKEY BUSINESS (1931), HORSE FEATHERS (1932), and DUCK SOUP (1933)!!! Wow! Groucho and the boys are in rare form throughout, what a fun day of laughs, thank you TCM!!! Gonna be groovin' hard!!


Prime time for New Year's Eve is all about countdowns, and we kick it off with FAIL SAFE (1964), with Hank Fonda, Walter Matthau, and Larry Hagman!! Followed by a rarity on TCM, PANIC IN THE STREETS, with Richard Widmark, Paul Douglas, and Barbara Bel Geddes--a suspenseful flick, I'm really looking forward to seeing again! Then, just at the stroke of midnight, one of my all time faves, D.O.A. (1950), with my main man Edmond O'Brien, pretty much carrying the heavy lifting all by himself, with an able assist from noir fave, Neville Brand! This is a groovy way to kick in the new year!!


New Year's Day grooves with KING KONG (1933), the biggest baddest original, with my main man, Robert Armstrong, the Queen of Scream, the lovely Fay Wray, and Bruce Cabot up against the big guy! SWING TIME (1936) with Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, natch!, followed by a 1932 short, SWING HIGH, and then the perennial Capra classic, MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON (1939)!! And to cap off another groovy week of flix, the Silent Sunday feature is THE STUDENT PRINCE OF OLD HEIDELBERG (1927), starring Norma Shearer, Ramon Novarro, and Jean Hersholt!!


What a week! I'm off work this entire week, so I'm gonna be grooving hard to these along with some flix from the DVR over the past couple of weeks I haven't had a chance to see yet! Thank you, TCM, for all these groovy classix!!



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>Daytime on New Year's Eve is all about the Marx Bros!!!


Well I for one am disappointed in this scheduling choice.


In years past when throwing my big New Years Eve party, I've had TCM on all night. Usually by 10pm or so, people have gathered around the TV laughing & enjoying the old movies. I was even surprised the jaded 40-50 somethings were completely rapt with the Astaire/Rodgers flicks that showed one year.

These marathons were PERFECT for the classic movie fan entertainment; hour after hour of "light" comedies that are often visual and not too complicated.


Lousy choice this year TCM programmer.

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You have again covered it all very wonderfully.


I will only add a comment of *Dalek's: Invasion Earth 2150 A.D* (1966). I have not seen it. I am in love with the present incarnation of Doctor Who on BBC America. All three of the Doctors have been superb and the writing has had me both awestruck and laughing. Some episodes have also made me cry. Today's marathon includes When a Good Man Goes to War and The Girl Who Waited which are very deeply moving. I am looking forward to seeing Peter Cushing in the role.


It is sad to say that both today's TCM schedule and the one for Saturday have absolutely nothing for me. I have seen all of today's offerings many times. I have watched all of Saturday-day's offerings exactly once and I will be very happy if I am never forced to watch them again.

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