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Saying goodbye to Satellite TV & MY favorite channel TCM?


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Is satelite TV phasing out? I have been without Satelite TV for a month due to an office move ( I don't have TV at home). Installing a satelite TV in my new location was complicated, placeing dish no options to point satelite, running 2 cables 60 ft.


I fore saw this issue andI set up a Mctivia, roku device to stream, netflix, hulu, utube, everything off internet onto my slim profile 46" TV, BUT....thier programing, classic movie selection stinks!


I miss TCM! I miss john wayne marathons, clint eastwood marathons!


is there any hope TCM would set up a payment plan similiar to Hulu Netflicks? We could stream TCM channel and thier great programing through internet? Watching movie clips is a tease :_|


I miss Robert Osbourn, Alex Baldwin and the rest of the hosts, thier info before movies.


Streaming TCM, any future? :|



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Plist, I am so sorry to hear you are currently going without.


I am so addicted to cable and have been a customer of DirecTV for so long that availability is a deciding factor whenever residency is established. Is it possible at all to have non-satellite cable? I ask because my residence in another state has Comcast cable because it is easier.

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I wanted Comcast ! Better then , sat...

Again install problem, my office building is new

Comcast doesn't come down to our street. We are at a dead end too

So that isn't in my future. 6500. To have them come further down to us.


Thanks for posting

Sorry if it's a repeat question, but maybe if we keep crying tcm will hear us? They must know Hulu net flicks is growing into something. Hulu just started Hulu plus a charge

O think tcm could do something better.

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It is a very sad note on this holiday season that you have no TCM.


It is my understanding that it took HBO fully three years and several million dollars from the day they decided to offer their service on a non-television format until the day they could offer it to the public. That is because broadcast rights do not normally include streaming rights.


Much of the delay is that a license to broadcast a movie usually must expire before it is possible or practical to acquire a combined broadcast-and-streaming license. Some of the broadcast licenses for the movies which TCM airs might be for three years or more.


TCM would have to begin buying broadcast-plus-streaming rights now for every movie it airs in order to have them in place when all of its current licenses expire. Those rights are more costly and TCM would have to sink those costs for years before they could begin streaming.


There is also a matter of aesthetics. It is one thing to expect a movie created for a CinemaScope or VistaVision screen to be watched on a forty-two inch widescreen television. It is quite another to expect that movie to be watched on a tiny iPhone.

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I don't understand your problem.


I've been receiving TCM on Directv sat for 10 years or more.


I live out in the country and the local cable doesn't come out here. The same with no cable computer connections and no fiber optics. For my computer, I have to use DSL through my regular copper phone line. It's slower than cable but faster than dial-up. I can't view movies in real-time via my computer. Each one is stop and go.


Every Directv satellite dish has to aim up and South, toward the Directv geocentric satellite.

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Sansfin Thank you so much for that response. It explains so many things,yes what you mentioned, but I can follow deeper down the path you cut open for me ;)



@ Fred

heres the problem

I'm in a commercial building its metal, the roof has not been installed yet dish came out and said they could mount on side of metal building, then th epole mount was out of question because to point South trees in way, I sit down a hill slope.


run 60 feet of cable to building, then a cable through building was another seriuos amount of cable through conduit pipe another 60 feet, then snake it down a computer utility closet.


....this is a commercial application that wasn't prepared for Dish, yes I said I wanted it before building went up, but the cheap developer .......just didn't install it, cause it would have cost them to much money.


so its my dime from here on out, a complicated process, to clear trees I have to have post on someones eles property. lets just say the dish install guy came out and was not prepared for the complicated application my site became, I did the math while he stood there all confused....I paid 100. per month for dish at my old location and only watched 2 stations, TCM & ____ (fill in blank) and said to dish guy.....

good bye dish, good by TCM :_|






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> {quote:title=FredCDobbs wrote:}{quote}What are you doing watching TCM at work, but not at home??

It is actually very understandable. I know a real estate agent that has DirecTV in his office and no cable at home. Depending on how interesting TV is, he will stay over at his office. He's a bachelor if that means anything!

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we moved to our current house 11 yrs ago, our son was in the 5th grade. Before we moved into our house we rented a small place. My husband rarely watched TV, plays his violin after work.

I noticed "us" as a family in this small house we had rented while we built our house across town, how TV started to "dictate" many things to us, habits, fears, brought to many "outside views" into our house. "influenced" us.


I decided to "unplug" from TV then, make it a point to become "connected" to who we were, our hopes, dreams, what we had to say to each other at the end of the day.


I watch 2 stations for a reason, I do not like the direction AMC went, thier standards lowered in my opinion at least TCM maintains some intelligence, dignity.


So at home I'm connected to my family not the outside world.


At the office? no one is there, I work alone for 8 hrs, its nice to have the duke, clint, bogart, jimmy stewart as my co workers. :D The best co workers, employees any gal could ask for in my opinion.

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Thanks for the information. Now I understand.


My telephone company out here in the Soutwest sends me advertising saying that I can "bundle" my services and receive Directv via my phone line. I assume that is on fiber optics.


A telephone repair man told me we have a fiber optics line coming out from town, to a terminal box located about a block away, but he said none of the houses have been wired yet with fiber optics.


Anyway, maybe your modern office building is wired with fiber optics or some other cable system that can bring you Directv or Dish.


What about a broadband wireless computer connection?


Maybe you can call your local phone company, the same one your business uses, and see if they can send Directv or Dish to your office.

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*"Thank you so much for those links."* - plist


You're welcome. I do hope that one of these services can bring TCM back into your daily life.


But if not and you're "jones-ing" for some classic-era entertainment while at your desk, I suggest you become an "Old Time Radio" fan. There are many online sources providing a stream of radio programs from the 1930s through the 1950s which you might enjoy and are playable through your browser or a mediaplayer on your computer.


See here -




And you can stream OTR audio files from the Internet Archive and its recordings found here -



"Lux Radio Theater" is always a good place for a film fan to start. But so is "Suspense" and "Campbell Playhouse".


Kyle In Hollywood

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> {quote:title=plist wrote: }{quote}At the office? no one is there, I work alone for 8 hrs, its nice to have the duke, clint, bogart, jimmy stewart as my co workers. :D The best co workers, employees any gal could ask for in my opinion.

For this statement alone, I hope your cable issues are solved and you have TCM again very soon!

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I hope the suggestions put forth get you and TCM back together. I've always said that if I only had TCM and PBS, I'd be a happy camper. For dad, it's TCM and ESPN, lol.


One of my favorite old time radio sites is http://otr.net/ . I also have lots of MP3's I bought off eBay years ago at .99 each. I don't know if someone is still selling something like that.


Good luck!!!

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wow thanks everyone for the help, suggestions and the radio stations. :x

I use to have XM, I switched it out for Pandora. (iphone in car)

XM use to have an old time radio staion I enjoyed.

XM can't touch pandora at 34.00 a yr.


I will put TCM on top of my treasure hunt list and pursue the links, suggestions.



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